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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Walrus Audio DEFCON4

    Walrus Audio DEFCON4 - "Alter Your Guitar Tone in Seconds or Change a Strat into a Humbucking Axe" has images


    SOUND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-Aril2m4_w&feature=youtu.be DEFCON4 is not your typical EQ pedal. First, it’s a preamp that offers up some compression and push in tone, and so you get some energy behind those crafted changes. Second, th…

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead - "Le Lead 2-Channel Preamp" has images


    SOUND: Le Lead is a 2-channel tube preamp that can produce a multitude of tones (although designed for lead, you can get some excellent crunch and rhythm from this unit). Le Lead offers a typical Channel (clean) and Channel B (high-gain), but also …

  • Mooer 009 Blacknight

    Mooer 009 Blacknight - "Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore review" has images


    The Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore is a great preamp! The cleans are fuller than most and the Hi Gain channel is articulate and bright. I compaired it to my AMT Elect E-1 (ENGL Fireball -JFET preamp) and found it to be very dynamic. Awsome va…

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Clean

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Clean - "LE preamp... but a bit too well-behaved, perhaps?"


    I use it for computer music, straight from XLR into the mixer with the amp emulation on, into presonus monitors. Various guitars, from dirty hbs to the thin clean sound of a Telecaster. A Zoom G3 is in the fx loop, only for its modulations. Before th…

  • Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead

    Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Lead - "A little red bombshell"


    I'd been after a preamp to complement my torpedo cab for a while. I've used several models in the past: H&k, AMT ss11,Blackstar, Fredamp 800 (not enough gain for my taste) . While clean sounds were most often acceptable, no way to get a REAL high…

  • Diezel Zerrer

    Diezel Zerrer - "100% Diezel"


    This is a FET preamp fitted with 2 individual channels (Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume). It also offers a presence and a deep control, and a master volume, All 3 knobs are shared by the two channels. The preamps comes with no manual and a somewh…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - "Overkill....The Right Way"


    I bought this preamp and amp (T-100) as a pair in April, 1994 (I think). The T-100 stb during a rehearsal. The Quad X has remained a highly-valued part of my rack simply for the sounds it brings to the table. Channel 1 is a twangy Fender Tweed…

  • A/DA MP-2

    A/DA MP-2 - "Rare Jem! 10 channel 12ax7 preamp!" has images


    10 channel 12ax7 preamp. 128 user presets. Easy to edit/program. Full MID implimentation. Did i mention 10 channels !!! UTILIZATION This has 6 outputs ( 2 line out to poweramp, 2x XLR w/ Cab sim, and 2x 1/4" cab sim outs that can all be used at the…

  • ENGL E520 Tube Preamp

    ENGL E520 Tube Preamp - "Great Tone Watch MIDI"


    3 channel tube Pre-amp tone=8 plenty of gain on Ch 3=9 Coll feature you can use headphone out as a 1watt stereo amp to drive external speakers=6 only glitch I've ran in to you CANNOt plugh a reg 5-pin or 7-pin midi cable into MIDI In I have been told…

  • Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

    Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp - "This Has Nothing To Do With The 5150."


    Lately, I've been reading where people are making claims that the Rockmaster preamp was the "inspiration" for the Peavey 5150 amplifier. It was not. I worked for Soldano back in the 1980's. Ed Van Halen came in and bought three SLO-100 heads. He took…