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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Brunetti Overtone 2

    Brunetti Overtone 2 - rouliann's review


    So it's a preamp lamp, two and a half channels: Canal clean / crunch channel + saturated. One input, two outputs, an output power amplifier and an output amplifier to enter standard switchable direct console in concert. Atention not to gourr…

  • Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp

    Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp - incry's review


    Prampli two rack units, lamps (six 12AX7). Output connectors for all uses (STREO recording, live STREO output to power amp, effects loop with send and return to mono in STREO. Plus 2 CONTRL taken to switch channels and solo and finally the modern out…

  • Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

    Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 - kaktus666's review


    Amplification Type: 100% prampli transistor. Connections: complte - 2 inputs (front and rear) with slecteur level (0dB,-10dB) - An effects loop (mono send, return Stereo) with slecteur mix (50%, 100%) - 1 output jack Stereo 1 / 4 "with slecte…

  • Rocktron Gainiac 2

    Rocktron Gainiac 2 - Ggekos's review


    Preamp with ampe (1 / 2 actually) Mono input and output, analog footswitch jack (no MIDI: /) Several knobs and a switch / light saturation UTILIZATION Super easy to use you turn the knobs and when it sounds good c The manual is fun but is o…

  • Mesa Boogie TriAxis

    Mesa Boogie TriAxis - aliascross's review


    5 lamps format 12AX7 switchable effects loop ... ... Etc ... good! UTILIZATION Not very intuitive ... but once you know how to make copies and others will ... SOUNDS Heummm ... Clear that good quality sounds almost as good as audio Cust…

  • Egnater TOL ie4

    Egnater TOL ie4 - telecaster man's review


    - Pramp lights (7 * 12AX7) ... as lamps and transformers and liabilities ... Good - 4 channels switchable either noon pdalier, switches. 2 output jacks / /. - Gain, Volume, treble mid bass, presence and this, for each channel - No effect or ins…

  • Lâg TL1 Spitfire

    Lâg TL1 Spitfire - Fred'Alco's review


    - Prampli 2 12AX7 (1 / 2 plain, 2 for saturation) - Lamps branded original Bogner on my copy. - Two channels so that you can switch from a jack pdalier adhoc. - Connectors and jacks. - Hp Simu excellent output on line out. - Channel 1: volu…

  • Damage Control Womanizer

    Damage Control Womanizer - godzizou's review


    Prampli analog lamps (2 12AX7): disto + pre / post EQ + Compressor Strong case in mtal, including knobs, apparently built to last! Between a guitar amp output and console output (speaker simulator Intgr apparently) ... simplissime UTILIZATION…

  • Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKII

    Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKII - hubby's review


    Tube guitar preamp, three foot switchable channels, clean, drive, lead Volume per channel EQ generally a master. Uncompensated output (for power amp + guitar cabinet) Simu output with HP (red box). No bypass UTILIZATION Ben if you know…

  • Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp

    Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp - glamandshred's review


    3 tube preamp channels (clear, crunch, lead). Connectivity quite simple: - Input Jack - 2 output amplifiers - 2 outputs for direct console Channel 1: Volume-Treble-Bass-Mid-Gain + switch "Punch" and a switch "Bright" Channel 2: Volume-T…