Eventide PitchFactor

Eventide PitchFactor

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PitchFactor, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Eventide in the Factor series.

6 user reviews
Prices starting at $494 Average price: $498

Eventide PitchFactor tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Eventide
  • Model: PitchFactor
  • Series: Factor
  • Category: Octavers/Harmonizers/Whammies
  • Added in our database on: 01/15/2009

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Eventide PitchFactor user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %

PurposeToMelody's review"Amazing"

Eventide PitchFactor
The Eventide Pitchfactor is a digital harmonizer, and also dabbles in delay, echo, chorus, flange and a bunch of other things including a synth and fuzz patch there are a bunch of hook ups including midi, usb and multiple in's and outs for wet dry setup or whatever you please!


The manual is a little hard to understand, but it gets you where you need to go, it definitely takes time and effort to learn how to use it effectively. There is so much to do and learn that it take months to really understand it in my opinion. It's simple enough to get used to, but after that it just gets deeper, its crazy how much is in it!


I use it with my guitar obviously, and also plugged it into piano and bass before.

I LOVE this pedal, it is something that is always on my board and I utilize pretty much during every gig I play, its harmonies are second to none on the market other than literally playing them with another guitar player or some EXTREMELY expensive rack gear. It flubs a little on higher notes and fast passages, but not noticeably to be honest, I use it mostly for harmonies, but it has some great, delays chorus's in it also, I highly recommend this pedal to anyone looking for any of that stuff. It's honestly my favorite pedal on my board, its great. I'm not a huge fan of the synth patch or the fuzz sound though, its like they just decided to cram it in because they could. other than that though, amazing pedal


I've said pretty much everything I wanted to, it sounds amazing, its a little expensive, and the learning curve is a little sharp at times, but once you get it, its unbeatable as a harmonizer! I highly recommend it!

nickname009's review

Eventide PitchFactor
This is one of eventide's digital stomp boxes packed with ten of their signature pitch shifting effects such as : Diatonic, Pitchflex, Quadravox, Octaver, HarModulator, Crystals, MicroPitch, HarPeggiator, H910/H949, and Synthonizer. It also has some delay and a built in tuner!!

It's also upgradable via USB, has midi in and out, you can also plug an expression pedal into it.

This is sort of almost an all-in-one pedal version of eventide's rack effects.

I might be missing a few things when I review this, simply because this pedal is very very complex and it is so hard to go into complete detail about this and also very hard to simplify it to just a few words. So i'll try to shoot for something in between-ish..


Ok for utliziation, basically just imagine that you can pretty much tweak every single parameter of the pitch effect, everything. You can even add delay to it for different effects and once you add the expression pedal, you've got it ALL.

I strongly encourage one to look through the manual to figure out how to tweak and set the right options on the pedal. The tuner thing, I had no idea how to do that for a little while until I saw it in a youtube demo and finally figured it out from that. There are a lot of neat things one can do with the pitchfactor and it all depends on what you want to do with it. Though it is rather difficult and has quite a bit of a learning curve, thus the lower score. It's not exactly plug and play.


The sound quality is great. It's all digital of course yet the signal is clear and very high quality as eventide is known to be. Because of this it works great on guitar, bass or whatever you wanna plug this baby into! Be prepared to hear some really really cool sounds!

The pitches are great, the tracking is top notch. Just like eventide stuff is known for, there is nothing lacking in the sound department, that's for sure. Crystals is my most favorite setting ever. I wish eventide would just release a single pedal for the crystals option, I would buy that in a heartbeat. It's so unique and so surreal sounding!

One thing to note about a type of pedal like this is that it's not about 'tone'. It's not about anything vintage or boutique etc. It's purely about the effect and how good it sounds. Eventide has never been trying to emulate or go after the vintage/boutique market so don't expect to hear any type of tones related to such.


Overall this is great! It's jampacked and has everything. It's a high quality built pedal! And it's 10 of eventide's signature pitch effects in a pedal, with as many parameters as the racks have. There are some potential things I worry about; one being how to use this pedal live? It's sort of difficult to get around using live since there are so many parameters, it's definitely the type of pedal that needs to be tweaked before live use. Also switching certain effects on and off seems slightly tedious when I tried, however one of my buddies is using the timefactor live and seems to have no trouble getting what he wants when playing live.

My other concern is the awkward power supply. It just sort of stands out, there's no substitute for it and so you'll have to use the one provided. That means it takes up more space on your board and you can't connect it to any of the pedal bricks that most players own. So it seems that though this is a pedal it's still sort of a 'studio' pedal as one would seem. It does look sturdy, the screen is big and bright, though it does worry me in live situations how it'll hold up to massive stomping and kicking etc. Again though my friend has had no problems thus far.


Hatsubai's review"Ridiculously good harmonizer"

Eventide PitchFactor
Eventide has decided to dabble into the stomp box market finally, and this is one of the four pedals they came out with. It contains all of their extremely famous pitch algorithms in here, contains delay, has a synthesizer. crystals, octaver, etc. It's fully MIDI, updatable by USB 2.0, true bypass, can work in guitar or line level applications and can work in either mono or stereo.


Eventide did an excellent job in building this wonderful pedal. The best thing is that this pedal is fully MIDI. You can have tons of presets set up and switch them all with a MIDI board. That means no fumbling around on the ground all the time every time you want to switch to different presets that are a few banks away. It's extremely sturdy and built like a tank. You could hurl this thing off the top floor of a building, and it should still work. The switches are extremely high quality, and it's true bypass so there will be no direct harm to your tone. The menus themselves are a lot easier to use than the rack stuff, I've found. There are tons and tons of features in here, so it's hard to exactly explain every little detail, so it's best to read the manual. The Eventide manuals are fairly long and a bit boring, but if you take the time to sit down with them, you'll know the thing in and out.


The thing is AMAZING in terms of sound. All those famous sounds you've heard from Eventide are all housed in this little thing. I can't believe how good this sounds. The harmonizer really doesn't even need to be mentioned because it's so famous. It's lush and rich, and even the Axe-Fx can't come close to replicating this tone. The delays are also a wonderful added feature. If you're into making movie soundtracks, you can mess around with the crystals feature. It's crazy how versatile this pedal is.


If you only have the money to buy one Eventide pedal, I recommend purchasing this one. It's built like a tank, has all the famous Eventide sounds built into it, can easily go effects like pitch detune and whammy, has true bypass, sounds amazing and is super versatile.

Girou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Musicality ensured"

Eventide PitchFactor
See website builder.


English manual ...
Editing sounds: Must know
Eventide pedals.
Management "Bank" not so obvious
for my taste.


Terribly effective effects ...
It's still for
why we bought it, right?


I was ModFactor, and I sold
very very very very fast. I have a lot
hesitated before buying the PitchFactor ...
I've had two hours and it is a joy
absolute. Unrelated to ModFactor ...
Excellent, sublime musicality ensured.
It sounds and it inspires. And when handling
a knob is understood immediately what it is.

Eventide PitchFactor news

Eventide PitchFactor Shipping

Eventide PitchFactor Shipping

Published on 03/17/09
Eventide has announced that the PitchFactor Harmonizer stompbox is shipping.

[NAMM] Eventide PitchFactor

Published on 01/27/09

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