Accessories/Supplies for Guitar reviews

  • iSolo Acoustic Guitar Microphone Review

    iSolo Acoustic Guitar Microphone Review - Lone pleasure


    If you are in the audio world you have surely noticed how crowdfunding campaigns have multiplied in recent years. Everyday there are news stories about "groundbreaking" products on platforms like KissKissBankBank and Indiegogo. This tendency seems to only be going up, so we decided to test ride some of the products being crowdfunded. The first one…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Review

    TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Review - A Gripping PolyTune


    You all know the PolyTune, right? The pedal that revolutionized the tuning world five years ago by providing a polyphonic mode that allows you to see the pitch of all strings at once? Well, after introducing a second and a Mini version, TC Electronic presents now a model that clips on to your instrument's headstock. That definitely sounds cool, bu…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Review

    TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Review - Tune To White


    TC Electronic recently announced the second version of its famous PolyTune tuner and we have already tested it for you… Is it a simple evolution or a masterly revolution?

  • TC Electronic PolyTune Review

    TC Electronic PolyTune Review - TC Electronic PolyTune: Six in One


    When it comes to guitar tuner pedals innovations don't come by everyday, so when TC Electronic announced the PolyTune, a pedal that allows you view all at once which strings are out of tune,we got curious...

  • SKB's stageFive: The Test

    SKB's stageFive: The Test - The Pedal King


    It’s no secret that many guitarists like effects and that some are even addicted to their pedals. But of course there comes a time when it becomes necessary to make all these small boxes easier to transport and connect. That is partly why pedalboards were invented and marketed by brands such as SKB with their Stagefive, which we’ll be taking a clo…