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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3

    Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3 - 6cordes's review


    All Tube preamp, with a max output of 1 W which can work with a single 1x12 without turning on the power amps in the rack, rec-out provisions of origin, which is not negligible level connections, more than it should, everything is manageable switch o…

  • Kitty Hawk Quattro

    Kitty Hawk Quattro - monalisapalus's review


    Prampli German-made, super quality of manufacture 4 lamps, 2 per channel (the second boosts Premire, clean / crunch and Lead / Super Lead) Between an instrument, an output amplifier and an output for recording the simulation knob rglant HP's soft…

  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin - charleshecart's review


    ... UTILIZATION ... SOUNDS ... OVERALL OPINION I use the V-twin with an f 30. This gives us, simultaneously, two additional channels: no need to purchase a Dual Rectifier or Mark IV, to enrich its range of sounds. Régalge the output lev…

  • Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

    Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp - frayek's review


    Preamp has lamps (4 12AX7), 3 channels (clean, crunch and lead), incredible effects loop (1 for clean, 1 for the crunch, one for the lead, 1 for 2ch saturs and finally 1 Common has all channels). Prampli rack 19 ''. 2 outputs (a 1V and 3V for a power…

  • Rocktron Prophesy

    Rocktron Prophesy - PatriceJ2's review


    I have a Diezel amp lamps which is itself quip Midi connection. The chanage with Prophesy allows me to call the sound instantly. I also use the Prophesy to record with my computer. UTILIZATION For me one of the big advantages of Prophesy Access i…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - Genghis Khan's review


    Everything described above adj t: pramplis team of nine lamps for 4 channels etc. ...;-) UTILIZATION Simple operation, which is not done quickly around the cattle but rglages is with such ease that comes quickly find the appropriate ear. APRS is …

  • Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA)

    Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA) - aliascross's review


    2 channel guitar preamp: clear (ch1) and rhythm / lead (ch2) Channel setting clear bright switch, gain, bass, mid, treble and volume. Adjusting channel rhythm / lead: Gain, bass, mid, treble and volume. 4 lamps: <ul> X1: CH1 and CH2 X2: ch2 …

  • Rocktron Piranha

    Rocktron Piranha - Black_Wizards's review


    Pramp lamps (2), 3 channels (one clear, one disto classic, disto one modern), HUSH, MIDI! For the rest, see Opinion of the previous ones or manual Rocktron site. Trs connector complte. BUT it is missing the real and phantom power supply names f…

  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin - jibes's review


    I have a model that seems to be 2nd generation, but I do not know the hatch! Someone there any documentation or can it gives me the trick to open the machine ... I've never managed to open it, sacahnt the green LED die has "placed ... Thank you f…

  • Rocktron Gainiac 2

    Rocktron Gainiac 2 - Injured Angel's review


    This is a multi purpose 12AX7 both channels clean and distortion controlablent is a small white button ugly ass either by foot sw, I plug it on the fcb 1010 behringer UTILIZATION So there since I bought the 2 gainiac, I'm really a fan, I use i…