Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JMP-1

JMP-1, Guitar amplification from Marshall.

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jackson67 12/13/2007

Marshall JMP-1 : jackson67's user review


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Pramp lamps MIDI OF COURSE!
CLEAN1 / clean2
OD1 / OD2

volume, presence, gain, bass, middle, treble ...
In short, it turns and it works ...


Very simple configuration. even without manual!
More complicated for MIDI enthusiasts


I am guitarist variety since 2004 and currently plays Jackson EMG-60 and EMG-round 81 bridge.
I do not look big sound very fat ... phew .. Pramp because it does not leave the BIG sound distortion sick .... even with a microphone active EMG-81 ^^ c "is not top ...dropoff window
on the other hand, like the crunch, it is unheard of for me! excellent sound! just perfect.
For Clean is moin Introduced ... I would not say that the sound sucks, but I expected more, round, hotter .. But it remains very well.

Gnralement I think a little EQ pedal will not make it out too much. I find that his lack of clarity Gnral on some clean ...

I am looking mainly good crunch to play a good vieu rock'n roll and clean although slamming crystalin and the palette is great in rglage .... so for the lover of pure rock sounds you'll be surprised.

After having played on a marshall AVT150 ​​are no photos!
The difference and instant!

Marshall EL34 50/50 output + cabinet ORANGE PPC112 = outstanding
I have been on another pass config as too big, too heavy, too long embtant


The used was 4 years
the +:
This is not the sound marshall is more versatile.

not metalheads, unless they add a pedal boost or additional distortion