Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp
Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

Rock Master Tube Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Peavey.

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frayek 12/07/2006

Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp : frayek's user review


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Preamp has lamps (4 12AX7), 3 channels (clean, crunch and lead), incredible effects loop (1 for clean, 1 for the crunch, one for the lead, 1 for 2ch saturs and finally 1 Common has all channels). Prampli rack 19 ''. 2 outputs (a 1V and 3V for a power tube amp). What more ...


For use is simple you plug the guitar is connected to a receiver behind and turn the knobs until we find 'the' sound ...
Namely it possesses an equalizer for the clean (volume, bass, mid, treble and presence), a Volume 2 lead channels (pre gain and post the pre gain knob has drawn for 1 maximum gain (gain sweater) and on each channel), a common active equalizer saturs the two channels (bottom, body with a knob pull it towards you to pull the shift (ie sound dug in the mids) and edge). One rule initially clear sound then passes the fun part in their obsession with the saturs channels ...


Then all depends what one desires but in principle has pretty much everything is feasible ... From pretty clear sound full of bass and treble or bloody medium in passnt by the little crunch and arriving at very very Wholesale full or hollow, mushy or own I know what he can not do. The sound produced is still relatively audible, as you wish, thanks to the many settings that can always meet and for only 1 knob to change and radically change the sound. The question is, is roughly what you want and we finally find happiness. Still, if we have enough in raproch but it does still have pa ca we slide a little 7 equalizer bands boss or Berhinger (cheap) and you're playing. Finally, the very important TIP: lamps ... I managed to flush out my Rockmaster on ebay and has an American when I received I try and I was super deu (and yeah I ' had also read other reviews) ... I opened the beast so for mine I was 3 groove tube (2 12AX7 and 1 12ax7R 7025) and an electro harmonix (12AX7 eh) I change the order in inserting an old loupiotte a marschall ei and I turns a 7025. And has the force of reverse and reverse the miracle is understood namely its filled with a huge gain with harmonics galore and very own


I did not for a long time, certainly, but I remain convinced that for that price I could have without looking better.
The sound is powerful and very clean but I plug a multi rack effect in the common effects loop but I have not been convinced ... hard to see ... But for 200 euros I do not do the choosy and gives him his little 18 simply because he deserves them ..