Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp
Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

Rock Master Tube Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Peavey.

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Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp : Anonymous 's user review


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Preamp lamps Peavey USA
4 loupiottes 12AX7 fired for the Sovtek, EH, etc.
size 19 "1U
3 channels: Clean / Crunch / Ultra
2 among high / low gain
3 mono outputs: XLR (line out), normal Jack and jack 10 db
1 crankset output (very cheap by the way) stereo jack
clean channel: 1 volume, 1 3-band EQ (passive) and presence
crunch and ultra share an active EQ (Voicing) and each have a gain and output volume, pull depending on gains to add a layer! EQ: Bottom (bass) Body (medium, pull function to use a different range of mediums) for acute and Edge).

5 Insert Effects (yes, 5 !!!) mono shame ...
one for clean and one for the crunch, one for the lead, one for crunch and lead, one for 3 channels!


B'ah, as on any non-programmable preamp, turntable knobs playing up what it sounds.
The manual is very succinct, but, well, as everything is very simple, no need to panic.
The Dtail irritating and there is no LED to indicate it is o, y 'on the crankset that is indicated. It's a shame ...


The clean sound is honest, there is all the same very crystalline whatever rglages EQ, moreover quite effective.
The crunch is quite nice, hot. It is strictly the same grain as Lead, just a hair less gain.

Ultra, he is really bourr gain. The active EQ is very effective, hop! amortized on the bass that much smack, a big hollow in mdiums ... but still, a lot of sharp turn

Big potato, certainly, but used with a noise gate ... it'll really better.


I bought it new in 1993, sold in 2002 btement for peanuts ... A 2800 FF at the time, c'tait the cheapest pramps lamps, so I ru it, and enjoyed myself for quite of years.

Well, over time, b'en there's stuff missing: stro output, recording output, a switch in faade to change channels ...

A buy OCCAZ now for mtalleux djeunz looking fat saturation and grain inimitable lamps without a Elysen budget ... It is my opinion a better plan (RockMaster midiswitcher +) that a JMP1, for example ...

I do not regret having bought and used all this time!