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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • ENGL E430 Tube Toner

    ENGL E430 Tube Toner - Skany-Esperanza's review


    Prampli 4 channels Clean / Crunch / Lead Soft / Heavy Lead channel with a bypass switch and a change of bank noon. 10w Intgr small amplifier for connecting directly to a speaker and low volume game. Between a jack / 1 output type instrument, an o…

  • Rocktron PRO GAP ULTRA

    Rocktron PRO GAP ULTRA - revola's review


    Prampli guitar transistors. 128 modifiable memory, controllable by noon, effects loop can be activated or not according to the presets. Direct output (to connect a console to mix in the studio or in concert) and output amplifier (to power amp gui…

  • Crate TDP

    Crate TDP - itekneo's review


    1U rack Prampli CRATE TDP lamps 2 channels and rhythmic LEAD An effects loop 1 headphone just enough not frills! (I dtest when there are fifty miles rglages for drinking something!) UTILIZATION If you're able to move your fingers to tu…

  • Rocktron Piranha

    Rocktron Piranha - Azalbel's review


    Well the features were detailed very well before so I do not really Raju. Everyone then saw these lights and a preamp that's all, no effects, there is great against Hush, reducing his home rocktron ar excellence, probably the best of world to the g…

  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin Rack

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin Rack - zazman's review


    It is a prampli two 12AX7. two channels with each channel 3 vocing in clean, digging + or - mediums, and in full, a blues, a leader and grunge. + A mixed mode that allows you to balance the mix of the two channels clean / saturated (Usable for …

  • Rocktron Voodu Valve

    Rocktron Voodu Valve - lagrelle's review


    Pramp multi effects lamp (1x12AX7) 1 rack unit (cool when lack of space!) Complte trs connectors (XLR, line-out, etc. ..). only one regret: no effects loop and it's a shame, sometimes one would like to add its own effects, but it's not fatal, less …

  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin - Herve v.63's review


    Tube preamp (2 12AX 7) to look beautiful, nearly indestructible metal. 3 outputs are available / -1 To classic guitar amps, then you use the V-twin as a booster or as a distortion pedal. -1 To amplifiers; by connecting the V twin in your effects …

  • Rocktron Prophesy

    Rocktron Prophesy - macfizz's review


    It is a complete pramp trs. It combines some pramp and some multi-effects. Part pramp given the choice between 4 types of pramp: Clean, Crunch, and british mega distortion. The Multi-effects is comprehensive and flexible in pre-preamp with a compress…

  • Soldano X-99 MIDI Motorized Preamp

    Soldano X-99 MIDI Motorized Preamp - cedrik_tt's review


    Prampli noon rack units 2 - 5 12AX7 - There's just one between the instrument and an outlet at the rear + 3 MIDI (in - out - through) The sound is that of the SLO 100 head. There are 3 channels (clean, crunch, lead). The most impressive remains…

  • Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

    Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp - Crusher's review


    Then the RockMaster is a all-tube preamp, but not MIDI, 3 channels, clean, crunch and lead with an effects loop for each channel, a general loop, 2 outputs and preamp preamp output level microphones. This preamp uses 4 lamps, 3 for channels 1 and f…

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