Rocktron Voodu Valve
Rocktron Voodu Valve

Voodu Valve, Guitar amplification from Rocktron.

MGR/tonemeister 01/16/2005

Rocktron Voodu Valve : MGR/tonemeister's user review

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I paid $695 through Musician's Friend.
Read several user reviews on the best overall processor for the bucks and I kept turning up Voodoo Valve.

The unit right out of the box sports a very pro look. Incorporates a real 12AX7 tube in the preamp stage that really works.
The 247 presets are good enough alone, but as you tweak the unit you discover a whole pallette of tweakable sonic landscapes.
Loud output. Plenty of headroom.

I cannot say anything I don't like about the unit. I would like to have seen a tuner built in and a footswitch come with the unit,(there is one availabel for very reasonable price @ Musicians Friend called "midi-mate".

Very excellent quality and unmatchable sound. Should last for a decade or two.

Rocktron has really turned out pro stuff in the past. Remember these guys once only sold to the big time pros, yet in the 90's began to offer their same dsp technology to the average consumer. While their gear is a little "pricy" for the average joe, remember you really do get what you pay for a Rocktron delivers!

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