Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy

Deluxe Memory Boy, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Memory series.

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tom808's review"Awesome Delay Pedal"

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy is a analog delay, you have six knobs on top Blend,Gain, Rate, Depth,Feedback and Delay its a good set of knobs to get creative with your sound, you also have the timing subdivisions on the left side name "tap divide" you get to choose 5 note divisions for the metronomic variances. In the mid right side you have "exp mode" to control with you expression pedal you can choose to control the rate, depth, feedback or delay. At the bottom you have the tap button to set your tap tempo and you have your bypass button to turn it on or off. The bypass button has a red light over it to let you know when its active and the tap button flashes green button pulsing the tempo.


The use is very easy and basic, the knobs are accurate I had the pedal over 3 years now and have no problem with it, the tap tempo is always a plus not needing to bend over and control the rate. The pedal is solid made like a tank doesn't wear out. The manual is clear and easy to read which i didn't need to use because everything on the pedal is common sense.


I use this with my fender tele, and the reason I bought this pedal is I needed a analog delay which would be softer compare to my Eventide time factor Delay which is a digital straight in your face type of delay, I actually mix in the two delays together when i feel creative, but for the most part I keep my memory boy blended in the back to give that atmosphere you can always bring up the the blend and the gain to throw it up in your face but analog delays are always a bit warmer and softer, its a good standard for delays. I suggest having analog and digital delay and memory boy does the job for me, I got the pedal used for $120 i believe and that is worth the money hands down, if the pedal broke down on me ,which i doubt it it, i would definitely replace is with a new one.


I think the pedal is excellent for the analog delay. The sound is beautiful super soft and warm you can combine it with many other pedals and the memory boy won't get in the way, the sound is its best trait very clean and soft, thats the reason i fell in love with analog pedals, i tested a lot of other delay pedals like all the boss delays strymon delays …etc and for the price i couldn't beat this one , so i hear its a love or hate thing, i think it comes down to what type of delay you want digital? analog? and what will it be used for, like i said i mainly use it for soft background delay to create a ecosystem in the sound and that works very well.

psantoni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good delay, BUT! (Synth use, bar ...)"

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
I will not repeat the comprehensive features of this pedal. Only the absence of an ON / OFF button is a bit heavy. BBD chip integrated into this pedal is a modern apartment low-cost version of the BBD chip Delux Memory Man resulting in impaired sound quality compared to its older brother.


Configuration and ease of use, manual very clear. A pleasure to use, however it must balance the gain according to the type of instrument input.


The pedal is clearly designed for guitars. Indeed to compensate for the quality of the BBD chip, HEX placed a low pass filter to smooth out the overall sound of the delay. The result is a bleak delay repeats which are deaf and altered.

I use it mainly on my Microbrute coupled with my modular A-100 (the effects loop through the modular). Pedal excels sounds lying in the upper spectrum (Lead, keys ...), then rehearsals contrast very well with the original sound is the best!

on the other hand, when the bottom of the spectrum is attacked is really ugly (boiled saturated and low inaudible).


I use it for a month, this is my first analog delay. DMB is very attractive thanks to integration possibilities it offers (tap tempo, effects loop pedal voltage Eurorack consistent phrase ...). on the other hand, very dark confines of his rehearsals for use in the upper spectrum.

To conclude I would say that the price / quality ratio is good, but it is a very particular delay to be used in awareness of its limitations.

Originally I wanted to invest in DMM with BDD OUR chips (almost triple the price) it is practically untraceable I pulled on his little brother. I'm still satisfied with my purchase and would do it again with your eyes closed ...
Seed Barrette06/23/2013

Seed Barrette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Hment well!"

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Well described in previous reviews .... characteristics are not tons of features but there are still a little note as this on other pedals, it is possible to treat only echoes through any pedal: filter, phaser, distortion, octave etc. .....
Analog technology.


Extremely simple, sound editing config manual ditto in English and very succins said that we do not really need a hand to find the type of pedal compatible modulation (because I bought the pedal Thomann which does not really give specifications of what they sell and at the same time I bought a pedal modulation, fcv 100 from Behringer, well I b ... e because it is not really compatible as it hit manages not all possible paramêtres ... a shame because the referral thomann may cost me as much as the damn pedal ....)
The tap tempo is ultra convenient, 2-2, that is wedged. The rhythmic division is also very practical, especially for the delay ^ to note pointed in ternary or black, it prevents large trl like me having to rely @! @
So I am using the knob virtually no delay which is precisely adjust the time delay.


Then the sound is really, really the ball. This is only my second pedal (the first being a crybaby) but it's been 20 years since I made the sound and 7 years Cubase so I used quite a delay plugin version and this is the day and night . With all the knobs at 0 pedal warms the sound of my guitar or my mpc and when you start to move the knobs, it is a treat .... I do not get tired. can be very short delay, normal to infinity dub version of loud noise is terrible. What I love most of all is the possibility of dirty and completely transform the echoes with depht parameters and spleen. Sparingly it's very nice indeed, very musical background and it's great no matter what, the sound has nothing to even start with this: I find it particularly great for dub or the electro ...
Note that I have absolutely no breath contrary to what was said in another review, this tells me I have nothing that wanders inside my pedal and if that was the case, I n 'will not have wasted my time to disassemble, I will have returned as dry demanding an exchange rather than risking any or r ... but hey, I have nothing a hacker and I know nothing in electronics.


I use it for one month and I love it since I plugged it in and heard for the first time. Immediately I knew she would not leave my set.
I love everything about this pedal, everything, apart from a small detail that I find it absurd on a pedal at this price: the lack of switch on / off...alors I do not understand where I would gladly have dropped 10 20 euros or more to get it right but nothing is perfect in this world looks like another ...
Value for money given the honorable all-steel case that inspires confidence.
I remake that choice is clear.
Pi r12/21/2011

Pi r's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great sound, excellent connectivity"

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Pedals of analog delay with tap tempo, 9V supplies.
Editing effects comfortable, especially live, thanks to large potentiomtres, effective, and led diffrent, though blind.

Note the connection: an effects loop, thanks to which it is possible to color the rptitions (eg with an octave. Possibility to use an expression pedals also.


Configuration gnrale trs simple.

The manual is clear trs.

The edition of the sounds is easy. The rglage gain is effective, the Dry / Wet mix too, SETTING THE rptition trs of hard progressive. It is easy to select the division of rptitions. I have not tried the pedals on the other hand. The rglage feedback should be sparingly (part quickly rptition infinite). It is the same for the modulation of the delay (less than look for analog sounds). The tap tempo could be more ractif.


The delay effect is one of the finest I know. It gets dirty, but it's warm and musical. I love it. It does not just rpter sound, but adds a touch of heat. My clean sound is enhanced my musical sounds trs. However, this is a matter of got I guess, because we are the opposite of the proposed numrique a delay (which I also possde).

I use it with several guitars, amps in Varis, with the same pleasure.

I use extensively the delay "simple" and the frquemment rptitions infinite also, to produce sound effects. I use a little less modulation, which gives fast things inaudibles.A small dose is good though.


I use it for a year.

I tried many MODELS: DD3, DD7, space echo, carbon copy, emress super delay ... But I wanted an analog delay (or sounding like a numrique analog), with tap tempo, if possible without food in 9V power supply SPECIFICATIONS.

I prfre is its sound, but also its relative compactness and the fact that we can supply it with power supply "normal" (not too big not ncessitant intensity. It happens in my little pdalier, food with a "big john" the shot. I also like his price, trs reasonable. I like less modulations (I would spend if it rduisait even its size.

Trs good value quality price.

With the exprience, I probably do it again this choice. For curiosities I would probably try other one of these days ...

audiopat.krz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A little nugget"

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Delay with tap tempo to its purely analog and digital with a few transplants ideal to set the machine (rhythmic subdivisions and several controls via an expression pedal not included). For me, the perfect symbiosis between analog and digital: this pedal retains only the best of two worlds.

In addition to the controls characteristics (mix, delay time and number of repetitions), EHX has a control to "recover" the signal when the mix is ​​too advanced and also two buttons for accessing the modulation signal.

In terms of connectivity, EHX is an opportunity lightning (to my knowledge, no competitor can offer this): an integrated loop for color repetition with any effect.

A note: the compact size of the box (metal) always nice.


The manual is in English but I guess most of us understand.

The specific points are:
- Management of the switch via tap tempo or via the delay knob
- Access to low attenuation.

We quickly found her without a problem and we also understand the need for the GAIN button (which seemed redundant a priori but is ultimately necessary to offset the loss of the original signal when increasing the volume of repeats, a phenomenon inherent in analog technology).


For my test I used a Peavey Classic 30 with a Fender American Standard Strato (the deadline is plugged into the effects loop).

No breath is generated (in contrast to what has been said), the pedal is quiet and I have noticed a slight loss in low frequencies, which is quite normal for this kind of delay) .

Important Note: The buttons BLEND and GAIN are complementary: they interact. If "wet" signal, it is necessary to offset the gain because the input signal will inevitably decline. This setting is important if we want the volume of base (no effect) corresponds to the volume with the effect. Do not panic if: increase the gain does not lead necessarily an addition of saturation. This control allows a first time to make up a loss and then, if needed, to provide a boost.

The delay is simply sumptuous. Like any analog delay, short repeats are clear and darken when they are lengthening. Means clear that they are alive and have a true grain. It is a vibrant dialogue that moves suddenly and may end in total chaos if we have a heavy hand on the FEEDBACK.

I tried the option of reducing low but I have not yet found the utility, in any case, it works.

My surprise was the built-in modulation pedal: you must know that the DEPTH knob is notched in the middle, which allows you to easily and safely placed on the "off" this option but once triggered (sparingly) we can do wonders (clearly approaching the sounds of the MXR CARBON COPY with a touch less heat). The curve of the modulation to the right can only be used if one seeks an end "robotic" extreme, in contrast, the curve to the left is more interesting. With a sparse setting, it achieves a harmonious sound drastically. I even managed to achieve an effect entirely credible by pushing RATE. In summary, this option modulation of the signal processed is more than a gimmick: you can go from a subtle embellishment to a pronounced effect that may stick in some context.

Finally, of course I tried several combinations with the loop: I've pasted an example of MXR PHASE 90 and it works immediately. This connection opens doors to all experimenters.

I do not pedal, so no comment on this option.


I use it for two weeks and each that I started, I vibrate: it is rare enough to be clarified.

The price is unbelievable for this quality and these opportunities. I recommend it for all lovers of sounds warm and alive with a minimum requirement in terms of settings.

Before that, I tested the popular DL-4 for Line 6 that I sold after a few weeks. My pedalboard is analog and I was disappointed with this pedal that yet so successful. The DL-4's still a range of simulations, it reacts sterile for my taste, no character (I'll be crucified for this but so be it !!!). In addition, and no one can contradict this, tap the tempo of the DL-4 is only available when it is switched on, which is a hell. This problem does not appear at EHX.
Tina Arkos07/25/2011

Tina Arkos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EHX = HI"

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Analog delay up to 700m can be added chorus effect.


On paper trs INTERESTED:
Tap Tempo, dcoupage in rhythmic figure, with pedals dexpression management parameter.


On the job, it's more the same!
To begin with, something that jentends sbalade in the box. Bah! They left the battery dconnecte dentredjeu say that jme! Uh! Except that anmarche not stack!
Me vla tinkering lengin for discovering all btement is a chipset (micro card) which not nest plug on the motherboard and because there is no screws.
Too bad but good to see even when jvoudrais cque has given so I plug the card.
So lets go, I blend in donf navoir leffet and that to judge the wonder.
Rsultat: the rponses are correct but much less fun than on my Carbon Copy, and above all is a fucking breath that you just lambiance pter.
Jsavais you could not produce white noise on cteffet! Cest sr good if you have to play in the shed DESS blower Dassault, your attention will be less polarized on the nuisance! Anyway, here it was not too lsud dsoufflerie from the tram! So yeah, not stupid, better collection's outdoor play in high winds and tamortis lbouzin!
Go! It continues, is also the possibility dajouter chorus of ldelay (in addition to blowing EST beautiful!;)) Trs but frankly a little quiches ds qutu EST unusable, finally me!


Finally, jdirais quau time science has progressed and we were able to minimize cases of cholera, bubonic plague and tuberculosis, but other delay pedals cot emetic effect, bah! It is clear Quon has done nothing!
It's like the F in C Ionian, cest avoid! Worse! To avoid absolutely!

TheJeff666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Deluxe Memory Boy! what else ..."

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
more analog delay pedal tap tempo (which can quantize time signatures with 5 ...), entrance for expression pedal (which can control four parameters to the choice ...), an effects loop and a true bypass .... that you ask for ...

a bypass switch and a tap switch

- Blend to the level of delay
- General level for the level of the pedal
- Rate for the modulation of delay - the volume pot is lined by a low cut ... hmmmm ...
- Depth to the waveform and its amplitude
- Feedback to feedback
- Delay for delay time

- TAP Button DIVIDE - you take in the black with the tap tempo and delay hold on to the rhythmic division selected ... so cool it
- EXP. MODE Button - you select the setting you want to control with the expression pedal ... ecstasy!!


A gas plant, but logical, efficient and well thought out, the edition of the sounds is so simple. As always with ehx, minimalist manual ...


The bin for me is the holy grail, I was looking for an analog delay with the possibility of feedback controller. In fact I love have fun with self oscillation, is happiness ... more force to bend and break the back for noisy phase or ground ...
Beware the sound is really analog, bold, dark, thick, alive and vibrant, that's what I was looking for the most clear and discrete delay, I vox time machine ... but with the low cut you can lighten the delay and make it thinner, it's very damn well that ...
expression pedal is the foot, beyond the feedback, the controller can delay time (and here we dub hop ...), the rate of modulation (experimental. ..), etc, etc.. ..
loop to assign effects solely on repetitions of delay, so cool that too, sounds of space ....
in short I am very far from having explored all the possibilities of the beast, and always pleasantly surprised by the sonic explorations that allows ...


Used for 3 months I have tried and owned a lot of analog delay (Carbon Copy mxr, ibanez, byiang ...). In terms of sound, it is perhaps not the most subtle (compared to mxr example, but it is well worth the ibanez or after Maxxon to me), I love a beautiful vintage color, and question parameters and controls, it's happiness ...
It's a real tool for sound design and experimentation, which may have to use any source (I tested with BAR and synth). It is all very well what all the other analog delays, but also especially what others can not (expression pedal, low cut, divide tap, loop ...). and what's more, in view of competition it is downright cheap ... excellent value for money, or even huge!!
It would be crazy to spend more!!