Meantime 02/05/2004

Mesa Boogie TriAxis : Meantime's user review


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Pramplification all lamps: 5 12AX7 lamps
connectors etc ... see website mesa / boogie


Very simple, we regret the absence of the pots


For THE sound mesa, it is imperative add to it a 2:90 amp and cabinet Mesa Recto 4x12, otherwise you may be the.
The clean sounds are amazing and you must add a good multi dnaturer not sound (type TC or Lexicon CForce ...).
For sound metal, this is the stuff you need


I use it for 2 years, I have tried a lot of amps / pramplis rack before and I'll try not others.
If I knew rather, I would have bought had since the beginning.
on the other hand, be careful what you put him in the ass: 2:90 and absolutely one-sided mesa 4x12!