Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JMP-1

JMP-1, Guitar amplification from Marshall.

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Ddams 06/25/2013

Marshall JMP-1 : Ddams's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
tubes and unmodified version
balanced jack possible
-20db/+4b switch useful for the studio with stereo output with/without speaker simulator.
I use tc tonerpints in the stereo loop, mix at 6/12
read the different forums regarding the stereo effects loop


as easy as it gets, each channel has treble, middle, bass, bass boost, and presence effect
user's manual????
responds correctly to the pedal
a boost can make the tubes crunch


what kind of music is best suited for the marshall sound?
ibanez sa260fm
epiphone les paul black custom


warm, clean sound, the overdrive is responsive to the knob and the attack, the tubes are present
noise on od1 with the gain at 17/20
used to record in the studio
getting it ready to use it as backline
good value for money, really good, really sturdy
I recommend it highly!