Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

Torpedo VB-101, Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

Public price: $2,099 VAT
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All user reviews for the Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 12 reviews )
 11 reviews92 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Editorial review
  • 11/25/10Two Notes Torpedo VB101 & VM202 Mini-Reviews

    Two Notes Torpedo VB101 & VM202 Mini-Reviews - Hasta La Convolution, Baby!

    When a young and groundbreaking manufacturer puts his efforts on digital convolution to emulate the sound signature of speaker cabinets, the result looks something like the Torpedo VB-101 & VM-202 guitar and bass speaker simulators.

Users reviews

ElTrinita's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rather disappointed"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
How long have you use it?

1 year

Have you tried many other models before buying it?


What thing do you like most and least?

Played quietly but why a simple amp simulator would do as well

How would you rate the quality / price?

Bad, over time I find it expensive for what it is

With experience, you do again this choice?

Not at all, I just sell it half price and with difficulty. Frankly I never managed to get better than placing microphones in front of a speaker ... For me it lacks life, warmth, and it sounds a bit flat.

Cimerian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Solution!"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
Hi ;)

Today, we can make taken at any time.
There are more than 60 types of guitar and bass cabinets together
4 types of lamp mounting push + pull
8 microphones
Guitar & Bass Eq, Comp, Exiter ...
Control via USB interface
Loadbox updated with up to 150 watts.

Digital technology
Any kind of inputs and outputs (see product)

The manual is sufficient.

Config takes some time for the grip.
Different settings inter act with each other, rendering the desired application oriented thinking soundman. (Not insurmountable)

Control interface via USB (Edition) easy, memorable (100 bank) + 50 users
Opportunity to improve all with the following plugg suitable to open in multiple instances in the Daw.

The simuls firms are impressive, and updated regularly.
Recently we got pregnant at 16 Guitar & Bass Quality ..

The instrument through this machine wins of the body, it sings!
it is essential to play it, listen to and perform more especially taken to understand!
Rendering, it is the ears ...

The Torpedo VB101 is a formidable weapon of war, French ADDITION: 8)
I have taken the plunge this summer appointment taken OROSYS (Manufacturer) for a demo.

After testing the machine during an afternoon complete with some of my stuff away, I soon discovered rendering, and the most was going to bring me this product in terms of ergonomics.

The leader of the company is very responsive to users, the service is responsive.

Today, more problems taken any time.
There are more than 60 types of firms, to the account and Roro Kilo ...
4 types of lamp mounting push + pull
8 microphones
Eq, Comp, Exciter ...
Control via USB interface

I took the total plugg Bundle compatible with the possibility to rework this time in stereo speakers (Super)

To say that I had a strong a priori on the digital competition after testing, we have a guitarist play, a touch, an organic fiber, so difficult to feel with "virtual"
The game with a red bean, another blue, all FX pedals simultaneously, soft VSTI ...
Ultimately, there is not much in the pick.

The Kempler, not tried it, but it is said that the demo is made from a transplanted in the machine, or between the amp and simultaneously transplanted no great difference!
Listen to the sound coming directly from the amplifier, and then cloning into the single Kempler
The verdict?
Friendly Notice!

Other simulators HP means ...
There at least rendering is preserved to the maximum, and the sound is solid.

- Cons: I'm looking for ...
+ Advantages: everything!
Investment is important, of course, but in terms of how to put in work to get the report ...

To the accounts of the devices used
Nothing a good speaker and a good microphone,
I do not even speak the surrounding acoustic treatment!

PS: No profit, no endorsement for OROSYS ;)


quash1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellentissime"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
need more amps, bafles, microphone for recording a guitar or bass, everything is there.
Finally, you can:
- Or use the amp and plug it directly into the torpedo, then we choose the model of speaker you want (many models, 1 or 2 models are available in most every 2 months I think), then the model of micro 8 total that is positioned as you want + many parameters settings to sculpt the sound.
- Either plug your guitar directly into the line
since this update I no longer use my amp
I plug + guitar pedal compressor, chorus, compressor + torpedo + Lexicon MX400 (as I come out in stereo) and the sound card fireface800 of rm.

studio use
yes everything is clear and simple and detailed manual in FRENCH downloadable online.
the Torpedo Remote is the software that manages the VB101 his pc, tuning, backup ... etc, everything is done from the software if you do not want to do direct VB101


I tried many config for recording a guitar and the torpedo is what he does best (in my opinion) for 20 years I play and it is FRENCH
you can even play live if the guy has a baffle, everything is planned.
fender strat and JP6

from the start of its output

excellent price / quality

Team two notes is the onions with us Song (y'en and little, are found mostly on the remote which is updated regularly, so it is normal, but the bugs are light and n ' preclude its use) and a solution is found on a new or updated since before the team score two answer to all the problems on his forum (hat).

I would buy the same eyes closed if mine had me drop.
I even bought the plug in the bass is also excellent
and it is FRENCH éhhéhééhéhéhéhéh

Splotch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The weapon of studio and stage"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
Cabinet simulator + microphone jack with integrated loadbox. Adding the V2 simulation output stage

Publisher via USB, MIDI in / out, input / output S / PDIF coax, AES, Analog Input + loadbox. Wordclock input, operates up to 96kHz at 24 bit.
Headphone output with dedicated level facade.

Can enable or disable each section independently, namely: power amp simulation, mic + speaker simulation, EQ, exciter, compressor. It is very comprehensive for sound recording.

Bank of 99 presets.

Opportunity to capture his own cabinet + microphone configuration via the editor.

No audio USB

Now in version 2 firmware allows the simulation of two speakers picked up by two microphones that are mixed to mono.
Navigation through the menus via buttons on the facades is intuitive, there are buttons for the different treatment included in the machine. The editor in the computer is very clear and easy to read.

The manual is detailed and easy to read.

It may be recalled by noon or program change by the big front wheel.

Admission is mono and stereo output can be named with the treatment "space" rather dedicated to the game with headphones. In analog there is an exit PreSimulation mono and stereo post simulation, you can also choose how the stereo with a processed output and untreated. Very useful for testing other presets from making crude.

The simulations are bluffing quality, lots of cabinets available guirare and low and 8 different mics.

I obviously does not have all its speakers and microphones all these, for the most common remark I still that the general spirit of these microphones is made there, including SM57 and MD421.

There are simulations for all the taste of vintage to modern stuff.

The simulation of a loudspeaker cabinet gave an already incredible results, the possibility of mixing two microphones or two speakers on the same speaker, although they share the same treatments, give a new dimension in sound reproduction.
The power amp simulation is far from being a gadget with distinct voicings between configurations.

Registered for a lamp amp pushed at the right volume without deafening this tool works wonders.

Absolute flexibility with the possibility of réamper to infinity with the possibility of rare recorded with speakers and a quantity nécessiterais a garage to store.

The rendering quality is exceptional with Treatment saw how the phase shift of speakers, the choice of guitar or bass frequencies that are different or exciting to break a mix.

The possibility to use the torpedo in digital reamper to infinity without further conversion is also a big plus.

Pm.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Revolution, the word is out"

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

one swallow does not I'll try to make this short and simple product that seems complicated at first

This is a cabinet simulator + microphone for guitar and bass amp.
Basically you plug the amp head in the Torpedo Torpedo and a sound card (with I / O SPDIF as well as how) and that's it!.

Complete information on the official website:

I know the team Two Notes from the music fair in 2006 and followed the evolution of the prototype until today, so I did not really read the manual, comprehensive though.

Setup is simple, but does not make you a sound engineer.
Editing sounds is a bit tedious on the machine itself, but the child is "remote" (soft control on the PC or Mac)

Downside: Perhaps too many adjustments, or rather the settings too late!
This is tripe move the microphone in every sense but in the end to the HP setting from 1 to 100 it is not too precise, too complete for small guitar?
Maybe 10 (see 3) positions in the depth and the width would be sufficient.
An idea for a Torpedo Light version?

Let me be clear this is the best product of its kind on the market today!

The only simulator that can reproduce both the nuances of the game, especially the "palm mute" in distortion, rarely played properly (with all the low and graouph) by another simulator.

A light years away from Palmer PGA04. I had one, friends have had (and are passed on Torpedo for that matter) so I could test the Palmer with different amps in different settings, nothing to see.
Without comparison with Line6 (I had a Pod 2), which has other arguments, starting with the price
I tested a few other apps and products Pod, they have for them the price, but its level is not playing in the same way.

A revolution (as well it rhymes with convolution) Two Notes that gives us that.
You may say that this kind of product already existed! Yes ... but no, not like that.
Here the concept is pushed into the corner, magnified.

In addition the team Two Notes is very responsive, attentive to the users. Adds regular speakers for free download.
Small personal pleasure, the baffles Fryette / VHT 2x12 Fatbottom and Fryette / VHT Deliverance 2x12 are mine, so I give it to model them. I can kick save "my" speakers ... not use it!
Joking aside if you have nice speakers, please enjoy the community of users Two Notes with them and see if it is possible to model them.

For one who has only preamps, there is the VM-202
For those who want a stereo Torpedo VB 101: LB-202, which coupled with the VM-202 VB-101 gives a stereo,
Finally Two Notes has released a version of software the IP-101

skyzoid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
See below for complete specifications and uses.

Speaker simulator (great choice) and making sound through microphones available in the bug, this format rack. We selected her pregnant, her microphone, just have to tweak the sound with the microphone placement and post-fx section (eq., compressor, exciter, stereo output for headphones).

The Torpedo is usable with a computer via the small software (Remote Torpedo) to download from the site-Two Notes. It shows what is done with, and it can download new speakers regularly and available free.

Connectors Ultra Complete (Input / output analog / digital).

The goal: to save his home amp or head amp (or on stage without lugging tons of gear) with the volume you want without disturbing the neighbors or explode the ears. This with a quality pro.

The setup is relatively simple, the manual is clear but is fairly short (no examples of manipulation '), it must guess the basic elements and then just come to me. About one hour to remove the fears and after that ride.

Editing sounds is easy, but we must spend time to approach the sound that comes to mind, as between the different chambers (which radically altered the sound of your amp), microphones and their placement end, as saying that there were many possibilities as to its final report.

Audio quality is top-end, conceived and designed as such. You plug your amp, you set (if you're used to the sound and mix you go faster).

I connect over a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue (and played with a Telecaster, Squier or a low-and yes, the Torpedo is as dedicated to the bass guitar only, evidenced by its 8 simus speaker low base), sound quality is surprising now, using this gear to 5% of its possibility is there now in a different world than the Pod and his ilk (I am ...). The presence of sound, its finesse, nuances of play followed, feeling that the amp lights are there, in short it's beautiful.

Me I had to relearn how to adjust the amp because you can push all you want without disturbing anyone at all, which requires fine-tune the settings.

I've had a week I spend time to refine the sound but I am thrilled with this purchase. At the outset I say aloud that no, it's not so expensive, as others have said, to have the equivalent (speaker / mic / studio, etc.), the price would be unimaginable with Torpedo we are in a sound pro, gross (before mixing in the studio), he must look, listen, adjust, but the sound is still there ... and then, as said above this is an evolving product for free (download new speakers and improvement of the product).

I had before it a Pod xt Pro, coupled with a Universal Audio preamp and converter RME, bein there we are really far above any level! I sound a week ago that I'd never have had two years of records!

I'm going to live with this essential tool, not experimentation, I try to keep things simple but true, I am served.

If I lose / stolen from me / break it, I attack a bank and repaid me a line. No turning back after testing it ...

xabi4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
itself is actually a simulator for miking guitar and bass

namely that his amp branch above the speaker cable and the device acts as a load balancer + simulation of a cabinet (currently 28 to choose) and a microphone (at day 8 of your choice) with output "audio" (to plug into the mixer, headphones, sound card etc. ..)

presented 2u rack is controllable and exploitable either directly in front with buttons and switches is virtually from your computer

the revolution brought by this "toy" is simple:
juser my amp fetish ..... the volume that I want .... without m'exploser ears (depending on the setting of each) or to piss off the neighbors but also with a confusing record of realism and interaction quite phenomenal making sounds (choices speaker, microphone choice, distance, angle etc ...)


configuration is very simple and quite clear and precise manual
if you have any questions, Two Notes responds quickly and with a smile

I also specified that I am not a fan of boutonite ... so it's simple and understandable

editing sounds is easy, at first, to do something totally realistic

on the other hand is added to that a whole range of settings compressors, filters up, down (and so on) that sharks studio know how to handle a lot better than I used to tweaking the sound, especially for recording, I n 'have so far not mastering ......

whether for the basic lazy (me) or the sound engineer: practical, clear, without making head (or so it is voluntary)

of this view is still the top

The panel of speakers and microphones at your disposal various permits, with the same amp settings and radically change its sound and always with a confusing reality

being adept oriented vintage amp (Marshall, orange TT) had initially a bit worried that this technology does not make as much good sound neat kind of clean or distortion shred most accurate kind vai, Lukat, petrucci etc. . (I like it anyway, huh ..) and do not make too much good old crunch or clean a little dirty .... well I was surprised!

in fact renders this machine exactly what he sent, but above all he can combine the original signal response vintage or "modern" we want

I completely rediscovered my marshall 6101 anniversary combined with a good old cab SLASH MARSHALL 1960 or (yes, really) on the crunch channel with a good or a good old telecaster les paul

secondly, the owner of a cab TriAmp physics, I found exactly the record associated with my amp simulation available on the HP TriAmp TORPEDO

about the sounds I like least: some simulation of the shredder plant precisely, but only because it's less my sound universe ........ not because it is poorly done

that's almost 2 months that I possess

considering the price, I bought a little Scared (2000 € if people like it not, it can hurt morale) and I was reassured when the 2nd hour of use

if you can, test .. but beware!!

try it now!

your gear, used in normal volume (or background) on a cab in virtual rendering professional, manageable by any sound engineer on stage or studio, or just leaving home sleeping neighbors .... . it is now possible!

thank you TWO NOTES
Fortunate Son01/08/2010

Fortunate Son's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
In summary this is a simulator of guitar and bass cabinets that also simulates the micro transplanted with the placement. Some studio effects (EQ, compressor, etc..) Complete the picture.
<p class="MsoNormal"> Full details on ( )

The manual is very clear, the new version is available for download on the site.
<p class="MsoNormal"> The sound editing is made easier with the software "Torpedo Remote."
<p class="MsoNormal"> On the machine editing is a bit tedious but it is relatively intuitive.

What can I say except thank you to the inventor of the convolution and thank you to Team Two Notes have applied to the guitar world. <span> </span>
<p class="MsoNormal"> Compared to everything I could have, or test, the sound is simply stunning! <span> </span> It is even so stunning that I sold my 2x12 cabinet Engl. All the more easily it is a simulation of the baffle in the Torpedo. In all my tests (computer music repeat) rendering with the Torpedo was better! My back is happy ... My osteopath a little less I no longer see it!
<p class="MsoNormal"> What is interesting is the ability to produce sound. Let me explain: On a Pod (even if not entirely comparable since the Pod simulates the amp, not to mention the price) the sound produced is very, very packed, ready to be mixed in amount. With the Torpedo can therefore have a sound very "guitar" sound as it would exit baffle, or produce sound. But with far greater realism than any simulation software or a Pod.
<p class="MsoNormal"> In terms of sound, there are plenty of sample on the site or the official forum. Tristan Klein has never sounded so good since he has a Torpedo, as he says himself elsewhere.
<p class="MsoNormal"> Note the recent test (guitar and bass) performed by ( ) by Brice Delage & Noel Alfonsi

I use it for a year.
<p class="MsoNormal"> Concern optimization Standing Team Two Notes, which takes into account suggestions from users (adding an EQ on the remote, not visible on the test is very significant. The remote is a 5th season, the rack has also had several update. A new speaker each month since January 2009.
Even the price is not really questionable to me. For 2000 euros, the choice is between:
A series 4x12 cabinet upscale (40 pounds), a small microphone (eg sm57.), A small preamp, and a load box.
Torpedo, 16 guitars & bass speakers (+ a month), 8 microphones, high-end studio effects, the load function box. At the rack, 9 kilos.
<p class="MsoNormal"> Conclusion: Value for money 10/10
<p class="MsoNormal"> I would do this election recess.
<p class="MsoNormal"> I confirm previous opinions!

chicruss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
Ok, it's not cheap but what a material! One can find several advantages to this unit:

1. simulations are very high quality. Unless you know, difficult to differentiate a registration with the torpedo of a recording made with the physical hardware (at least for an amateur like me, there is no difference)

2. it becomes possible with this device to push back his favorite tube amp without becoming dull or disturbing the neighbors.

3. There are very grain of the upstream amplifier.

4. it allows to overcome the problems associated with the room in which is recorded (resonance, noise, ...)

5. one earns a lot of time because it is very easy to try different placement of microphones in front of the baffle, different microphones or different speakers while not implementing That a single take (re-miking)

6. The space is small compared to the big 4 * 12 and it is much lighter! (Casually, but not least)

7. The speakers and microphones proposed simulation offer a wide range of sound, covering many musical styles. For inspiration, it's great! Personally, I realized that my cabinet selections changed after the micro-style play. Apers, everyone is free to make a choice and never change it.

8. The price! Yes, yes, I said the price. Imagine having to buy all those speakers and all the microphones, you would have for much more.

The torpedo is a fantastic device that boosts creativity while solving many problems with the registration of a guitar (or bass). A big thank you to all the team of Two-Notes.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101
AC is used to replace your cabinet (there is an 8 Ohm load dconnectable or not) and microphone and preamp (and limit the converter of your sound card) the sound

it is the ideal thing for people who like the ease of POD but wants the character of the old (or new) amp LAmpe..le leilleur of 2 worlds will tell us

pan Guitar> Amp head lamp> torpedo (need your cabinet if you wish)> SPDIF or AES your sound card even low-end
(The advantage is that the torpedo converto excellent)

short very complete and professional connectors ..

it even has a compression style processing tools, effective stro..tres effect ..

the system is a very pushed convolution technology, in short it is too technical for moi..mais technology and simulationdepasse very widely convolutions classiquesutilisablent a PC.

The use is a breeze ... it's clear, friendly, baffles and micro their investment is very visual ..
again we can control the Rack via USB and end up with a very readable graphical interface on the PC ..

Variphi the parameter is very important..a paufiner to each mic placement ..

AWhen this is that if rgale,
used with headphones (AKG 171) .. I never took much fun playing and recording ..

ca respects the wheat from the choosing speakers / microphone allows to have a much more tense panel ..

al era despite the very good material mic / preamp / converter ... any sound recording made me spend a lot of time .. the weather was counted and the simple ided a stop in the middle of recording frustrated me ..dropoff window
Now I connect, I takes 10min chiadant background .. j ... saves the lendemin hop..mme parameters recorded and we have a homogeneous sound in the continuity of the previous day ..

Brief we focus on the music rather than on taking his technique ..

plus you listening in real time the sound "finished" so ca allows to settle his amp, gain, presence idalement..en more micro placement, choice of micro .. faudrai to do the same thing Classical Recording add 3 or 4 ing to each his assignment ..

It's simple it is the centerpiece of my studio room ..
finally sound jacks (head) ..
j gets a folly of his palier..mme without disturbing my neighbor with great gear with room'd never get anything as pro !!

plus I do today has only a JCM800 baffle 4X G12-65,
with topedo I have pltor baffles V30, PE50, c90, and even the greenback ..

in addition it has a soft to record the parameters of my real wood cabinet tree vintage ... so I can put my old JCM800 Lead speaker Vintage 1981 limps ... and to share with others User torpedo ... and vice versa .... Genial !!

Two notes namely that offers us a new speaker each month .. it's like when we like to pay ca grave every month !!

short, very cheap compar has the tool sum available