Line 6 POD HD Pro
Line 6 POD HD Pro
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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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iamqman's review

Line 6 POD HD Pro
This is a great unit for effects only. The amp models and distortion are simply terrible. They don't sound natural or real at all. I like POD stuff when using only effects. This is a great unit for that purpose only. Here are the amps models that are featured in this unit. The rack version of this is the same tone wise a the floor models. They are all pretty much terrible. Unless you run it through a tube power amp and use the digital POD as the pre amp then you will get a better tone.


POD® HD Pro Specs

* 22 HD amp models based on vintage, modern and boutique amps
* 100+ M-class effects including 19 delays, 23 modulations, 17 distortions, 12 compressors and EQs, 26 filters and 12 reverbs
* 16 speaker models spanning from the late 30s to today
* 8 mic models based on* essential condensers, dynamics and ribbons
* Parallel paths for running two full and independent signal chains simultaneously
* 512 user-writable preset locations
* 8 Set Lists for preset organization
* 48-second looper
* 2RU space
* Guitar input with switchable pad
* Mic input with gain knob, high-pass filter, -20dB pad, and phantom power
* 1/4" unbalanced outputs (mono/stereo, instrument/line)
* XLR balanced outputs (left/right, instrument/mic)
* 1/4" line-level inputs (mono/stereo, +4/-10)
* MIDI In and Out/Thru
* 1/4" stereo FX loop (mono/stereo)
* 1/4" Dry Output
* Variax® Digital Input connection
* FBV™ foot controller connection
* L6 LINK™ jack for seamless integration with DT-series tube amplifiers
* Burly all-metal faceplate and chassis


The delays and modulations tone are very good and I highly recommend them if you have a great amp and need to run and all in one effects unit ins the effects loop of your amplifier.

I mainly use delay effects, flangers, chorus, and phasers. This unit will do all of those and o them pretty well. I like the multiple delays settings and variation that this unit has. And the ability to call them up in a stored bank on the fly is a great feature to have.


These units new come in at around $699, which is a great price for a very useful and resourceful effects processor. You can't even buy some one effects pedals for that price. Try spending that kind of money on a T Rex pedal or a Zvex pedal. I would recommend this unit to anyone who needs an all in one effects processor and doesn't care about have a high processor performance. This unit is simple and decent enough sound quality.

Timo_SW's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"An excellent machine!"

Line 6 POD HD Pro
This object is probably one of the machines, as I say, THE most complete machines that can be addressed in this price range.

The available effects are (very nearly):
_Simulations Amp / speaker / microphones
_Effets Dynamics & Filters: EQs, Noisegates, compressors, etc. .. etc. ...
_Distortions / Drives
_Modulations Chorus, Tremolos, flangers, phasers, etc ...
_It Is also possible to open an effects loop internally to create a virtual channel with total freedom, while using your own amp reference.

Everything is editable directly on the Pod, or via PC / Mac using the editor "Line 6 Pod HD Pro Edit" (free download of course on the website of Line 6).
In addition, the Line 6 Monkey software (also downloadable free of charge from Line 6) take care of all the available updates.
In all:
_A Software "manager" General Line 6, Line 6 Monkey
_A Editing software to clean Pod HD Pro, Pod HD Pro Edit.

All sounds are storable on your computer / external hard drive / USB if needed.
If you are both working musician on the same machine, you can send your favorite sounds through the net for example: PRACTICE!

Model 19 "Rack.

Digital technology, however, some effects are analog.

_for Update: USB
_To Records: USB / XLR / Jack
_for Use with an amp: Jack
_Sortie Effects loop (for integration with other pedals you own): Jack
_To Connect a footswitch controller: MIDI / Ethernet
Line 6 Variax _Entrée also available


The config object is really well worked: SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE!

I weigh my words really. The interface of the machine itself could not be more intuitive. If you've never owned a digital multi-effect, you will not lose more than 3 seconds.

Line 6 Pod HD Pro has several modes of operation:

1_Studio Direct Out (record):

Guitar / Bass Input to plug in the instrument. You pull out your Pod line output (XLR or phone) and then plug in your external sound card.

The principle is very simple. A string is drawn on the screen Pod:
8 effects, one amp simulation (head amp + cabinet + mic), 1 Mixer.
You can move the effects to your liking (take extreme):
* You can place 8 Distortions before your amp simulation.
* You can place 8 Delay in effects loop of your amp simulation.
The Mixer is used to increase the overall volume (Left & Right).

2_Stack Front (which I do not recommend ...)

The principle of this method is to use your Pod HD Pro as a preamp.

Guitar / Bass will always plug in the instrument input. This time, instead of going online, you will see a small switch allows you to switch output "amp". You leave your Pod to the input of your amp.
Put your amp clean channel with the EQ in the neutral position (5).

The principle issue is then exactly the same as the previous configuration. You choose your amp simulations, but do not forget, however, remove the speaker simulation (and yes ... you already have one!).

3_Le stack Power Amp (great for live).

Guitar / Bass is now plug in the instrument input of your amp.
Pod when it will plug in to the effects loop of your amp (Reminder: send your loop = input of the instrument pod. = Return your loop output Pod).

In this way, enjoy the full capabilities of your amp, and add the effects you want.

A few examples:
If you play on an amp and you love his distortion. Simply disable any effect and you'll sound of your amp. You can then add a little reverb and delay for a solo instance. Chopping tremolo sound with a flanger to add a little relief to hatch, etc ... etc ...
If your amp does not crunch channel, switchez you on the clean channel, add a small amp simulation (simulation always remove the baffle), and set for a crunch.

The manual is clear, then he must understand the technical language. However, thanks to good marketing Line 6, many video tutorials are available on the internet. The questions / answers on the forum are also very effective.

The sound editing is very easy. Quite frankly, I think it is the most intuitive model in this category.
Even if you are a beginner in digital multi-effect, you will come out no problem.


So, you should know there is a strong controversy about this machine.
Why? Because she came into rivalry with the Fractal Axe products FX or Kemper.
So you read "sounds are horrible" and other spitting poison on this machine, but do not worry, it is only desecration from some bad language.

Indeed, as it was easy to overlook a small detail that sets these machines. Which one? Well, the first will determine whether we will or not afford the price.
Average used price
_Pod Pro HD: 720 €
_Kemper: 1500 €
_Fractal Axe FX II: 2200 €

So now, after this brief introduction to set the sound quality, just the facts.

Regarding the amp simulations:
At first, the sound quality that you will find it will depend on the use you give it, and especially to know your skill set sounds.
Personally, for the prototyping and component home, it exceeds all plug-ins that you find (TH2, Guitar Rig etc ...). By far!
You, again, huge opportunities, thanks to the many simulations present in the machine.

At this level, I'm really happy, and I am especially when I compare the price with the machines mentioned above.

For what is live now:
I sincerely believe that the beast potassant your stack you get what you want.
Personally, I have a Krank 100w lamp all live, and the Pod HD Pro effects loop (I add tps tps in a simulation over my clean tones, to add a little grain).

The same way again, I'm really satisfied with this use. The report is clear and clean. Everything is nickel.

Regarding the quality of the effects now!

So the first thing I have to say may sound silly, but I find it essential to emphasize: ALL WORKS!
_You Have found a sound of hell, but there are a few too many blows to your liking? Paf, a front noisegate: MORE OF BREATH.
Detail you say? Well, I'd like to tell you that many brands are touting their machines very versatile, but which one quickly realizes that everything is limited.

The effects are really good quality. The delays / modulations are very musical. They do not sound or synthetic chemicals in some.
Whether it's for recording or live performance, the use of this machine is really beautiful effects.

I use the Pod with my guitar. I also try singing with microphone.
I already tried with a low, but there cons, I found the machine much less efficient.


I use it for 6 months now, and all that this machine has revolutionized my musical equipment.

I tried several models, so the Fractal Audio Axe FX II. I just questioned my needs. And with the money saved, I got a new PC for under maquetter really perfect.

The feature I like most of all is actually the whole machine: its simplicity and efficiency. That's all I wanted.
The one I like the least is a parenthesis. If using for bass was really good, it would have been quite handy (but really ... who cares?)

Level value for money, I would do this choice definitely!