Rocktron Voodu Valve
Rocktron Voodu Valve

Voodu Valve, Guitar amplification from Rocktron.

guigue106 12/21/2012

Rocktron Voodu Valve : guigue106's user review

«  very effective »

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we know already nothing to add


1st First it is far from the boss or digitech ergonomics, with a little patience and approx brain goes badly

yes in French available on the net can be used for ca picky settings

good sound easy:
I do not know too much because of okaz bought for barely a hundred Euros on a sound caught my attention, "metallica", "delay edutainment", "leslie" and "lead 1" I'm the type to take a base and has changed my sauce. So I summarized by: "waip"


music style:
progressive metal (dream theater) / rock (satriani etc ....)

type of sound:
j get a dry, clean, precise and flawless thanks to the return of my bandit 112 and c is time better by what is to c what I want! fau it be that the hot lamps for ca begins to feel.

esp m2/jpmp3/jpmp1/jem7vdy/RG7420/rg 550

favorite sounds?!
quality distos already available, some are very original sounds like "leslie"


on the bottom I have the last 15 days, as I worked day rue de Douai in paris for 5 years and I peeled VV in any combinations to be tested with customers, and honest with you ca not sell below 6,000 francs (almost 1,000 th)

j loved this gas plant (j hesitated with digitech 2120) I spent my time to ring with presets for sale in my clientele, today I've had for a meager hundred euro and being a fervent multi gas plant of any kind (j got a boss gt5 / a GX700 / a boss gt 3 / Zoom 8080 / quadra verb and one day on the way) i have easy hand on this kind of machine although rocktron was always "the inaccessible" for my budget at the time.

I have plugged in the return of a recovered bandit 112 for the power amp, and the result is well above my expectations, sound, light that emerges through one of combos it's still nice (I'm not agree with those who say "the lamp is useless") because in the config it has a real impact on the dynamics of my sound and what I wanted for my bandit 112 is a transistor)

I immediately (re) focused on programming a sound, a slight blow to the quarter of an hour for the (re) grip and made with a little patience and understanding it folds quickly to the method rocktron. missing that one engl z12 or Midimate led to all this, but it's going to be a little complicated and will be a different story