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All user reviews for the Behringer V-Amp Pro

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 20 reviews )
 14 reviews70 %
 4 reviews20 %
 2 reviews10 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Darrell's review"Behringer V-Amp Pro"

Behringer V-Amp Pro
Purchased from the "Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre" Located in Brighton, UK.
Paid £120

For the price, it's a good unit.

I have played guitar for many years, with many artists covering many styles and genre.
I wanted a versatile pre-amp with a wide range of usable tones.
32 Amp models
15 Speaker configurations
Including DSP Chorus,Flange,Rotary,Auto-Wah,Echo,delay,Compressor ect...

The debate regaring amp simulations continues, however take a small piece of advice. Don't view these simulations as the real thing, just high quality usable tones, providing a greater palette from which to draw.
Somewhere within this small metal case IS a tone for most, if not all guitarists. Controls are easy to use, and from the box it is simple to operate. The amp responds well to attack and picking dynamics. Software available from the V-Amp web site provides a simple, yet effective library and editing suite.
Adding the FCB1010 foot controller (£100)increases the flexability of the unit ready for live work.

Some of the pre-sets are not going to suit everybody, however tweak a few knobs and that is soon changed.( minor flaw, still you can't please everbody )!.

Solid sound construction.
Tones are usable and control over these is adjustable.
The DSP is not bad at all 24bit quality.
Connectivity is extensive

The continued saga of transitors verses valves continues, however while the opinions battle it out,the divide draws closer.
So how do the simulations measure up ?
Could you identify, from an anonamious recording, a "Cranked up " Budda Twinmaster or an Engle savage 120.

As approximations go not bad ! Bear in mind that " Tone Lies In The Ear Of The Beholder" !!!!!!
One thing is certain, this unit provides a wide range of tones and is usable for both recording and live work. Providing high end tone.
When recording many a studio engineer has been known to raise a smile as the familiar blue( or red ) pre-amp emerges from the depths of a guitarist gig bag.

Good Unit at a much lower price point than it's main rivals.

Check one out, you may be converted.
I've even taken mine gigging !

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MGR/Aaron Avenali01/29/2004

MGR/Aaron Avenali's review"Behringer V-Amp Pro 2"

Behringer V-Amp Pro
I bought this out of my Musicians Friend catalog. Let me tell you that this is the best effects simulator i have ever used, and its affordable. Check it out.

16 different effect simulations and 32 amp models, need I say more?

Theres NOTHING i dont like about it

Rack mount. Fits in your Amp head case.

This is AWESOME!!!

This review was originally published on
MGR/Trebor Ladres12/17/2003

MGR/Trebor Ladres's review"Behringer V-Amp Pro"

Behringer V-Amp Pro
I searched all around for the best price on this unit.. $200 was the average low price.. then I found BPM Music online and they offered the V-Amp Pro at a considerably lower price with free shipping.. I got this rack mounted guitar effects/amp modeler very promptly and fell in love with it right away.. as an experienced guitarist and songwriter I knew what I wanted but didn't have a lot of money to spend on a Line 6 or TC Electronic rack mount guitar effects processor.. Behringer impressed me before with their prices and quality and they made a true believer out of me with this unit.

What I like most about this unit is it sounds great right away and it doesn't take long to get the hang of editing and storing your own sounds.. the amp/cabinet modeling portion of this unit is perfect for my application of direct recording.. you get all kinds of great amp head and speaker cabinet combinations offered right out of the box and you can edit and save your own combos too.. the effects section offers most of the sounds I'm looking for.. they are high quality sounds that you wouldn't expect from a unit in this price range.. the back panel has all kinds of connections for every use you can think of including the digital domain.. I haven't tried it out in a live stage situation yet but I have a feeling it will perform very well with my old Mesa Boogie Mark II.

I haven't really found anything I don't like about this unit yet.. I could dig having one or two other effects like a pitch transposer or a doubler but the effects I do have are excellent and for the price I cannot complain.

This unit is constructed very well.. they use the word 'Pro' in it's name and that's what it is: professional grade.

For what I was looking for, which was a high quality rack mounted guitar effects/amp modeler for my home studio at an affordable price, the V-Amp Pro from Behringer is perfect!

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arallu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pretty bad"

Behringer V-Amp Pro
material rather because it proposes a full range of its very broad. the connection is complete, lacking nothing. but then what does that sounds wrong! I tried it in the effects loop of my Hughes & Ketner attax and the result is far below my Tonelab!


configuration not obvious compared to my ToneLab SE. the manual was given to me but it is downloadable.


Go your way. It's cheap but it's ugly!


I do not like the sound that comes out of this material! I do not use it at once!

Makos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Future must "Digital Vintage" ... ?"

Behringer V-Amp Pro
See the overall opinion ...


See the overall opinion ...


See the overall opinion ...


... the years pass and digital technologies are changing rapidly. Today a DSP (Digital Signal Processor), the "engine" of all our multi-effect turns sampling rates and bit depth increasingly important. What make ridiculous on paper, the characteristics of the blue box. And yet ...
The following, as I obviously do not agree:
I think that V-Amp is becoming "collector". Basically, a rather cheap product, offering a lot for a small price, which ultimately is an excellent tool, solid, well equipped with I / O and especially a grain offering, a personality all his. Certainly, the models are proposed for some miles away from the truth of the original amp sound, the other rather close. But when using it and triturated V-Amp, it often demonstrates a versatility and an amazing render quality. It has a "digital grain". And yes my good friends! The ear gets used to anything, it is the vector of the Ear. Like the analog has its "brand", the first modelers (whose first Line6 POD) have theirs. 10 years have passed since the release of this UFO blue ;-). Products on the market today is verging on perfection, and that's good. But a shot in the retro-tympanic viewfinder and the V-Amp you into a world of exciting sounds. Cleans the improbable, the devastating distos with the full range of flavors sound between these two extremes. In 2012, for cheap, you have a sacred tool, really original. It is in your set? keep it!

christophe8040's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TERRIBLE!"

Behringer V-Amp Pro
Personally I rack model: the V-amp pro. With its beautiful metallic blue color and all its connections at the rear.


I use it in rehearsal, concert, but especially in the studio that is happiness. I never opened the manual, and no worries, it is very intuitive.


So there ... It does not compare an amp simulator with real amp, because there did not like this. But compare against its competitor. For over 15 years that I make music and I recorded a lot of things with a lot of different stuff. Currently j'utulise Line6 POD 2.0 for clear sound and some solos Satriani, but that is for the fat distortion, I prefer the V-amp Pro. In fact I think there always be a slight compression, which gives the sound I was looking for. We may as well be super sound for blues or rock, hard rock, but I think it excels for Metal!


I fell in love. Purchased 3 years ago now. I use it every day, and I admit not being able to do without. more than the price at which it occurs, there is not even thinking. I then bought the FCB pedal MIDI controller from the same brand, then I loved the low version, which I must admit is a little lower I think. I think one day I'll buy another one. History to have a rehearsal and the concert and leave the second in my studio.

Workinghour's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp Pro
Full details are available here


I use with the editing software "V-Amp Editor", where everything is easily adjustable. Otherwise, use a bit more complicated, especially with the buttons to be pressed simultaneously and the multitude of settings and submenus. The manual is clear enough (in my case!) And gives frank description of emulation (no circumlocution and innuendo to describe a make and model of amp. They cite the brands and model for most).
The routing options are numerous and very practical. I use it with its digital output connected directly to my audio interface, connected itself to my studio monitors. The input loop is very convenient to connect a foot pedal for pre-treatment, such as a wah wah or an external compressor.
I put 8 because if editing is easy via software, "manual" mode is another thing: the key combinations often have to do with both hands.


I use it with two guitars: a Vigier Excalibur Original mounted DiMarzio HSS (HS-2 pickups in neck and middle and a PAF Pro Custom-made for Michael Lee Firkins in bridge), Ibanez SZ320 and a Gold Top mounted Seymour Duncan SH1 in '59 with a handle and a TB-4 Jeff Beck bridge. Connected to the V-Amp Pro by George L's Cable (which gives a super set). My goal was to get sound to 80's shredder: Reb Beach, Van Halen (Sammy Hagar period), Neal Schon, etc.. along with the sound AC / DC. And it does! it's awesome! Before buying it, I tried the POD (Pro, XT), which I had not at all convinced. The sound was "soft". Then reluctantly (requiring prejudice: it is a copy, it's cheaper, so should not expect miracles) I tried the V-amp 2. And yes, sometimes in life, there are miracles: the distos were really convincing (in my style). I could get my beloved sounds "California" from the golden age of shred, so really convincing (emulation Soldano SLO-100 and Design by Marshall J. Arredondo are my favorites) and get some great clean sounds , whether for casseroles funk to beautiful ballads rose water with my Ibanez :-) And I find the tonal colors of the Young brothers. Of course, to create your own because the presets are too loaded with effects. Simulations of speakers are very successful.
Then I purchased the V-amp Pro, which offered a more professional and connection range. And it gives me all the sounds I need. I have no idea how a real Soldano sounds thoroughly, an Engl Savage Beast or a Mesa Triple Rectifier, and indeed I do not care. Because even if I had, I can certainly not put fully into my apartment to get the quintessence of saturation, without blowing my windows, shake the building and put me back to the neighborhood. In addition to the wealth of engineering it takes to deploy a perfect sound recording. What interests me is that the modeler sounds for my taste. it is only my opinion, and in taste and color, anything goes (almost !)... But I have a very good musical ear and I'm synaesthetic (I see music in colors). And I find the same "tone colors" with my V-Amp Pro with the songs of guitarists I listen to. We must also say that I have good guitars, and the instrument cable I use is very good (and not at all expensive for what it is!).
For effects, I use very little, because I record without effects, and I said at the time of the mix, the sequencer, so for software. But I like the delay when I playing without saving. The modulations are not bad, but I do not know enough about guitar effects pedals to say they are better or not than the average. Anyway I really like the clear sound with flanger, chorus and a touch of lead in giving this side deliciously 80's. The compressor is nice and can help, but I prefer to use a compressor "hardware" in the input loop of the V-Amp Pro (upstream of the DSP).
I put 9 because some distos I like, but others are quite uneven. Emulation Vox AC30 Top Boost is too loaded in medium for my taste, and simulation of Mesa Boogie Mark IIc has a very low noise level. But it sounds good anyway. Then I can not say whether the effects are great or not, so I reserve my opinion. But for my utiisation, it satisfies me.


I use it for a while, and it is a pleasure to get my sounds "shredder" as far as my clean sounds. Since then I have tried other modelers (Line 6 and others) and is the only level that I like the sounds. The range of sounds that can be obtained is very wide, and distos "Hi Gain" really punch. An excellent price / quality ratio.

eric511's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp Pro
Everything is there, but ....


Complex, edit sounds, it is sy done manually done wrong, they have not done in the simple


No effects, even with a good electric console, from the compressor is good, the rest without comment


I got the one year, what I love most, the twin with a black speaker, vox ac 15 or 30, for a clear, else c is unbearable, quality prices, I heard the pod and ela I would put a correct note, which is on c is that behringer driven down prices conccurents, but it still must sort and sorting

zitounchichen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp Pro
CHARACTERISTICS: trsdtaill at behringer


So it's a bit complicated because ... Take the time to read the manual, because there are two "advantages" effect and is ncessaire to press multiple buttons to be accder faith ...
But otherwise the setup is nice


It's good ...
Honntement I use it for two totally opposs style and yet each time I am satisfied ...
Mtal: big sound the Mesa or Marshall, incredibly autenthique.
Rock / Blues / soul: His vintage trs warm with a gain ... Stupfiant ...

I use a Cort Tunne with Di Marzio and frankly I have good trs trs rsultat


I have a friend who possde line6 POD ... I chose the behringer because of my budget ...
Rsultat ... my buddy is dgout
Well, to be frank APRS, I use it directly to disk in my home studio, I know if can make a scne on both ...
At least for the record ... it's really stupfiant

on the other hand I tried to connect a low-top ... It leaves a little DSIR ... The tent ilfaudrai the BASS V AMP I guess ...

But if you scratch your, Do not hesitate ... trs trs rsultat ensured good ...

MetalUp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Amp Pro
No need to repeat!


Some functions are not very practical! As the second adjustment accessible remaining press the tap tempo!
Sounds are easily editable. The control software v amp is not bad but I do not use it. The possibilities are quite large. The manual is zero, as usual at Behr ...
I have the FCB1010 pedalboard that I use with him is against vraimen very well!


I plug in a lamp and Engl 2x20 2x12 cabinet with a V30. For the price, it's the best preamp, multi-effect relationship, no comparison! I play in a metal band and I sound very precise and powerful. The ENGL really gives another dimension to the v-amp, do it live!
The saturation are really good for my taste, just enough to spend some time to find the right setting.
As a group, it is nickel, the sound is very precise and does not bleed, it has its place and is doing very good job.
I do not like clean sounds ...
The effect troubleshoot, but no more: S


I use it for 2 years. I am doing with, no worries. My sound is very faithful to what I want and I do not see the usefulness of changing preamp.
The jack between starts crachouiller! It's a shame but for the price ...
Report qualitprix excellent. If it fails, I probably will redeem.
Zieuter or I can be of the cot ENGL preamp, but it is 5 to 6 times more expensive!