Eventide Space
Eventide Space

Space, Reverb for Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
 9 reviews69 %
 4 reviews31 %
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JeffTadashi's review"A ridiculously powerful guitar reverb"

Eventide Space
The Eventide Space is a reverb effects stomp box that has more features and capabilities than you can possibly imagine! Loaded with 12 reverb algorithms, including the famed BlackHole reverb, standards like Plate and Hall, and with oddities such as Reverse and Shimmer. It is fully capable of stereo input and output, which makes it perfect for studio use. It is software upgradable via USB, and it is fully controllable via midi, and it is also controllable with external footswitches. It is capable of saving presets, but the presets cannot be saves or transferred to the computer via the USB connection.


This pedal is a bit confusing to use; notably, changing presets versus changing the reverb type can be confusing, especially since the first new factory presets are the exact same names as the reverb type (Hall, Plate, etc). It also doesn't help that both of those are controllable by the same knob. However, editing an actual preset it fairly easy, just turn the knobs, and the name of the parameter shows up in the display. The general names of the parameters are written on the box, but for some presets, they switch it up.

There is also a hotswitch function, which lets you change the parameters within a preset instantaneously, back and fourth between two settings. A cool function, but I'm not sure when I would ever use it.


The sound quality of the Eventide reverbs is top notch: with so many controllable parameters, these are some of the best non-convolution reverbs I've ever heard. In fact, they certainly beat many convolution reverbs I've heard as well. When the mix and room size are turned up to extreme levels, the reverb doesn't hide, it shines. Eventide is famous for their delays and reverbs, and it certainly shows here.


Overall, this is a great (but pricey) reverb box unit. Is it worth buying for a guitar setup? Probably overkill, unless you are utilizing some of the more unusual reverbs, or if you need huge reverbs. Is it worth using in the studio? Possibly, but sometimes using VST or software-based effects can be easier. If you're looking for one of the top reverbs available in a physical hardware stomp-box form, then this is the pedal for you.

yoTrakkz's review"yes!"

Eventide Space
The EvenTide Space Stereo Reverb is a digital effects pedal .The pedal has a 1/4 inch input for your guitar and has two 1/4 inch outputs and is powered by either a 9 volt battery or 9 volt power supply.  It isn't a rack mountable unit as it is a stomp box.


The make up of the EvenTide Space is quite easy to follow as it has pretty simple parameters.  The pedal has knobs for level, liveliness (which is like a tone knob), decay, and one to choose the mode.  You can choose between seven different reverb modes including modulated, reverse, gated, plate, room, spring, and hall. 


I'm a fan of pretty much all of the modes on this pedal, with the reverse and the modulated being my favorite as they are the most creative, but the others are just as good in terms of sound quality.  The three parameters are well placed as they definitely help to get a wide array of different reverb sounds within each of the modes.  This is probably the best reverb pedal made by EvenTide.


I haven't been using the EvenTide Space all that long because it is a fairly new pedal, but in the time that I've been able to use it I've been pretty impressed.  The price isn't all that expensive and is actually the same price as the Boss RV-5 reverb pedal which is quite similar in make up.  I probably like the Boss version better because I've used it for longer and have gotten used to it, but the EvenTide Space comes pretty close.  If you are in the market for a versatile reverb pedal, I would recommend checking out the EvenTide Space as well as the Boss RV-5 and some of the reverb pedals of this type that are available on the market today. Give it a try.

iamqman's review"AHH yes!!!"

Eventide Space
Eventide pretty much owns it whens it comes to rack units effects that are used live and the studio. They have really taken a grip of the market that needs high quality sounds for professional and amateur guitars and musicians. They have really been pushing their foot pedals as of recent years with some great response and attitude. This is one of those pedals that seems to do it all in one convenient little package. This pedal has so many sounds that it is ridiculous! It basically can do it all.


Eventide Space Reverb/Multi-effects Pedal Features at a Glance:

Features 12 of Eventide's signature reverb combo algorithms:
Room, Plate, Spring, Hall, Reverse, Shimmer, ModEchoVerb, DualVerb, Blackhole, MangledVerb, TremoloVerb, DynaVerb
Wide variety of spatial effects including basic reverbs, delays and unique combination effects
Both guitar and line-level I/O
Studio-quality sound
Compatible with any source material: solo instruments, drums, vocals, or complete mixes
Software upgradeable via USB 2.0
MIDI control via USB or MIDI in, out/thru
Instant program change
Real-time control with 10 knobs, MIDI, or Expression Pedal
Tap tempo and MIDI clock sync
100 factory presets, unlimited through MIDI
True analog bypass
Rugged cast metal construction
Reliable metal footswitches for instant preset access
Mono or stereo operation
Guitar or line level inputs and outputs
Programmable HotSwitch


This pedals can do it all in my opinion. If you were looking for a pedal that had just about everything in it and you also needed it to be midi compliant than this might be the go to pedal for you. This pedal takes up a little bit of room on you pedal board, so just imagine connecting three Boss or Ibanez pedals together and you would get this unit. This is a pedals that has a variety and a load of possible sound and presets as well. This is a do it all unit and it will do it all and sound very dynamic and great. I would think that this peal is a foot pedal for the eventide Harmonizer. Sure it can't do all that the harmonizer can do but it does a fantastic job of recreating some of those most amazing effects sounds.


At new these units come in right at around $500 which sounds like a lot of money but you don't have to buy a load of pedals and mix and match until you find the right arrangement. This pedal sounds great and will do as much as 8 pedals or even more so in actuality it is cheaper than you would think. This is a nice price for an all in one unit that does everything that you can think of.

James...'s review"Think of it as a library of verb"

Eventide Space
This is a basically a pedal version of a high end Eventide rack unit. Has 12 different programs to choose from. Here's the feature set:

Wide variety of spatial effects including basic reverbs, delays, and unique combination effects
Studio-quality sound
Compatible with any source material - solo instruments, drums, vocals, or complete mixes
Software upgradable via USB 2.0
MIDI control via USB or MIDI in/out/thru
Instant program change
Realtime control with 10 knobs, MIDI, or optional expression pedal
Tap tempo and MIDI clock sync
100 factory presets, unlimited through MIDI
True analog bypass
Rugged, cast metal construction
Reliable metal footswitches for instant preset access
Mono or stereo operation
Guitar or line level inputs and outputs
Programmable HotSwitch


I have the Timefactor and the modfactor which are pretty much the same layout. I really like the way these react in alive setting. Typically what I do is assign a bank for each song and scroll through them during the set. To be honest though, I don't use this for shows that often, as I don't need a lot of reverb in live situations. I consider it more of a studio tool. At first I used it strictly for guitar but quickly realized it was awesome for vocals too. It's actually become a go to box for reverb in my studio. It just sounds that good. The manual is amazingly good just like the other Eventide stuff. This company is good about providing good manuals and usable presets. The stereo/mono functionality is also great.


The more classic reverbs is probably what I use the most. They sound well...about as good as any reverb I've used no matter what the source. The tweaking options are tremendous and it's really like having the sound sculpting options of a rack unit in a reasonably small pedal space. The tru-bypass sounds fine and I never have any tone loss issues with it.

While the traditional reverb sounds are great, the weird ones are not your typical junk you find. The blackhole and mangledverb programs in particular can be a lot of fun and I use the blackhole a lot in the studio for making unique sound effects on tracks. If you are a reverb traditionalist you might not quite get your money's worth out of this pedal. This is really more for people who are addicted to it.


It's reliable. It sounds good. It's usable live. And it has about all the routing/features you could need. What more to ask for? That said, this is a lot of money for a reverb pedal and I think a lot of players would do better to find a cheaper solution unless they really really like a lot of reverb options. Considering what all you get here I think the price point is fairly reasonable, but just not for every player and especially not the more budget guys. At the end of the day though this is probably the best verb pedal out there.

synfactory's review"The Ad says "Space, Reverb and Beyond". Well...believe them!!"

Eventide Space
Studio quality Stompbox reverb.

12 Reverb algorithms taken from the Eventide flagship rackmount units H8000FW and Eclipse V4.

- Room
- Plate
- Spring
- Hall
- Reverse
- Shimmer
- ModEchoVerb
- DualVerb
- Blackhole
- MangledVerb
- TremoloVerb
- DynaVerb

100 Presets, including some crafted by Flood and Alan Moulder (The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, 30 Seconds to Mars, PJ Harvey and Them Crooked Vultures), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Nine Inch Nails), Richard Devine (sound designer, synthesist, performer, remixer), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Amedeo Pace (Blonde Redhead), Alex Somers and Jonsi Birgisson (Jonsi and Alex, Sigur Ros), Amadeo Pace (Blonde Redhead) and John Agnello (Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Kurt Vile
Stereo in (Guitar, Line) Stereo Out (Amp, Line)

Included power supply (9 VDC, 1200 mA, Tip hot (+) )

MIDI control via USB or MIDI in, out/thru

Software upgradeable via USB 2.0

True hardware bypass.

Expression Pedal and External Aux Switch

Tap tempo and MIDI clock sync

Real-time control with 10 knobs, MIDI, or Expression Pedal

Pc and Mac Compatible Software Editor.

A lot of features for a stompbox, isn’it?


A pedal that can satisfy even the most obsessed reverb junkie.
I’ve used mine in conjunction with a Time Factor delay, in front of an amp, in the Fx loop, and in the studio with an Apogee Duet 2 soundcard. Never had an issue, but stellar sound for days.


First of all let me say what kind of bands I like.
Tool, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Meshuggah, Massive Attack.
Ambient, trippy prog rock.
If you are in this kind of music, sell whatever you can to afford this pedal.
You will need nothing else.
I’am a real delay and reverb junkie, and all I can say is that only this box can satisfy my needs completely.
The “real” reverbs (Room, Plate, Spring and Hall) sounds lush and full.
I’ve used extensively in the studio too as an Fx processor, and I can easily say that it is on par with more expensive plugin and hardware based reverbs.
Use it on guitars, drums, synth, vocals and everything will come to life with just the turn of a few knobs.

After the standard reverbs the things starts to get more interesting.
Let me point out one thing.
There is a algorithm called ModEchoVerb.
So far my favourite (there is a preset called Echo Space of God that will suck you in for days, beware ☺ )
With that algorithm you have indipendent control over the reverb, the delay (up to 1500ms) and a Swept Reverb/Chorus/Flanger modulation.
It’s like having 3 indipendent effects at your feet! You can blend them in any combination.
Delay only, Chorus With Delay, Flanger with reverb etc.
Call this stompbox only a reverb pedal is really reductive!

Mangledverb, is a fuzzy like distortion that feeds a reverb (yes, this pedal have also a guitar preamp emulation), that is really reminiscent of Depeche Mode and NIN. Really dirty sounds!!

Add to that, other 6 algorithms, and you will understand that it is a really powerful pedal!!

It doesn't color your sound in any way!


The New Price can be quite high for a reverb pedal.
But, think of it as a “Reverb Only” pedal is a great mistake.
It can be also a chorus, a flanger and an indipendent delay.
Add to that the fact that is Usb Upgradable, 100 presets, and line in and outputs connections and you will understand that the price is not soo much after all.
It is however a really deep pedal, but if you read the manual, and watch the really helpful online tutorials (
), you will be in reverb heaven.
Just, be aware of the fact that it can induce addiction ☺

Hatsubai's review"Lush reverbs"

Eventide Space
This is a pedal made for those who are looking for Eventide's more unique reverb effects. There's room, hall, spring, plate, reverse and shimmer, just to name a few. It's fully MIDI, updatable by USB 2.0, true bypass, can work in guitar or line level applications and can work in either mono or stereo.


The best thing is that this pedal is fully MIDI. You can have tons of presets set up and switch them all with a MIDI board. That means no fumbling around on the ground all the time every time you want to switch to different presets that are a few banks away. The switches are extremely high quality, and it's true bypass so there will be no direct harm to your tone. It's extremely sturdy and built like a tank. You could hurl this thing off the top floor of a skyscraper, and it should still work. The Eventide manuals are fairly long and a bit boring, but if you take the time to sit down with them, you'll know the thing in and out. The menus themselves are a lot easier to use than the rack stuff, I've found. There are tons and tons of features in here, so it's hard to exactly explain every little detail, so it's best to read the manual.


The reverb on this pedal is great. Eventide is known for lush reverbs that really fill the room. The hall and plate reverbs are probably some of my favorite in the pedal. The ModEchoVerb is probably my main one I use for lead tones as it makes the room sound huge when it's in stereo, adds that bit of echo that I think all lead tones should have and gives it that slight bit of modulation to help cut through the mix.


While this pedal isn't quite as useful as the other pedals, it still contains some of the world famous Eventide tones in a small stomp box. If you're a huge reverb fan, you should definitely take a look at this, especially since it's fully MIDI implemented.

TheJeff666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Space not only ..."

Eventide Space
This is a pedal "reverbs" produced by digital eventide, stereo or mono, stompbox series connection very well thought out and complete (with selector level input and output allowing any type of use).
12 reverb algorithms of processors from prestigious brand. 11 parameters "only" to edit a preset ... connectors for expression pedal and a button hotswitch funny ...


There is a manual in French, interesting to get to know the action of some knobs depending on the algorithm chosen.
Any changes live on the machine is usable (no staircase effect, immediate response).
The general configuration is relatively simple to handle.
Editing sounds is easy? ca is another story ... if you stay in the field of predilection of the machine, the reverb space (think Blade Runner for example ...), and what is done to it and it's broke, a preset is chosen , turn knobs and interstellar journey begins .... To use a more "classic", the book is important because four more standard algos (room, flat spring and hall) are not to decorate and it would be a shame not to use such a machine for the FX. ..


The sound quality is simply impressive, it really is very pro and is far from any kind of plugin or multi-effect base, we are in the high end professional and uncompromising. The first time I plugged in my home studio, I had the impression of being a good fifteen years back and find myself in one of those big studio who were the only ones who can afford to time of the lexicon, the TC or eventide .... Slap!
Space is the home connected auxiliary and can handle everything I want (vocals, synths, guitars, rhythm ...) and I'm not tired. Once passed the stunning but very effective side reverbs space (the relatively annecdotiques use ...), we go to work seriously and there is the foot. The Room is the best I know, the lobby is beautiful and huge, in the spring you ammene ennio morricone or shadows, the platform is awesome with a guitar or snare .... that's very good ...


Used for over 3 years, I am very demanding with reverbs and I found my Grail home studio, especially for a more classic than space-...
It's very expensive if you use it only as a space and special effect ... If we know also use it as a simple reverb ... value for money is huge ...
Should I redo this choice? well I must say that having two or three in the space of my ca table would not mind to make treatment bus batteries or voice ...

marsupio37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Space of Eventide home, a single Reverb!"

Eventide Space
See the manufacturer's website.
The number of reverb proposed is sufficient for all styles of music.
Depending on the type of reverb chosen, complementary effects such as chorus, flanger, overdrive, delay, pitch, etc. can be offered. The sound possibilities are very extensive ..

The connection is more than complete since the Space has a stereo input with line or guitar coach, also a stereo output with amp or line selection, an expression pedal input, USB, auxiliary switch, and a midi In and Out ...
Also build quality and choice of materials inspire confidence ...


Its use is quite simple, the manual (in English) is explicit. It is very useful for the operating mode (System mode) of the Space.
When editing a rule a knob reverb function.


What about the sound quality reverb finally ... bin in three words, beautiful, fabulous, stunning.!
It does not get tired ....


I use it mainly with synthesizers, some demos are available on Youtube, including one with a superb Prophet 08.
Due to the quality of its effects, the Space is a premium pedal (489 € new) which can be use as well as the studio scene. It may be a little expensive but I think it equals some widely Lexicon rack that occaze cost of € 600 ..

Choice to repeat without hesitation!

Recently his brother, The time factor is at his side, and both are fond of very well together! https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif
Heloïse Huyen mo03/28/2012

Heloïse Huyen mo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" CAVIAR OF REVERB in a handkerchief"

Eventide Space
The Space of at Eventide offers a batch of Delay, Reverb, Pitch Shift, tremolo, modulation and other special effects you want in here.

According to the preview, it's digital, so many choices, shades,

ok midi too!

with a quality that will approach the warmth of analog,

but compact and virtually unlimited, with diverse and varied knobs that let you configure the settings very personal, and totally crazy.


Very easy to use for basic presets, which are already very rich and numerous.

Then customize the settings is a bit more intuitive, opinion researchers SOUNDS!


I use the Space with an electric harp, and every sound that passes through the space emerges magnified.


I tested the reverb for harp with the cathedral and that of at EHX electric TC which are fine, but Eventide still plays a little more in the big leagues.

Eventide invoice severe, but the price is worth it.

They say: "Buy China, buy three times"

For eventide, I think it's quiet enough to no longer tolerate their caviar to them ...

viear's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The CAVIAR in reverb in a handkerchief"

Eventide Space
Eventide Reverb home offers a batch of Delay, Reverb, Pitch Shift, tremolo, modulation and other special effects to want you in here.

According to the preview, it's digital,
So many choices, shades,
midi ok too!
with a quality which will approach the heat of analog,
but compact and virtually unlimited, with diverse and varied knobs to configure very personal settings, and completely insane.


Very easy to use for basic presets, which are already very rich and numerous.
Next to customize settings is a bit more intuitive, advice to researchers SONS!


I use the Space with an electric harp, and every sound that passes through the space in magnified fate.


I tested the reverb for the harp with the cathedral and the EHX at TC electric are fine, but Eventide still plays a little more in the big leagues.

Eventide severe bill, but the price is worth it.

It said: "China Buy, buy three times"
For eventide, I think it quiet enough to no longer tolerate their caviar to them ...