Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy

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Memory Boy, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Memory series.

5 user reviews
Prices starting at $112 Average price: $117

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonix
  • Model: Memory Boy
  • Series: Memory
  • Category: Delays/Echos/Phrase Samplers for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 10/30/2009

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Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %

BassBeGood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The experimental delay!"

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy
This is a delay pedal format that offers multiple functions. Indeed, one can add a chorus or vibrato, which is actually a modification of a wave repeats either "niche" (square) or sinusoidal (although I specify two types of waves that are not involved in Likewise the sound).

It is fully analog. Input jack, output jack, input for an expression pedal.


Here, we enter the interesting part.
The first time we touched, and if you have never touched a delay of his life is a mess. Anyway, half an hour with little manual one page front / back and it's in the box! ... Finally, in the box, you may not store it in here earlier this pedal.

The sculpting is done through its four knobs and two switches:
- Delay the speed of the effect
- Depth: the rate of modulation (chorus and vibrato effects)
- Blend: mix simple dry / wet
- Feedback: number of echoes
- Sine wave / wave slot
- Vibrato / pedal / chorus

With an expression pedal or can change the modulation speed or the speed of the delay depending on the mode selected.

All these features offer a huge range of sound.
- You can easily use the delay to have an echo of what we play (minimum depth), or as feedback to a minimum and some delay which will produce a rapid repetition (listen to the intro of "Race: In "Battles by to see what I mean).
- The vibrato and chorus can also be used to sculpt the sound of a few repetitions of the delay, which can be very interesting. I use a lot of vibrato for some bass solos hovering in my group of psychedelic rock / shoegaze, and it brings much richness to the sound.
- Alternatively, you can create effects quite crazy, especially with lots of modulation and blend thoroughly, or altering many repetitions (including a set rhythm dry enough, rehearsals give an effect of fluctuation rather strange). With the expression pedal can create sounds quite "fast" with the wave window and vibrato, pushing up the speed modulation, the kinds of special effects quite nice. In contrast with very little speed, we will have the effect of a kind of "clang" on certain notes, which can be very interesting to give one side a "defective" in some riffs.


You can get a panel of his very interesting, it's going to a simple delay, echo more "material" and sculpted by vibrato and chorus effects, or even (and especially, for my part) of the experimental sound pretty cool .

I use it mainly on bass (sometimes guitar), frequently in combination with other effects such as the Bass Big Muff and Small Clone. I'm pretty plugged shoegaze / drone and experimentation, I created with this delay often large masses of sound, quite impressive with a big fuzz, chorus, guitar plugged on bass amp. You can also enjoy a good reproduction of sounds by combining kitsch niche in the chorus of the MB, the type of beeps typical series of 70's science fiction!

This delay by quickly self-oscillation (about two thirds of the feedback is depending on the delay time chosen) which can be very interesting, but also a little time for binding, although it m ' has ever been a major problem.


I use it since July 2011 (I write these words in January 2012).
I had already tested some delay, particularly digital, but I bought the Memory Boy because he is much more than delay. It enables true sound research as few effects pedals allow. I do not claim to "fan" of Electro-Harmonix, but they are so innovative while keeping one hand vintage that I do not see how not to worship their products.

Really, this small gas plant is a real instrument that can enrich your compositions, so I based some songs on the use of this delay. It develops its full potential with an expression pedal (an M-Audio at € 20 for my part).
I find the quality / price ratio good enough, as it has become one of my favorite instruments (although as a rule I always find the pedals too expensive, but it ...).

Of course, this pedal is not for someone looking for a delay perfectly clean, for it must be digital or analogue then the MXR in the same price range (which is used by the guitarist Tame Impala including the song "Alter Ego").
However for anyone who likes the sound "old school" just filthy, and feels the soul of an explorer sound is perfect.
I think buying the Memory Boy With Hazaras soon as it has other functions just as interesting (oh what, can we not have a delay at the same time, ask the guitarist Sightings what he thinks!)
Well, I hope you will notice served! :)

martotoche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy
it is a analog delay echo which can be modulated by a vibrato or chorus ....


It's simple to use. However, this is not always easy to find a suitable sound, sound soother in hand quickly (like the end of karma police ...) if we push a bit much feedback. Modulation on the echo that cares a hell of a mess ....


The sound is grotty anyway ... I have a digital delay on a rack, it's really another planet.
I think it's cool for:
a short delay can look like a reverb
triturated and when the knobs for the purpose of apocalyptic song. There is really exploding. She begins to oscillate by itself. By varying the time, it changes the height of the swing, I could spend hours making goat. Alas, I have neighbors.
After, if you want a "nice" delay, I think it's not terrible ...


I've had a month and I am fed up with much and I would buy just to make the end of Karma Police. And for the price, Fancher ...
on the other hand, for use as a conventional delay, I think there are better
- Mimi -04/16/2010

- Mimi -'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy
Analog Delay Made in USA whose echo can be modulated. That's a good academic statement. To be more concrete, it's something half-alive but docile (though not always ...) which alone gives an unimaginable scale and variety to your sound.

Level connectivity: input / output supply + classic 'DC type Boss (supplied!) + An entry for an expression pedal (not included)!

4 buttons and two switches for controls (excluding the switch activation, but full of possibilities:
- DELAY: two cases:
1) no expression pedal connected: Sets the time interval between two echoes.
2) an expression pedal connected to and controls the delay, adjusts the maximum achievable delay in the pedal

- DEPTH: modulation level (0 = off)

- BLEND: Adjusts the mix between the input signal 100% and 100% effect

- FEEDBACK: number of repetitions (do not abuse it!)

- Switch "triangle / square" waveform modulation

- Switch "Vibrato / exp. Pedal / chorus" (ie 3 positions): several cases
1) no pedal: in this case "chorus" gives a basic modulation speed slow exp. Pedal "medium speed, and" vibrato "a high base rate.
2) a pedal connected: in this case the middle position to control the pedal with the modulation level in place of the delay time. chorus and vibrato retain the same functions, if they are selected, then the pedal controls the delay time.

So relatively few buttons for many configurations is cleverly done, especially the scope of the expression pedal that can control the choice of modulation or time, and the 3-position switch that provides an intermediate position without pedals.

Otherwise build quality seems excellent (will review this in 20 years to be confirmed) and I find her very attractive ... It much less fat than one might think, it takes more or less as much space as a rat, for example.

Attention on the other hand: looks like Franck Dubosc: "It sucks!" = 45 mA, enough to snore easily pedalboard (like mine) have to connect a dedicated transformer, happily provided free with the beast!

So for me, 9 / 10 for the opportunities, creativity, simplicity and quality of housing, special mention for the effort to reduce size of EHX.


The manual is very well done (in English) and I think is essential to understand at the beginning all possible configurations with and without the pedal. For the rest, fiddles with plug and play and play again and retripote etc.. !

Well after the pedal is very docile, we find all the settings you want fast enough, but beware the FEEDBACK button, once past 12, the pedal quickly becomes unstable (it adds sounds to the sounds, the multiplies them, a sort of self Larsen, forced to cut emergency before the receiver and ears explode).

The DEPTH control to "0" delay pedal is a quite conventional. We can therefore make a slapback pedal, reverb settings etc. at will. Then it may involve the modulation (to pay sparingly to avoid sounds too weird) and here we can make a chorus etc. according to his desire and his tastes.

So the more knobs are very sensitive to the possibilities, ease of use in general, and least is the risk of instability and the fact that I see no evidence of a button (the button DEPTH modifies both the speed and intensity modulation, which significantly limits the possibilities). Are some negative points still important, but many positive points, so 7 / 10 for me.


Ben good there I received the pedal not long ago, I think I will need 10 years to go around the possibilities, but overall the sound is very good, we really feel that the pedal is alive, it ' is hot, it's diverse, it is an explosion of sounds, discoveries non stop processing sounds from your guitar, unexpected sounds that come out every single random settings, incredible dynamics.

This is the first time I've been so surprised by the intensity changes the sound of my guitar with one pedal. It will sublimate your game simply by turning two three knobs and adjusting the gain of my amp, I managed to touch his finger to artists as diverse as SRV, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Santana and all this with the boy, one stratum and an amp (and tweaks)!

Finally all this is only once your settings found! For we can also make dung with this pedal out sounds unbearable, so beware and explore well before using it on stage and fall on something horrible!

Of course this is not the delay the more "pure" market, but if by the principle that a delay is there to give scale, color and presence to the sound, it is entirely is well suited.

So for me, 9 / 10 "only" because of the high risk of hitting something ugly!


Good overall, a pedal multifaceted, almost a multi-effects by itself (missing only the saturation!), But with high quality analog. Warning, if you want a trick that only repeats the same note perfectly, go your way, the boy is here to give breadth and depth to the sounds! He must accept to let him live!

It's just the little brother of the memory man, but a little different from the same family (difficult to say more because I know the evil big brother). The big difference is price! It costs just 2 to 3 times less expensive than the memory man, and takes three times less space (I found it at 89 euro nine !)!!!

So unless you are professional musician and / or have a specific need is the memory for you boy! It may even replace many of your pedals. Especially, it is not that type of music for "experimental", everyone can find his account and covers a wide range of possibilities.

I let you go because I have fun with my boy! Final score 9 / 10 because it is almost perfect, affordable and more (cherry is the cake!).

FAiRLiGHT's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's alive in there!"

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy
Basically it looks like a delay pedal but in fact this contains much more than that!

Firstly it is fully analog and that's good!

Otherwise apart from the period for which you could buy it, know it is able to provide you with a chorus, vibrato and even reverb! (And I have not yet said)

In short it's almost a multi effect: p

Level connections, the traditional INPUT and OUTPUT, the power supply connector (food provided) and a jack for an expression pedal

For controls, a knob to adjust the DELAY .... period! A DEPTH to adjust the modulation (chorus and vibrato) BLEND mix between the input signal and the treaty to settle FEEDBACK repetition delay or reverb if you're modulation, a switch to change the waveform modulation and finally a 3-position switch to change from chorus to vibrato and use the expression pedal


At first everything seems simple but .... AC is not, at least until you have understood some basic principles on this pedal:

- It's a lively pedal, turn the knobs in all directions, set the switches and she goes into self oscillation 1 / 4 turn, you'll eat up the sounds of the wind that blows to the police siren passing by phone, make sure to read the brief paragraphs that follow if you want to operate outside of the experiment

1 - FEEDBACK: never more than half of the race if not .... you'll see: D
2 - DELAY DEPTH: From the moment one of these knobs are turned to the other must be 0! Use the DELAY for the delay and DEPTH for vibrato / chorus otherwise .... you'll see: D
3 - For a beautiful chorus, select chorus of the mode switch 3 positions, sine wave, delay 0, depth thoroughly mix halfway (more or less depending on the desired effect), feedback to 0
4 - To a beautiful vibrato, vibrato mode, Sine, Delay 0, depth 1 / 4 race, blend to your liking, feedback 0

Hint: to get a reverb on the vibrato / chorus, turn feedback to increase the level of reverb

And for those who want to experiment, do exactly the opposite of what I just said! : P


Nothing to say about the effects, the delay is magnificent, chorus and vibrato too small hidden reverb is not bad either, all that breathes good analog.
I really like the pitch that you touch the product qd knob Delay in full play, on stage remember to adjust before playing anyway: D


A very good time (dare I say multi effects?) I do not regret having bought especially given its capabilities that go far beyond what I wanted. And what about the prices, without commercials, I bought it on Eurogi ...... for 89 €!

It's not worth it to go without ... deprive .... .... deny deny .... zdoing scrii rrrrrrriiiiing

***$$$ Violation of rules 1 and 2 of the code using this pedal $$$***

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