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  • D'Addario EXP Electric Strings

    D'Addario EXP Electric Strings

    06/16/10 in D'Addario EXP Coated Nickel Wound Electric

    D’Addario launched the EXP Electric strings, available for the full assortment of instruments, including Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Bass, Classical Guitar and Mandolin.

  • Guardian Vintage Hardshell Cases

    Guardian Vintage Hardshell Cases

    06/12/10 in Guardian Cases Vintage Hardshell Case

    Guardian announced the addition of eight new cases to its list of case offerings.

  • Heads Up Strap

    Heads Up Strap

    06/05/10 in Heads Up Strap Heads Up Strap

    This strap features a pocket at the body end containing three lead weights, designed to balance the instrument.

  • Shadow SH 928 NMG-4

    Shadow SH 928 NMG-4

    06/03/10 in Shadow SH 928 NMG-4

    Mandolin strings project a brilliant sound but unfortunately are much too quiet when you play live onstage with your band. So what can you do?

  • Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

    Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

    05/18/10 in Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

    Clayton Custom Guitar Picks has added more options to their custom guitar pick designer at

  • ShowOff Gear guitarMatz FS

    ShowOff Gear guitarMatz FS

    05/14/10 in ShowOff Gear guitarMatz FS

    ShowOff Gear will soon introduce the new guitarMatz FS, free-standing graphic guitar display system.

  • DARE & D'Addario O-Port

    DARE & D'Addario O-Port

    04/09/10 in D'Addario O-Port

    D’Addario & Company and DARE Music Group, an Austin, Texas-based musical instrument and guitar aftermarket product company, have secured a worldwide distribution agreement for DARE’s new product, the O-Port.

  • Boss TU-3 Shipping

    Boss TU-3 Shipping

    04/08/10 in Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

    Boss announced that the TU-3 Chromatic Tuner an updated version of the pedalboard standard TU-2, is now shipping.

  • Meisel COM-90 Tuner

    Meisel COM-90 Tuner

    04/08/10 in Meisel COM-90

    The flexible gooseneck mount featured on the new Meisel COM-90 clip-on instrument tuner is designed to let players place the display in the perfect viewing position.

  • [Musikmesse] New SKB Guitar Cases

    [Musikmesse] New SKB Guitar Cases

    03/26/10 in SKB SKB 3i-4214-66 Stratocaster and Telecaster Hardshell Guitar Case

    SKB launched its first injection molded guitar cases, the 3i-4214-66 for "Strat" and 'Tele" style guitars and the 3i-4214-56 for "LP" style guitars.