Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JMP-1

JMP-1, Guitar amplification from Marshall.

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tonejunkie99 02/25/2013

Marshall JMP-1 : tonejunkie99's user review

« JMP-1=G System=Marshall 100/100= stereo 4x12 cab »

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we control and use the preamp with a G System, power it with a EL34 marshall 100/100. and run it into a customized stereo 4x12 marshall cab. I mount the 100/100 in a separate rack because I sometimes just carry the preamp out to use with other set-ups. without writing a book, my background is 25 years of playing in working bands, and having said that, I was always hard core plexi and really love the sound of superlead stacks. My old school rig was 2 JMP 1/2 stacks. I later went with a wet/dry combination, in other words I send all the effects to one wet/amp and keep the other amp dry. when I went to the wet/dry configuration, we sometimes used a modified JCM-800 head on one of the cabs. anyways long story short, a good friend passed away and he wanted me to have his Rack rig. It literally sat in a corner of the warehouse for 3 years until another guitar player took the covers off the racks to see what was inside and went on and on about how awesome they are and who all uses them still to this day, so we hooked it all up and ran it stereo into 2 4x12 cabs with vintage 30's... literally we all went nuts over this thing... I think anyone who likes marshalls would like the JMP-1 we have had all kinds of preamps over here, and ever since we started using this one, it's really sparked some creativity.


It's the most simple preamp to use I ever seen. very straight forward it has the typical Marshall stuff, Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presance. It has an effects loop and you can adjust the mix. It has a bass shift. 2 stages of overdrive, and 2 stages of clean. you can save up to 100 presets, and control it with midi... It has no onboard effects.


Most the night it's reissue les pauls through it. I do a switch and play about 5 songs with a 1963 strat. My pickups are hand wound and read around 9k. the strat pickups were rewound by a old man in Dallas Tx named Vanzandt, he passed away around 1999 I believe... anyways I dont use extreemely high output pickups, so these guitars will sound perhaps a little brighter than some. I change the volume pots in les pauls to 500k pots and although the JMP-1 dosent clean up as much as a big plexi, it cleans up enough for me. With the volume knob you can go from a RATT(or worse) type gain down to a "All Right Now" type tone, and 74 Jailbreak would be in there somewhere also. our music is Power Rock, most comparable to 70's 80's. the tones from this rig without effects is straight-up AC/DC sounding, cleaner settings like Free/Bad-Co. If I add a little more gain, chorus and delay it's totally 80's. on clean settings with chorus it sounds kinda like Purple Rain. With a Flanger it sounds kinda like Pat Travers rig or V-H Unchained. with volume knob technique and a-lot of delay set around the high 400m/s range it will Nail the cathedral sound. one issue I have is you loose a lot of db when switching from od to clean settings.


I like the sound of it. it was given to me, but I would hunt one down if I lost this one, I would probably have to pay around $400. to get one used on ebay todays prices. we have had almost every kind of preamp in here you can think of. I like this one because it sounds good and it's simple. It's not loaded with effects and it wont sound like a fender, which is good for us, but not for everyone... if you mounted this JMP-1 in a rack next to a POD the pod would have a depressive meltdown and cut on itself.