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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 11 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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laulec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" wand guitarist recorder that has a tube amp"

Palmer PDI 09
always says


very effective
a nearly a 76 strat and a yamaha 540fm
in a hot rod with a Plexitone jamman delay a Rotovibe
or a head engl powerball
no defects sound faithfully transcribed ca

I have it since 2 weeks
at the beginning I said: ooh la! I just paid a dear thing which is not much.
c is actually the purpose of connecting between the head of a tube amp and hp c is that the AC is revealed! c is the rest of the wind. (preamp output .....) although ca already allows filtering tones
not. remain serious
ca is not a di box in the proper sense of the term
c is restricted to the guitar lamp
and the! ca does
if there is one sm 57 cable and the eq between two c is a super good raport value
no vibration noises!
not need to register with headphones (and ears is relevent!)
there is a choice of 3 hp and a very realistic choice
passive box so the sound remains pure
there s more fast!

HardBlues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Palmer PDI 09
Analog technology, passive.
A jack and an output jack to connect a speaker.
On the other side the XLR output to go to the sound card or the console.
Next settings:
- An attenuator 30, 15, 0 dB
- A cursor Lift gnd, which eliminates any hum from bad ground. Handy when you land in an unfamiliar room.
- A cursor Bright, Normal, Mellow to simulate different micro investments before a cabinet.


I use it out of my SansAmp PSA-1, and only in Home Studio.
It allows me to correct the side a little rough around the edges, especially on distos from Tech21.

I use it for a few weeks.
I chose after much reading on this site, without having tried other stuff, I also bought a AFien.

What I appreciate most is that embellishes the sound without turning.
What I like least is that it does not replace a real microphone jack with a really good sound engineer for the price (60 € OCCAZ)!

mathieufrancis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Tool!"

Palmer PDI 09
HP simulator (3 possible settings)
Attenuator output -> attenuator careful not involved in the amplified signal (to be too good at this price!)

Side techno, ultra simple, robust and passive (ie without additional power supply).

Jack connectors to connect the amp head and speaker and line out XLR

In short, very simple, easy to lug around. I put 7/10, because the settings are limited but again, at this price ...

Already mentioned, it is very simple, lightweight, no need for manual but there is one that is clear.

Again, I put 8, not really customizable, but the ultra compact size allows it to take anywhere, and that's what we asked!

His side, well there is not wiggle, it's very good. Live the beast can be transplanted in the sound while keeping the sound of his amp, diffusion is the top for playing in bars or clubs that do not necessarily have real scene.

No more micro issues (investment, fall, feedback, ...).

I think there Mr Satriani who uses it and I also saw Christophe Godin play it live, is it enough to convince undecided??? In any case, it is a treat to mix, bass guitar and vocals to the console (when the same thing on a battery??).

I use it with an amp ENGL Powerball or preamp output AMT R1 (which is really a simulation of HP cardboard).

Small flat, the output level is low enough, it can eat a little home studio and dynamic, it's worth it to put a small preamp ass ... So, only 9/10!

I use this contraption for 3 years, I ordered it by chance because I could not find a good solution for the distribution of its small bar or live (no mic to dub guitar).

I love the simplicity (no need for power supply, live sound), small footprint (thank you for my back, in this world of gross or we leave the stack 50 kg it's good to see small things that sound) The sound quality and especially its unbeatable value for money.

I do not like, you can not configure much and the output level weakling.

Honestly, I do not know why there are still guys who do not have one!

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Class, but ..."

Palmer PDI 09
passive line level or speaker, three simulation modes hp so no uncolored sound.
The level at the table is basically a microphone.
This is the kind of box that can make great service. No worries on my table that has the phantom power not triggerable, phew.

It's simple, BUT ...
line level, so no question of plugging a guitar or bass passive right in, or use a distortion pedal or one that is true bypass. Nothing is broken but the sound is coming out so super ugly.
Worse, some with non-true bypass pedals it goes not, the junction impedance is very sensitive to that injects.
I had noticed this phenomenon with the guitar harley di red, but less marked (it is active against).

I note therefore, the purpose of such a product is not to fuss especially live.

Once well-matched to the input, the sound that it is very classy, ​​and 3 variations cover all situations.
It's simple, compared to my ultra-Bebert g is as if we had removed a comforter in front of the columns ... bright mode at least.
Compared to my harley di red guitar is not as obvious, the sound is more natural anyway, less hard with palmer.

I did not notice any concern on the ground, unlike my redbox HK pro who snores when she sees a transformer in its vicinity.

So its top quality.

Ben, if I have to take that it will be the ultra-g, it is the only one that does everything well. I can be connected directly, with true bypass pedal, with or without simulated hp, from an output amplifier, noise-free signal and a hefty premium and stable. The sound is muted but fun anyway, and the price very nice.

The palmer I was disappointed by its limitations, but if you use the output of amplifier or preamp or even multi-effects it's all good.

Personally I need a di for any contingency, and that includes leaving with guitar distortion pedal and nothing more sometimes, so g is the ultra-imperial (solid and, since the time that I lug around).

The palmer is a beautiful object, I do not regret my purchase, I hope they have the same qualities with the practices of Bebert ...

pic&pulse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The V30 box"

Palmer PDI 09
Already explained.
Liabilities, it is practical: it needs neither battery nor phantom power.
The ground lift is used to resolve the concerns of hum due to ground loops.

As already explained. I will say that the output level of the device is quite small but widely usable (basically like a micro dynamic recovery of speech) when it processes an output line.
No breath.
The three filter positions are rather caricatured, I think.
If used in a preamp output, it will not benefit from the work of the power section, where a sense of right and its more a response to the game a little different. But it may be a viable alternative because it provides enough clinical precision. Interesting mix in a charge.

As in any situation miking, it will surely equalize for an optimum yield. A flat, the sound is pretty loaded midrange and especially at the top around 3 kHz. Kind taken up by a Celestion V30 SM57 directed towards the center of the bowl. By positioning the "bright", it's worse. And inserted into the mix, you just sound like more than a pocket amp.
on the other hand, in "normal" position, after ascending the famous bass and declined in 3 KHz, we then present a sound, well-defined and rather realistic in any case widely exploitable.
Position "mellow" squarely cut the treble and I've never used. Perhaps for jazz with amps or rendering particularly acute.

To speak of pure quality, it will always be better than one taken with an old microphone placed in front of your HP or tear in a room without acoustic treatment. We have a real guitar sound very realistic. A blind test will silence the grumblers and the purists.

I adopted the HP simulators since the famous Red Box H & K (it'll be over 20 years, ouch). I own the Behringer GI100, which is active and also DI classic. I love the practicality of these tools are inexpensive, compact, and allow you to find your sound across freeing you from the elements such as room acoustics, the quality of the park or the talent of micro sondier.
I'm out of Red Box, too bland, but I keep Palmer and Beri have two different colors; the Beri is a bit dirtier and more dug in mediums, less precise but with a little more "air ".
In fact, we will choose one or the other depending on the amp you use.
After the concerts, I sometimes got positive reviews on my sound, but nobody ever noticed the use of these tools when I use them.


For the adventurous, I also recommend the guitar preamp plugged into a Moog LPF or other synth. You tell me the news.

alcools's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

Palmer PDI 09
Simpler, you die.



I had the famous sound of bees entering directly into the table (via IR): No problem, I now have a "real" guitar sound amplified!

FYI, I use it after several effects pedals without a preamp (or simulator) without this poses a problem.

Sebeno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple and effective"

Palmer PDI 09
Passive DI simulator with HP and mitigation

Extremely simple to use: It is a branch with speaker cable to the output of the amp.
We use the exit thru to connect (always with a speaker cable) on the baffle and Out (XLR) to plug into its registration system.
You still have the signal sent to the housing is relatively high to obtain a usable output signal. For my part, I plugged in a small tube preamp.

The sound of my guitar and my amp is guaranteed. I found exactly the same sound that my 4x12. The sound is very natural and dynamic. I use only normal that the simulation is the one that suits me the most.

I use it for several weeks.
I used a PGA04 for several years and I prefer the sound of PDI09. In addition, I am no longer forced to disconnect / reconnect jacks when a sudden urge to record takes me.
Only drawback: you still have to put the amp loud enough if you want to get enough signal. Two solutions, use a preamp or a power attenuator after the Out of PDI09.
The price / quality ratio is excellent.
This choice I would do without hesitation.

kyrcnos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Palmer PDI 09
T says it all!

Even if all the notice is sufficient to get an idea, I hope to contribute as a bassist.

I use the output of my preamp to my PSA1.1 taken with his bass in his bright or saturated.

It is not unlike its cousin the loadbox PGA04. At the same time I bought to put the output of a preamp. Ya that connect the output on the thru speaker of any Manir ... Having said this explains it somewhat cumbersome. Nothing wrong

is perfect.

Friends guitarists and bass players, if you want a real sound pro, here is your servant. The solution while silent, economical and easy! Hat!

I use for less than a year often enough for my models.
Not of the quality ratio is unbeatable price and can save your life you're a guitarist or bassist!

Negens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Palmer PDI 09
Everything has been said.

We can no longer simple. Even without a manual, you can use it.

Attention users of tube amps, it does not loadbox, then plug the output is essential to your thru speaker, otherwise the output transformer grill of your amp.

The manual is quite clear and sufficient.

This tool is a blessing for the guitarist who wants to register easily.

I first used a SansAmp Tri-AC, because my amp was broken, and the emulation of the internal baffle SansAmp does not satisfy me.
Much I appreciated the update on the clean and crunch, as I was very disappointed on overdrive.

Later, after repairing my amp, I plugged into a speaker output, out of curiosity (just to get the color of power tubes). N'dediou Oh! It's awfully good! The simulation is downright good (Note that it is not a simulation of a simulation of speakers but recovery of a baffle sm57).

Sounds clear as crunch sounds, or saturated, everything is transcribed perfectly!

As the simulation of a sm57 well placed, I took out my audio-technica mb2k which is a copy of sm57, and I make a comparison.

There is a slight difference which will give "benefit" to the microphone: The mids are more airy and somewhat fuller on that side micro.Ca brings a little "dirty" that makes all the heat taken by a microphone.
The micrometer is it a little more specific.
But this difference is very slight and I'm not even sure I can make a difference if we imposed on me in a blind test.

The mixture of the two is a real pleasure! The next most accurate palmer side warm / dirty the microphone, it transcends the sound.

I use it for 8 months.
I tried some other products before that.
- The simus Revalver of baffles. There is something synthetic annoying and there is no "scraouncth" in the low-medium
- Speakerphone: not bad but it puts my CPU flat.
- The torpedo Two Notes: excellent but my budget does not allow me to purchase it.

The peculiarities that I love most: All
The ones I like least: it does not like coffee.

The quality / price is more than good.

With experience, how not to make the election again?
It simplifies the records for those who do not like to bother with investments.
That does not leave polluting the surrounding noise in case of bad acoustics.
It is not expensive and it can pay big dividends.
And besides, it's part of survival kit to pick up concert

A <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Must Have!</span>

blackhorse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Palmer PDI 09
See description Previous ...
Analog connections many think, lightweight and not bulky!

See description Previous trs well done ...
Easy to use, no battery, slecteur of Tone effective.

I use my pedals in APRS direct connection to a console, sonoritbr /> trs convincing and effective, I finally rsolu my amp problem!
trs homestudio useful as you can not use an 4x12 in his apartment
more quickly that the problem of placement or selection of microphones not to mention
the price of these ...
As the configuration remains the same in either or in the studio or on scne, we keep
the same sound without surprise or loss of time!

Excellent this thing! has used all, the kind of object retain on its gigbag!
galres more lugging amps, the sound is similar to the one we
paufine home, more microphones problem (everyone is not ingnieur sound)
Obviously there may be a bit before buying but APRS is pure bliss!