Jerald 11/27/2014

A/DA MP-2 : Jerald's user review

« Rare Jem! 10 channel 12ax7 preamp! »

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10 channel 12ax7 preamp. 128 user presets. Easy to edit/program. Full MID implimentation. Did i mention 10 channels !!!


This has 6 outputs ( 2 line out to poweramp, 2x XLR w/ Cab sim, and 2x 1/4" cab sim outs that can all be used at the same time!) Awsome and emense tone perameters! programable FX loop w/ mix control.


Guitar preamp of the early 90's that was very hi end! 2x 12ax7 tubes and 10 channels (3x Clean, 3x Vintage, and 4x Hi Gain). Very dynamic and powerful sounds. Amazing lead tones! 9 band graphic EQ and built in tremolo, Wah, and Chorus too. Endorsed by Alex Scholnik. Great Vintage Brown (Jimi), amd Fat Hi Gain (Mesa) channels. Prestine cleans!


I have used mine since 96' and every time i go into a music store i walk out thinking I LOVE my amp! Newer tech has surpassed it's Heavey Rhy tones but not the leads. It responds nice to a TS 808 boost and the Vai tones are solid! Overall a great preamp and w/ Russian tubes the Warm Hi Gain channel sounds exactly like a Mesa Recto! But i like the orig sounds (China Tubes). This preamp in front of a Mosfet poweramp and V30's has been amazing and timeless! If you see one cheap GRAB it! (i am a Pro quality gtr player of 27 yrs!)

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