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  • The community's favorite amp emulators
    Getting started

    The community's favorite amp emulators - The top high-end hardware modeling amps for guitar


    After the war of the DAWs and electric guitars, now is the turn of high-end amp emulators! Once again we asked our French community to share with us their preferences regarding high-end amp emulators. We intentionally reduced the list to the most important and reputed options on the market.

  • Vernon Reid Talks Tech

    Vernon Reid Talks Tech - The Living Colour guitarist on film scoring, DAWs, amp simulators and more


    When you hear the name Vernon Reid, your first thought is probably of his work with Living Colour, featuring his speedy and inventive guitar playing. But Reid is also an accomplished composer, scoring for films and TV, and he enjoys talking about gear and technology. Audiofanzine recently had a chance to chat with Reid about those subjects and mor…

  • The Amp That Armed the British Invasion

    The Amp That Armed the British Invasion - Classic Gear Spotlight: The Vox AC30


    In today’s digitally dominated world of music gear, one way to tell how highly a guitar amp is regarded is whether it’s been emulated in major amp-modeling software packages. One of the amps you'll find in virtually all modeling applications or plug-ins is the Vox AC30.

  • Stack Attack

    Stack Attack - Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Review


    Although most amp modeling is digital, Tech 21 has always created its amp emulations using analog circuitry. The Hot-Rod Plexi pedal ($179) is the latest example. It’s an effects processor that’s designed to be used with an amp, so unlike the SansAmp processors, it has no speaker emulation built in.

  • Classic Amps the EZ Way

    Classic Amps the EZ Way - A Review of Toontrack's Classic Amps EZmix Pack


    Toontrack recently released a new collection of amp models with effects called the Classic Amps EZmix Pack, which can be opened as presets in the company's EZmix 2 software. How do these emulations stand up in the competitive amp-modeling category?

  • Are you POD-to-date?

    Are you POD-to-date? - Line 6 POD HD500X Review


    The final exam of the music course I took at the Audiofanzine academy, read as follows: "With a theorem-article of at least 10,000 characters, resolve the equation LINE 6 POD HD500X where X = (new footswitches + powerful DSP)".

  • Pod HD: Is It For You?

    Pod HD: Is It For You? - Line 6 POD HD 500 Review


    The new Pod has arrived, after three long years of waiting — ever since the launch of the Pod X3, which provided the same models as its big brother, the Pod XT, and thus disappointed most guitar players. This time, Line 6 engineers have been really busy developing new models to be hosted in three new pedalboards. We tested the flagship of the rang…

  • Who Stole the Orange?

    Who Stole the Orange? - Tech 21 Oxford Mini-Review


    The story of the Character Series started over two years ago when Tech21 decided to market five effect pedals that each one simulated a legendary amp. Their immediate success made the manufacturer launch three new models in 2010. We tested the Oxford, a stomp box that smells like orange peel...

  • Digidesign Eleven Rack: Stairway to Eleven

    Digidesign Eleven Rack: Stairway to Eleven - Digidesign Eleven Rack Review


    Digidesign surprised the world last year when they brought out a guitar amp simulator for Pro Tools called Eleven. They have now launched Eleven in rack format for applications in the studio and on stage. Let's take a look at Digidesign's youngest child...

  • In POD We Trust?

    In POD We Trust? - Line 6 POD X3 Pro: The Test


    After releasing their POD X3 and X3 Live in 2008, worthy descendants in their own right of the Pod XT, Line 6 felt it necessary to update the POD Pro. So, it's no surprise they’ve come up with a POD in rack format, offering a plethora of inputs and outputs, called the POD X3 Pro.