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Guitar amplification user reviews

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead - "Le Lead 2-Channel Preamp" has images


    SOUND: Le Lead is a 2-channel tube preamp that can produce a multitude of tones (although designed for lead, you can get some excellent crunch and rhythm from this unit). Le Lead offers a typical Channel (clean) and Channel B (high-gain), but also …

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Clean

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Clean - "LE preamp... but a bit too well-behaved, perhaps?"


    I use it for computer music, straight from XLR into the mixer with the amp emulation on, into presonus monitors. Various guitars, from dirty hbs to the thin clean sound of a Telecaster. A Zoom G3 is in the fx loop, only for its modulations. Before th…

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead - "A little red bombshell"


    I'd been after a preamp to complement my torpedo cab for a while. I've used several models in the past: H&k, AMT ss11,Blackstar, Fredamp 800 (not enough gain for my taste) . While clean sounds were most often acceptable, no way to get a REAL high…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - " marshall stereo"


    tubes and unmodified version balanced jack possible -20db/+4b switch useful for the studio with stereo output with/without speaker simulator. I use tc tonerpints in the stereo loop, mix at 6/12 read the different forums regarding the stereo effec…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - "JMP-1=G System=Marshall 100/100= stereo 4x12 cab"


    we control and use the preamp with a G System, power it with a EL34 marshall 100/100. and run it into a customized stereo 4x12 marshall cab. I mount the 100/100 in a separate rack because I sometimes just carry the preamp out to use with other set-u…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - "A great alternative if you don't have $$$ for a JVM!!"


    The JMP-1 is a valve MIDI preamp. Let's break this down into components. Valve: there are two 12AX7/ECC83 valves on-board that help the preamp generate the gain and the classic Marshall sound. MIDI: the preamp is MIDI-controllable in addition to the …

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - "Garbage"


    Marshall has taken the biggest hold on the guitar amplifier world and completely pissed it down the drain. Sure people will still buy amps from them because they don't know what Marshall is now and they have some a strong hold on the market. Don't ge…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - moosers's review


    The Marshall JMP-1 is a valve based guitar preamp, offering a single space rack mountable unit for use with electric guitar. It’s great for the home or professional studio owner who doesn’t necessarily want to always set up an amplifier for recordin…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - eldorum's review


    Everything has been said already Just one defect: no input on the front panel. a pity UTILIZATION Very, very easy to use. Basic controls: bass, mid, treble, presence, and a bass boost that has a stronger effect on the fullness of the sound rat…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - Hyde's review


    Everything or almost everything has been said already. No need to add much, except that mine (bought secondhand to an AF user) has two jj tubes and came with the pedal that goes with the jmp1. UTILIZATION The configuration couldn't be easier. Perso…