Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Boss RE-20 Space Echo

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tjon901's review"Good digital tape delay"

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
If you like having effects on your should you probably want to have a tape delay unit. Real tape delay units are becoming very expensive. They require constant maintenence and replacement tape is getting hard to find. With technology now you are able to get a pedal that can simulate all the nuances of a real tape delay in a digital unit. With the RE-20 Boss has been able to replicate the classic Roland RE-201 SPace Echo in digital form. If you remember the old RE-201 it was a big monster of a unit full of delicate electronics and tape. The RE-20 is a twin pedal unit with 8 knobs on the front. The pedals control the on and off of the delay and the tap function. The 8 knobs are Bass, Treble, Reverb volume, Repeat Rate, Intensity and Echo volume. There is also a large 12 mode selector. The unit also had twin inputs and outputs. It also has a jack for an expression pedal


The win pedals are large but they are not labeled. All the knobs are large and labeled. The knobs are big enough to where you can adjust the settings on the fly. The peak level LED is nice so you can see how hard you are pushing the pedal. The tap tempo pedal does what it says. It allows you to tap out a tempo for the delay. If you hold down the tap pedal it also allows you to change the intensity of the delay. You can use batteries but I would not recommend it. A pedal this large will go through batteries very fast.


It has a normal mode and long mode. Normal mode gets you up to 3 seconds of delay while long mode gets you up to 6 seconds of delay. The 12 mode selector replicates the 12 modes the original tape delay had. The RE-201 had different modes that used the different tape heads to get different sounds from the delay. The RE-20 simulates this digitally. Some of these different modes are a bit noisy. This may also be on purpose replicating the extra noise you would get from a real tape delay unit. At subtle setting it can act like a reverb pedal and at extreme settings the sound is extreme. Turning up the reverb can get you some crazy sounds. You can even get some wah sounds with this.


If you want or had an old Roland RE-201 tape delay and are looking for something cheaper and more reliable this could be the unit for you. It has a ton of features more than anyone should need from just a delay pedal and with its modern design it should last you a long time.

VishNuRoXoUt's review"Excellent Tape Echo Emulator"

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
The Boss RE-20 Space Echo is a digital take on the old tape echo units made by Roland. It has stereo ins and outs and an expression pedal input. It has a few different modes of delay, echo and reverb. You can control the levels of each effect. It's in a very durable twin pedal format. One footswitch turning the pedal on and off and the other being a tap tempo and a 'warping' function I'll cover later.


This is a very easy pedal to use. On/off switch and a tap tempo/warp switch. It has separate controls for the reverb and delay. The reverb knobs include: Bass, Treble and Reverb Volume. Volume being the level of reverb. The delay controls include: Repeat Rate, Intensity and Echo volume. The Repeat rate is the same as the 'delay time'. The intensity is the amount of repeats. The pedal also has an input level that is active and controls your level if the pedal is on or off as well as a peak level LED showing when you are overloading the unit. You can make this pedal go into self-oscillation very easily. That brings me to the 'warp' mode. When you hold the tap tempo down the echo will start to oscillate and sound like someone is destroying the tape inside of an old echo unit. The manual, like most Boss manuals, is very helpful in showing you every nook and cranny this pedal has to offer.


The RE-20 Space Echo is a great unit that does not kill tone and has stellar sounding repeats. There is so much to be said about this pedal. I've used it with a few different guitars and amps and it seems to handle them all. It's truly a fantastic sounding echo unit.


The thing I like most about this pedal is the ability to control both the reverb and the delay separately to create a sonically pleasing delay tone. There are literally a million good things I can say about this unit. I've been extremely happy with it. It's really nice for the price and sounds great with any rig. The warp mode is a nice little touch that is really fun to play with. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different in a delay.

moosers's review

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
The Boss RE-20 Space Echo is a reverb and delay guitar effects pedal. It has 11 different modes for all different types of delays and reverbs and has ¼ inch inputs and outputs. It is powered by the power supply that comes with it and I believe there is no way to power it with a battery. This is not a rack mountable piece of gear as it is a stomp box.


It only takes a small amount of time to get used to the Boss RE-20 Space Echo and to learn how to use everything. The pedal has a variety of knobs including one to choose the mode, and then a whole slew of different parameters to control the tone including for bass, treble, reverb volume, repeat rate, intensity, echo volume, and input volume. It has two separate foot pedals and also has the ability to tap out the tempo which comes in very handy for the delay effects. The manual for the Boss RE-20 Space Echo is pretty informative but I wouldn’t worry about it if you don’t have one as it is easy enough to use on its own.


While the sound quality of the Boss RE-20 Space Echo doesn’t match that of the original classic Roland Space Echo, it still has an overall awesome sound to it. The different types of reverb and delay effects are pretty endless with this unit thanks to all of the different modes and parameters made available. I’ve used this pedal both for recording and live shows and it has proved to be a superior pedal for any application.


I’ve only been using Boss RE-20 Space Echo for about six months but in that time I’ve really grown to love this pedal. Not only is it extremely versatile, but pretty much all of the possibilities have a clean sound to them and all sound pretty professional. While there is no replacing the original Space Echo, the Boss RE-20 Space Echo does a nice job of emulating the classic unit and making it available to those of us who want that classic sound in the convenience of a digital pedal.
Nissan Fairlady11/07/2013

Nissan Fairlady's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It has the merit to exist ..."

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
digital stereo pedal guitounes and synths. Audio stereo jack connector.


Pretty simple, clear manual, editing sounds easy despite an important point, the echo does not remain fixed on the BPM set if you change the mode. First big downside of this pedal. Must retype the tempo if we change the way so look for a sound that is hassle.


The effects are realistic condition of not doing too much from the pedal self oscillation. Main negative point of the pedal so, because this is what we want to echo space, going on self oscillation. This pedal is digital and indeed, the "distortion" generated by the degradation of terrible echoes quickly and not at all realistic. Too bad because the sound of the echo is beautiful reminds me of the intro to Eisbear Grauzone.

I use synths, samples. So line level. I bought it for adjustment of input gain exactly, but I think an analog echo bear well to take line level.


I use it for a year. I TimeFactor of the eventide, incomparable.
The feature I like most: the warmth and cleanliness of the echo. The feature I like least, the terrible distortion self oscillation. The right pedal is not used much, the effect is anecdotal. better to turn the knob of delay time, the effect is more realistic. with the right pedal sound disappears first and then come back, but ugly. There's a knob reverb but it's stupid, there are the reverb as the sound goes, not the echoes. therefore useless because it keeps the incoming signal and repeats closer in sound mind, and that is exactly the opposite of what we want. better manage it then with a plug-in or other pedal.

Value average price. With the experience I would look on the side of electro harmonix.

I use in the studio so for me it does not matter much but it should be noted that like all the boss pedals, it is made like a tank. Rotary, beautiful and comfortable, seem welded to the hull and can probably kill someone if need be, without damaging it. connection and disconnection of jacks is without problems, unlike the eventide.

I thought about selling it, but I keep it for special effects. I think back a Kaossilator 2 inside particular, just to live the high end of my mixes, it will be very good for that. (White and Charley who go dub 'see sound?)
jeff 7 adore.05/05/2013

jeff 7 adore.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Memes DSP that many rcentes at Boss pedals, memoirs 64 megs 16 bits produced by Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology analog and mixed inc.Technologie numrique.Un DSP is never "digital" wants nothing dire.On has brought an electrical signal and convert to digital and then drouler a program that the machine will execute and make rsultat after an analog converters. I think it will be better to speak of DSP (Digital Sound Processors) .With a single DSP can be done much more functions a device on a small semiconductor surface, what even a pure signal chip analog.Voil a small explication.Pour the moment the sound quality suffers but is improving with increasing the size of memoirs.
No ditable computer.
Model pedale.Connectique Jack.


Config.simple two rows of buttons all rglages directement.Edition of facile.Manuel sounds clear yes.


.... Being sorry.


..... In progress ....

douglove's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Echo pastures"

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
I have not kept this pedal for a long time, I can not elaborate much more


This pedal offers many possibilities
many settings, bass / treble truly effective

the tempo setting is frankly galley because the knob does not cover the entire range: we go much more slowly by adjusting the tap tempo
on the other hand, when the mode is changed, it is the indicated airspeed at which knob is included: not at all practical

I like the input gain knob
the dry cutting and placing the pedal in a loop, you can do repetitions saturate and not his guitar, it is helpful to Crader sound: o)


not bad at all
it may well sound Crader or otherwise have a very bright thing (if you know what I mean? huh?)

effect causes oscillations twist, it's funny but it sounds really not natural


too brainer to use
I love the simple things

sounds nice anyway!

kichy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Psychedelic Adventure"

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
See other opinions


The grip is initially very simple, without too many tweaks already sounds.
Or that the plot thickens, this is when you want to reach the limits of the abyss auto oscillation.Ça request a few weeks settings, testing, but once its own settings it is happiness!
Editing is simple, we choose the "heads" of bands you want, reproduction of the original panel magnificent, repeat duration, quantity, etc etc, and tap tempo sometimes capricious but very useful for good timing .


I would say that contrary to other opinions, placed on the front with a distortion before, it's off solos, without digging the hearing tested live on a big stereo sound that's crazy! With its clear, well come into the psychedelic world, pressure on the pedals right well proportioned (twist) and leave your notes in detune floating simulation slowdown bandes.On Looks like its running, it really is space.
I use it with a Fender Strat Us std in neck pickup is clear, or I émettrai in the flat, it is clean with a micro high output (duncan style hotrails or Emg 81 by example), the input signal saturates and it spits out a little, apparently this is a simulation of tape saturation, sometimes it's just dérangeant.Il lower the volume of the guitar, or the level of the pedal but I prefer the last to leave at noon .. matter of taste.

For me, all the settings have their advantages, my preferences are for the 3,7,9. And to talk, the effect is quite amusing twist as self oscillation madness.

Question bypass, this is not true, but I do not feel any big difference with or without, it is called acute loss of yes and no, a whawha kills 1525x more sound!

Function only reverb is nice without, but have it in troubleshoots.


I use it for 1 year, and I care!

Fan of post rock, psychedelic rock, shadows, and all music atmofpheric I advise you!

200euros for a reverb-echo-delays as little standardized yeah it's worth it!

+ Fidelele for the roland space echo to digital
simple and effective
endless possibilities

- Entry level saturates quickly with humbuckers
size on a pedalboard?

AceLeppard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Spaced"

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Recreation in the form of pedal digital analog tape delay Roland RE-201.
The pedal has a number of knobs: Spec's for the precise site of Boss is a reference ...
Presence of a very useful tap tempo and an expression pedal jack, the latter may be affiliated with several parameters.


The general configuration is not as simple as it can get on the pedals boss format, will tell you one, "standard". It is also complicated by the selector in the center of the pedal to access various programs (division of time, nature of repetitions, add reverb or not ...)
The manual is also clear, and will help you discover the features of this pedal if you are not adventurous enough;)
Once the general operation decrypted, it is easy to get all the sounds you want, of course, if you are a fan of warm sounds and therefore imprecise 70's-80's!
I have almost never used except in effects loop, it quickly becomes an uncontrollable overdrive sound plugged directly ...

The addition of an expression pedal can be a great way to further expand the already well diversified range of delay: I use it personally to assay the rate of the delay in my "dry".


I came out of a Boss DD-3 (my first delay pedal) and I wanted to have something more authentic, being a fan of the blessed 70's. At first, this pedal so I closed, between its successful imitation of an old analog echo and the side of his architectural practice integrated tap tempo and expression pedal added.
However, my ear is doing as a measure of my experience, a sharp loss in the treble is felt when the pedal is engaged, which can be annoying, especially when it is used to enhance a solo the booster, because the delay paradoxically removes power to the sound! Be careful, this can be sought, it's just not me.
Another criticism would be the impact permanent staff has the knob "output level" on the right, it probably would have been better than it intervenes only when the delay is on.
I have almost never used the reverb pedal, preferring those generated by my Boss RV-5.
This pedal can be at ease on records such as Police or U2; on sounds more typical Hard Rock or she can quickly become unclear or too intrusive ...
That said, I keep a pretty good look at this pedal despite all these reservations!


I use this pedal for a little over a year, and it made me great service. I did not have much culture in delays was the time and I really wanted this one! We learn of his past choices, and value for money would be much more valuable is a price a little lower in my opinion!

It remains to me a good pedal objectively.

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Although originally used"

Boss RE-20 Space Echo
I've had 2 years, bought the closed eyes saw good feedback (...) I have had the product.
I completely original tape, etc. I just wanted something good and varied simple to use allowing more than other pedals.

To start, adjustable input volume, for use between my Tech21 triac and a power amp without any adjustment (fortunately only 30w).
Then, for use in parallel loop or mixer, it can be 100p100 wet.
Already at this stage other delays are worth it.
Tap tempo of course, with the tails (ends when one bypasses repetition effect, very nice) please.
Onboard reverb, always useful as it is adjustable, just like eq echo repetitions.
Competition sinks more and more!
With a passive expression pedal is more flexible, I'm using it to cut the delay while keeping the reverb ...
Noel koa ...


Using live without worry thanks to the AA battery power (lesser concern for power supply is disconnected and the boss turns on its batteries, not c..).
It's simple to manage, and very readable.

That it is better to walk around the craft quietly at home eh ...

In short you turn the knobs and pulls his preferences as we dab


So there is very varied, the paradise of keyboardists, for example (the trick is equipped with stereo input / output and more)!
I use it probably 5p100 possibilities, a simple delay with reverb and basta I'm a little ashamed huh ...
But the sound quality is very good, not digital sounding at all, even if a memory toy EH impresses more punch and warmth level.

Anyway I am very happy with the results, leaving the right pedal down for a moment the sound is accelerating as a magneto crazy cool!

Considering the particularity of the craft he can not be awarded the maximum score in fact!


I love this machine, simple to use I make of it is difficult to replace (the triac programmed fixed and the RE20 sounds like master volume / reverb, delay in premium).

The price is low given its enormous potential, it's sturdy and apparently he (my GP20 series for ages and its service is always impeccable, despite the inevitable jostling).

I can only recommend the trick!

If your budget is too limited, memory eh toy is the best choice but it is not the same thing, even from afar.

The facias will still run after the original roland space echo 201, strips the background noise and stuff. Of course!

goodsung's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss RE-20 Space Echo

What are the effects or types of effects available? What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) Are they éditabs? Via a Mac editor / PC? What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) Is this a rack or rack-mount model? * Echo delay + reverb non-editable digital form of twin pedal audio connection



Is the general configuration is simple? Publishing of sound effects or is it easy? Is the manual clear and sufficient? ... * Very simple configuration manual in English very precise but not always easy to translate


Are the effects effective, responsive and realistic enough? What instruments do you use? Which ones do you prefer, you hate? * Effective hyper realistic effects has reserved the best guitar fender Allied gretsh.nostalgiques of shadows or pink foyd and rockabilly re 20 is for you


How long have you use it? What thing do you like most and least? Have you tried many other models before buying it? How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? ... * Best value currently on the market price .After lot trying other brands whose sound was sometimes too .Other colors with superb sound has frankly repoussants.j'ai prices so made that choice without regret.