Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley

MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley, Distortion from Boss.

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All user reviews for the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley

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Hatsubai's review"Workable MT-2"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley
The MT-2 is pretty notorious in the guitar world. It gets tons of flak for being a very buzzy and overly compressed pedal, and a lot of that flak is warranted. It's not the most musica pedal in the world, and it certainly won't win any awards in the lower gain department. However, Keeley helped try to rectify the issues that so many people have with this pedal. Note that I said try to rectify. The pedal is still the same level, low/mid/high/mid freq and gain knobs, but this also has a special switch to select between diodes.


There is even more stuffed into this pedal than normal thanks to the three way switch. It's a bit cramped, but it works out fairly well. I never read the Keeley manual, and I'm not even sure if there is one. All the information you need is on his website, and he even discusses the mod in detail. The pedal itself is pretty much indestructible. I rarely see these things broken. You can jump on them, throw them out the window, chuck them at band mates... Ok, maybe not the last one, unless he or she deserves it. The thing will survive without any problems at all.


The sound is still very much like the normal MT-2. However, it has a bass boost and doesn't sound nearly as trebly as before. Before, you would have this nasty, buzzy distorted tone going on. Thanks to Keeley's mods, that buzzing chainsaw kinda sound is gone, for the most part. If you start cranking levels and messing with the mid frequency knob to the extreme, you can still get that tone, but it's a bit harder now that it has been modded. The three way switch on this allows you to get some different tones going on, but if you're not using much of the gain knob, you won't hear a huge difference. My favorite way of using this pedal is actually just as a clean boost and utilizing the EQ to push the midrange, similar to a tubescreamer.


If you're been a long time hater of distortion pedals in general, you probably won't like this pedal. If you dislike the MT-2, you might not even like this pedal. However, if you thought the MT-2 could be improved and be more musical, this is the pedal you're looking for. It's not the most versatile thing in the world, but it works out pretty nicely once the mods are done to it.

MGR/aaron's review"Boss MT-2"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley
i purchased this bad boy at the rock shop in takapuna, auckland, New Zealand for $250 new after trying out the marshall jackhammer(wich i would also reckomend because it is good but about $100 cheaper), and the boss ds-1.

i like what everybody else says they like in the other reviews, built like a tank, u could run it over with a truck and it would still work, u can reach a great range of sounds etc. obviously not one pedal can do every thing but it is a good thing to have to do everything from light overdrive 2 heavy distortion(the boss os-1 overdrive is obviously better for overdrive, but the metal zone still works fine). if u r into metallica and what not then u might want to look into getting the boss mega distortion. over the boss metal zone is a good sturdy powerfull unit.

blah blah blah feedback like everyone elses reviews say. but there isnt much 2 complain about with this pedal.


this is a good pedal :)

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MGR/Adam Adams06/19/2003

MGR/Adam Adams's review"Boss MT-2"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley
I bought the pedal for £69. I tried it out before i bought and it was a really good distotion pedal.

I like the Equlizers on it, it give's the guitar extra bass and midrange (maybe treble). The Arion Metal master sounded not so good and that was £90!

You have to set up the Amp to make it sound good and it takes up the battery, but I use an AC Adapter.

Boss make the best, UNBREAKABLE!, incredible sounding Pedals. If you like this, then you will like the Super Chorus and Distortion Pedal (even try them out together!)

One of the best Heavy Metal Pedals, why not try one out! Sounds great if you or your band are doing Creed, Slipknot, Silverchair even Ozzy Osbourne!

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MGR/Chris Ball06/07/2003

MGR/Chris Ball's review"Boss MT-2"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley
I bought the MT-2 from a Guitar Center. I bought it because I needed a powerfull metal distortion pedal and my Digitech one broke(damn peice of crap). I payed about $80.

I like all the variations of sounds. The mid range and freq is awesome. Choosing the level of distortion is a plus also. Runs very smoothly through any tube amp. Low end amps will still sound like shit.a

Nothing I don't don't like anything about it.

Durable. METAL!!!!

If you want to sound like Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Death, or any metal just get this pedal. Oh yea and if you have a tube amp this pedal and the amp combined can blow out your ear drums.

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MGR/E. Arnold01/03/2003

MGR/E. Arnold's review"Boss MT2"

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Twilight Zone - Modded by Keeley
Got it for around US$70 brand new.

A very flexible unit in the sense that it has 4 bands to medal around with. Good level of distortion is generated. As the name suggests, it is a metal distortion effect but it's more suited for classic metal like Iron Maiden and Metallica. It doesn't give the staggering lows in todays Hard rock or Nu Metal music.

It could've produced more bass. Also, if too much distortion is used, it gets too fuzzy and you cant play clear chords.

Excellent, very sturdy. It's built from metal.

It's a good pedal for it's price. Maybe with the right amp, you might be able to get a Nu Metal sound. If you cant afford tube amps with a proper head, then this pedal is for you.

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