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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Rocktron Piranha

    Rocktron Piranha - "GReat for the money"


    Rocktron has put out some very affordable and unique music equipment. This is one of their preamps that they decided to make that on the outside looks very cool and on the inside had some great tones as well. This is basically a three channel preamp …

  • Bad Cat X-Treme Tone

    Bad Cat X-Treme Tone - nickname009's review


    This is bad cat's high gain tube preamp pedal. 2 modes (from the website): Gain Boost Stage 1: Provides transparent volume matching of the effect IN/OUT to your amplifier's output level, complete interactive tone bass + treble operation with am…

  • Mesa Boogie TriAxis

    Mesa Boogie TriAxis - "One of the best tube preamps out there"


    5 preamp tubes. 8 channels. 90 presets. midi. fx loop. And most any routing you could need. In terms of tube preamps, this is a fairly modern unit in terms of features. It's made to be used in conjuction with the most modern gear. Most mesa s…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - nickname009's review


    4 channels (two clean, crunch and lead) 9 12ax7s preamp tubes Reverb Noise gate 5 band graphic EQ Speaker sim bright switch boost switch CH 1 knobs: low, mid, high, volume CH 2 and 3: low, high, cloaking, volume, overdrive Ch 4: vo…

  • Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp

    Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp - nickname009's review


    This is a basic 2 channel guitar preamp with shared EQ for distorted rhythm and lead and a dedicated clean channel with it's own set of EQs. FRONT PANEL: 1. Power switch 2. Cabinet Simulator – In/Out 3. Cabinet Simulator – 2x12 Open/4x12 Clos…

  • Custom Audio Electronics 3+

    Custom Audio Electronics 3+ - "Fender cleans and marshall leads"


    3 channel all tube preamp. EQ and volume/gain for each. Bright switch too. Not terribly complex. Some units like this have tones of voicing switches and what not. I look at this unit as being Suhr's take on the old Bogner Fish Preamp. In fact I…

  • Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

    Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp - "Mesa's best kept secret"


    On the surface this looks like a somewhat simple and dry preamp. 2 channels. Effects loop. Graphic eq. A few switches and such. Once you dig into the manual you realize the possibly versatility with this preamp. Yes, dialing this thing in is in…

  • Radial Engineering PZ-Pre

    Radial Engineering PZ-Pre - "Nice Pre "


    Radial Engineering is one of those companies that has revolutionized the pedal world with their innovative and useful electronics. They have build some of the world's best foot pedals and controllers. This is an acoustic pre amp and direct box tha…

  • Fishman Aura Spectrum DI

    Fishman Aura Spectrum DI - "Fish man preamp"


    Fishman is a company known for their pickups especially in acoustic guitars. Taylor guitars is one of the most famous and world renown acoustic guitar company's and they have exclusively used Fish man pickups and pre's in their acoustic guitar for ye…

  • ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

    ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock - "Nice rack!"


    Engl is a German company that has a distinct German metal tone in their amps. These amps are build pretty much for metal players and hard rock guitar guys. These amps say they are versatile but the voicing within these amps are without a doubt metal.…