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Bsm Guitar/Bass boosters news

  • [Musikmesse] BSM  "71/73" Treble Booster

    [Musikmesse] BSM "71/73" Treble Booster

    02/26/10 in Bsm 71/73 CM

    From 1971 upwards, Ritchie Blackmore used not only the mid-rangy sounding Hornby-Skewes treblebooster, he also used the highly dynamical and brilliant sounding CM booster, built and designed by Bill Hough.

  • [Musikmesse] BSM RPA Major

    [Musikmesse] BSM RPA Major

    04/04/09 in Bsm RPA Major

    The BSM RPA "Major" model is designed to deliver an output level of 8 volts (which can kill most modulation stompboxes with electronical CMOS switching like delay, chorus etc. that are connected after the RPA Major in the signal chain, according to BSM).

  • Bsm RPA (Ritchie's Pre Amp)

    Bsm RPA (Ritchie's Pre Amp)

    03/24/09 in Bsm RPA

    The BSM RPA Major model will be officially released at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, and is a hot-rodded version of the "RPA" model.

  • [Musikmesse] Bsm RPA (Ritchie's Pre Amp)

    [Musikmesse] Bsm RPA (Ritchie's Pre Amp)

    03/21/08 in Bsm RPA

    During the Musikmesse, BSM officially released its new RPA model.

  • The Rory Gallagher Treble Booster

    The Rory Gallagher Treble Booster

    03/06/08 in Bsm RG

    The BSM RG "Rory Gallagher" tribute model is based on the BSM HS-C Custom model, modified to duplicate Rory Gallaghers signature tone.