Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi
Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi
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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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moosers's review

Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi
The Ibanez LF-7 Lo-Fi is an interesting pedal that I've used with electric guitar, but is suitable for a variety of applications.  The pedal has 1/4 inch connections for input and output and can be powered up by either a nine volt power supply or battery.  The LF-7 cannot be racked up since it is a stomp box.


The make up of the Ibanez LF-7 Lo-Fi is generally quite easy to understand as the parameters are straight forward and there isn't anything too out of the ordinary here.  The pedal has knobs for drive, lo cut, hi cut, level, and mode, which can be put on either guitar, drums, or mic.  As you can probably tell just by looking at it, everything is pretty self explanatory and I don't believe that manual is needed for this reason.


The Ibanez LF-7 Lo-Fi pedal is really just a glorified EQ pedal with some other helpful parameters.  It cuts out certain frequencies which give it that 'lo-fi' type of sound.  You do have control over these frequencies to a degree with the hi and lo cut parameters.  As I mentioned before, I've only used the pedal with electric guitar, but judging by the available modes, the pedal is able to adapt to a few different applications.  I do like 'lo-fing' my sound as much as the next guy, but I really don't feel like I need to have this pedal around to achieve this sort of sound.


The Ibanez LF-7 Lo-Fi is a discontinued pedal as far as I know, but they are easily found if you want to get one used.  I don't believe that this is a necessary pedal in any situation, but it does make it easy to get some lo-fi effects in a hurry.  I think that I can get some pretty similar sounds by simply using the EQ on my amp or guitar, but this does provide more versatility for sure, and at a very cheap and reasonably priced.  If you think you might be interested in a pedal of this nature, I'd recommend checking it out as you don't have too much to lose even if you buy it and decide it isn't for you.

Eяяаtom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi
PDAL filter effect simulating radio / mgaphone

4 rglages:
- Drive: to add gain and then add the dirty cot in his draft
- Lo cut: rglage the cutoff of serious frquences (cut down to 80Hz 1kHz)
- Hi cut: rglage the only cut-off frquences high (cut above 1kHz 10kHz))
- Level: Level-General for the pedals

slecteur mode 3 positions depending on the instrument used (output DIFFERENT):
vocals, drums and guitar


IT CAN BE USED is rather simple, just Drout to beginners because when you turn the knobs to the right are cut frquences unlike equalizer parameter.

A user tells us we can use it as Tubescreamer overdrive ... why not, but that's the story of the booster, will only dpanner.

Chaining: place preferences in the effects loop in the chain beginners.

Instruction Manual ( https://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/images/effects2008/pdf/LF7.pdf )


With the pedals so you'll sound radio, softphone (not the group eh ...) or to mgaphone (by pushing the gain).
In fact you sometimes seems to replay your first amp 10W.

The effect is made trsraliste. The sound is reflected rtrcit, Reduces your HP!

I use it in a component of my group ( http://www.myspace.com/hometherapy ) , the title "Rules of insanity", the second 20 th:
I often use the intro of this kind elsewhere, and that disables my ds distortion arises and it left my kiki!


I have no complaints ... him ah it would be more convincing if it had a more typical the rendering as relatively neutral.

It is thus a good job, she did not direct competitor of relement, part may be the equalizer, but it has its own well and its exclusive use.

brui2fon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi
See previous opinion




C but must not already widely usable and convincing enough


I just add this to the previous opinion, that's right:
can also be used for two other uses:
- As a tube screamer, (hey yeah, drive, volume, bass and treble on a Ibanez, always remember that something .....)
it is not bad, very concvaincante, not comparable with the original course, but I have surprised many with, who wondered what I was doing with that sound. it is less "smooth" and drier, sharper ....
- As a booster, with little gain, the flight you want, and cut of bass unpeu to bring out the treble

in fact, instead of cutting the bass and treble, which is the principle on this pedal, just let them play to 10 and the rest, gain and volume ....

the price at which it can be found used, it is really worth

but do not have the best overdrive that is, while remaining very credible, it is no match for a TS 808 reissue, a blues devil, a tubeblower etc ... report a price of course
Mr ok okok03/21/2005

Mr ok okok's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi
Ibanez pedal-classical in design
-4 Knobs: drive, Lo-cut, Hi-cut, level
-3 Modes: drums, voice and guitar
IN and OUT jack-classical
-As usual in the ibanez cardboard box is crap! (EHX ah. ..!)

by careful against the models of okaz (c pr valid all ibanez "tone look"): the switch has a tendency to give up the ghost pretty quickly!


Config ultra simple, just turn and walk


WARNING: I use it only Voice and DRUMS
c makes a very practical filter for two very different voices in a group. it produces a telephone, or even magaphone. after a while depends on c but I use what I was looking for ... even if there is better (see review general)
GUITAR LEVEL (as a friend)
it is widely used for metal, or to a level of distortion different from the one you normally use (for intros ...). good, c not my thing, but works very well in this area


In fact it does not do much (o its price) and can largely do without! Seriously, you should definitely test it before buying it because a c FILTER FIRST !!!!! do not try to get an effect in the strict sense of the word. c a pedal that allows to qualify the sound, and never have a new sound. I think, really c the last pedal before buying anything else (and we know tt qd dt a guitarsite what needs ...). that is, if you really need, and you know what you want, earned 9 / 10. ms if you buy it solely for one's megaphone (muse live ... pff) or telephone, then you will make a rather true-false phone with a soldering iron to turn it into microphone: filters and you will be better have the satisfaction of having done so yourself! So I cut the pear in two: 5 / 10