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Boss Guitar multi-effects articles

  • A review of the Boss SY-300 guitar synthesizer

    A review of the Boss SY-300 guitar synthesizer - The Guitar Synth Redefined


    In the past, trying to find a guitar synth that tracked accurately was akin to searching for the Holy Grail. No product, whether it was a guitar synth or MIDI guitar controller was able to accurately reproduce guitar playing down to its nuances. Heck, most couldn’t even handle a string bend very well. But Boss has changed all that with the SY-300,…

  • Review of the Boss ME-80

    Review of the Boss ME-80 - Versatile, powerful, and priced to sell


    For years, Boss has been one of the leading manufacturers of self-contained guitar multi-effects floor units, and the ME-80 is its latest effort. Less expensive than the flagship GT-100, it's nevertheless a very capable and fully featured unit. The ME-80 gives you access to virtually any kind of guitar effect, a range of preamp sounds, an expressi…