Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
malhomme 09/01/2013

Line 6 POD X3 Live : malhomme's user review

«  To avoid unreliable »

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Everything has been said, many amps and effects, computer publisher (essential), possibility of having two independent channels simultaneously or not ...

Pedalier plastic. Hardware not reliable reliability limit (see below)


Setup is simple when you know what kind of product that we know what we want. otherwise it takes time to read the manual which is very informative and fun, with a history of each amp quite exciting ...


The effects are more or less good. Some modeling amps (JCM800, Fender) do not look anything like reality.


Overall quality of pretty cheap pedalboard (plastic).
I am touched by the fact that the cell volume pedal fails. This fault is recurrent (see forums) and that the pedal .... not his fate (the volume remains at zero)!
It reflects the decline in quality between POD XT and X3 (I own both).

Became unusable live: you never know if it will work or not ...

Value for money limit. AUuourd'gui if you buy is secondhand, and given the reliability of the photocell which is under the pedal, it's the lottery, you do not know when it will drop.

To avoid in my opinion.