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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Fishman Prefix Pro Blender

    Fishman Prefix Pro Blender - Hechizo-flamenco sextet group's review


    I'm looking for the Prefix Pro Blend preamp's manual in French, nice to send hechizo26@hotmail.com USE I'm looking for the Prefix Pro Blend preamp's manual in French, nice to send hechizo26@hotmail.com SONORITS I'm looking for the Prefix …

  • Bad Cat X-Treme Tone

    Bad Cat X-Treme Tone - _noctua's review


    2 cannaux overdrive and distortion Between a and an output Can plug into the clean channel of an amp or power amp. 2 lamps prampli food by a transformer Sober and class Prampli quite heavy and imposing No printed circuit, everything is …

  • Mesa Boogie TriAxis

    Mesa Boogie TriAxis - jeandomat's review


    Prampli dowry of five lamps (12 ax 7). Effects loop. Good connections. Everything is on paramtrable prampli. There is even a feature "dynamic voice", enabling you to format (qualiser) sound all other APRS rglages. In distortion, it allows for b…

  • A/DA MP-2

    A/DA MP-2 - albarion's review


    It is a two 12AX7 tube preamp with 10 amp sound types, 3clair, 3vintage, and a big fat 3higain gain. From a connectivity point of view it to all who need two input jacks, midi in out thru, 2 effects loops, two outputs for hp, 2 hp output simull etc…

  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin - vicious A's review


    Tube preamp good connectivity globally adapts to any type of media outlet Attention, depending on the type of output used (combo Poweramp or mixer / phones) equalizer output differs mainly in blender. One possible equalizer for the three types …

  • Brunetti Overtone 2

    Brunetti Overtone 2 - bpier's review


    Prampli guitar lamp (2 12AX7), two and a half channels: a clean (convertible to crunch through a switch), a lead. Two footswitches: on / bypass clean and crunch / lead. A tone on the clean channel, gain, volume, bass rglage one, a lead the acute rgla…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - MetallicRiffer's review


    Guitar preamp lights (but there must be a diode clipping somewhere) 4 MIDI channels 19 "1U 2 ECC83 for the clean and OD channel Assignable effects loop on each preset To see the rest of the Marshall site ... 8 / 10 there could be the sa…

  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin - keti's review


    Lamps of course true versatility can attack both a combo, a power-amp or console! You know a lot of quality preamp that sound REALLY in the 3 config? UTILIZATION Something not very logical: the bypass switch is used in the config combo, why no…

  • Schertler PRE-A II

    Schertler PRE-A II - Remyxc's review


    The acoustic pramplificateur PRE-A II is your exact concept of a new amplifier built around an innovative electronic circuit CLASS A. The signal GNR Fidler reproduced with incredible sound of the instrument is connected. Using high quality componen…

  • Hughes & Kettner Access

    Hughes & Kettner Access - Black_Wizards's review


    Well I see that there is not an opinion on the beast then I glue myself! - Tube preamp - 3 channels - MIDI - 2 parallel loop with stereo return, a series - An insert for an external preamp (which is what interested me) - Headphone Jack …