Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah

Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Morley.

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All user reviews for the Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 12 reviews )
 9 reviews75 %
 3 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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wwhhhaatt's review"Less quack more filter"

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
The Morley bad horsie 2 is A twist on the classic wah pedal design.It has the standard 1/4 inout and output jacks, a battery door on the bottom for a 9volt, 9 volt dc jack, and a switch to activate the contour controls.

It is also switchless so it turns on as soon as you step on the pedal and turns off when you remove your foot. There is an internal trim pot to adjust the time it takes to activate and bypass.


Setting this pedal up is no different than a normal wah pedal with the exception of the internal trim pot. The manual explains where to find it and how to adjust it. I find it best with a minimal response time but some people may prefer it to not instantly turn off. It is easy enough to adjust so you can see what works best for you.


I used this pedal in a guitar set up but my bassist seemed to like it on bass as well. Unfortunately for him the rest of the band thinks wah on bass is a terrible idea. This pedal has what Morley calls "clear tone buffer circuitry" what that means is that there is a buffer in the pedal that is always in your signal chain even when the pedal is bypassed. It is supposed to help drive long cables and it seemed to do that. I never had a problem with the buffer except when the pedal was near a noise source, like bad power adapters, it would boost the amount of noise in my rig. It was not too much of a problem but made placement of my power strip something that had to be considered for minimal noise. In general the pedal was a bit more noisy than I would like but it was intermittent. Some days I would have no problem and others it would hiss. It's just picky about things like power and placement

The wah itself I found to be more of a smooth filter than the standard quack of an old dunlop. Playing with the contour controls could get you closer to the funk territory but I preferred using it for slow sweeps. Having the auto on feature made this even better as you can start the pedal at the heel down position instead of it immediately being int he upper register. I have always been a fan of synth sweeps and this pedal allowed me to somewhat simulate that when placed after a dense fuzz box.


The occasional noise issue is what eventually led me to sell this pedal. I was running a pretty large pedal board at the time and I'm sure that added to the problem. I never had any issue with the pedal when it was on it's own on the floor. The sound is not traditional so if you are looking for that old school Hendrix sound you may want to look elsewhere. If you don't run a large board that adds up noise and want more of a filter than a quack I suggest trying this pedal out. There aren't many other switch less wah pedals out there and the only one I found that I liked more is the silver machine. The silver machine is much more expensive.
ibanez4life SZ!04/19/2011

ibanez4life SZ!'s review"Adding versatility to the original!"

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
A signature offspring of Morley designs, the Steve Vai Bad Horsie II features
- optical switchless, auto-return on and off
- power off of 9 V battery or AC adapter
- standard ¼” in and out for connection between amplifier and guitar
- adjustable delay before pedal turns off
- Footswitchable contour


Given its switchless operation, the Bad Horsie II is very easy to use, and especially perfect for live situations. The quick on and off allows one to apply the affect in many more situations, where the typical ‘toe-down’ on/off would prove cumbersome and impractical. Additionally, the optical circuit implemented will never wear, so there is no need to worry of eventual maintenance as with your standard wah pedal. As with all Morley switchless pedals, a trim pot inside the pedal itself allows one to adjust the amount of delay before the pedal shuts itself off. The only downside of the switchless, auto-return feature is that achieving a stationary ‘cocked wah’ sound takes some more effort and a steady foot.


This pedal offers a slight twist in tone from the original Vai wah from Morley. The sound is still true to Vai, so don’t be expecting a completely new wah sound. If you’ve listened to Steve Vai’s music, you have heard the sound of this wah pedal. The Bad Horsie is full of the smooth and vocal sounds that characterize his leads. When you need it to scream, it is there, but it performs equally well for a more laid-back wah lead as well. The pedal also does better on the clean channel, and does not tend to overdrive so easily as some other Morley designs. The Contour feature adds to the versatility of the pedal, and allows a whole new side of the wah via footswitch. It takes out some of the mids, and makes the general response and sound of the pedal a little more ‘modern.’ Overall, tonally, with the addition of the contour feature, the Bad Horsie II sits between the original bad horsie, and the Morley Tremonti wah.


Another great pedal from Morley, offering a slightly more vocal and smooth wah, contrary to their usual modern and aggressive tones. The auto on-off feature, and the footswitchable controur, are irreplaceable for live players! Those seeking vintage wah tone, look elsewhere, but for this playing in high gain applications, Morley is the way to go!

Rockmonster's review

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
Wah wah baby.:P
This is an all analog foot pedal with an optical control for effect oscillation. No USB, MIDI or other crazy editing, but controls for "Contour" (Q/range) and level...for boost or cut...altho' I can't imagine cutting volume when you engage a wah...durrrrrrr
Spring loaded...step on it to engage. Wiggle foot. Yay.


This pedal is very easy to get a great sound. I don't even think it had a manual...not that it needs one... Perhaps it has more options than a normal step on-it-and-play wah..but it is something you can set and forget. Find the sound you like and go.


You know...this wah will not please everyone. It is not a Fasel wah tone, per CAN do a true wah sound..but not that 70's porno soundtrack wah..or that "Shaft" tone...but it works very well on modern rock tones and loves distortion. I have a Vox Clyde Mccoy reissue on my board as well...and if I need those tones..I use that. The BH2 can do approximations of those tones in a pinch..but will not deliver for purists. I have played a lot of Morley wahs in recent years and have to say this is the only one I have liked or bothered buying...( I used to have one of the huge chrome jobbies back in the 80' was decent..this is better.)
I keep the Contour control basically dimed for the widest range and keep the level flat so that it does not give me any volume spike. I have channel switching for that on my amps/rigs that I set for lead boosts..since I don't use a wah just during solos....but a good function for those who DO only use it for soloing.
I love this pedal. The tone is modern. Smooth on the high end...smoother than my Clyde...which might be interpreted as not as much range. This IS true, but it seems to work better with distortion.This limitation is realized during clean stuff and even playing bluesy wah lines, but works to great benefit with modern gain and for shred. Man, I love having both wahs. It is probably best to look at this as almost a different effect than a common wah....probably not what most people wanna hear, but that is the tradeoff. Remember..this is a signature it does something very specific to the artist who helped design it. Will it make you sound like Steve Vai? Nope. If you recreated his whole rig, then yes..this tone IS in there. This wah does what it is supposed to!


Been using this for a couple months...but I know what I like, and this foots the bill. The spring loaded feature is awesome. I love not having to make sure it clicks to engage. I was actually getting ready to buy the Fulltone Clyde Deluxe and feel quite happy I got this instead... ( the only reason I say that is because I have the Vox...otherwise this will not get those type of tones..but by the same token..the Fulltone cannot get these tones..the tone from the Bad Horsie is exclusive to the Bad Horsie, for what it is worth. You might love it..or hate it.)
I think the price is great. This thing is bulletproof and sounds great. How can you beat that? Unless this proves to be mysteriously unreliable, I will always have one of these...or if I stop shredding. :O
MGR/Bob Jepson12/25/2001

MGR/Bob Jepson's review"Morley Bad Horsie 2"

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
I got it for christmas but they are about $130 where ever you look.

It just rules. I've played through every crybaby and even the vox's. This one puts the last nails in their caskets! It's just the ballsiest wah there is and it's bigger and more heavy duty than the rest. The damn thing is a beast!

do you hear crickets?

It's built to take abuse and give it back with sonic brutality. Its all metal.

Best damn wah there is. I dont think another wah is gonna be this good until Morley makes a Bad Horsie 3! seriously people it beats the hell out of the other wahs and I can say this from 20 years of experience.

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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It will not be there to teach you the Funk!"

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
Optical + Contour Wah,
Contour level adjustment
Contour Switch
Ultra strong case


Ben is a wah wah ...
So, be aware and not playing up to the mimicry of time in open-mouthed bowl
If you can play the Crybaby ... well you can start to learn is the day and night.
Once grip is great.
The race is fantastic but not at first, because accustomed to CB you will feel that this wah does virtually nothing.
You should go smoothly and get very low.
At the top is the milling machine.
Knobs are very reactive, do not abuse the effect becomes overdone, to the twelve o'clock 14h was the sound of Vai trad
Contour button is misplaced, live, in the spotlight, it is almost unfeasible, unless playing barefoot and work his big toe to kick button. I work from my spikes pumps!


DESIGNED FOR THE FUNK .. FORGET SATURATION Leads smoothie full of expression, the disjointed legato, the tappings vaïesques, big jump ropes, low fi Hifi effects on larger rhythmic.
For solos, it is not shit piercing. The contour and switched a bit too much for leads, for really wild solo blow of whammy bar.
I wanted the most modern wah in opposition to my crybaby which sounds more "old school" and 1000fois heard solo.
I wanted a wah how to take notes Shawn Lane, Fredrik Thordendal, and have the short side Vai when I attack the polishing of the handle .... I have used.
By clean is a little more tunable filter at the bottom than anything else, for small motifs smooth full of nuances (End of Tender Surender)


Ultra Wah practice (with the optical trapping live loupiotte ca)
Plateau ultra nice, a particular sound, magic for solos, the notes sing and glide on their own.
A perfect complement to the classic CB in my opinion and keep rather than replace it with this toy. It is not at all for the same use.
Tends to get addicted, once tasted lead in difficult to happen next, it is progressing well with this wah, we developed his style more than a classic.

stratosweet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good product"

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
Wah-wah pedal, with the possibility of the contour Scult Bousta a selected frequency.


I use it for sound recording with my Start or my Les Paul, as well as for live course.


The settings are radicals in sound, with an OD or distortion, it allows the grain to work well.


Purchased in 2005, I still do not see reason to change.

Arkanelag's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Strong character, no versatility"

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
This is the second signature wah pedal from Steve Vai, the main difference with the first two is the presence of knobs (Level, and Contour) and a switch to activate the contour.
9v adapter or battery power.
There is no rack, I dismounted and found that there is an LED and photocell separated by a shutter triangle, it moves according to the movement of the pedal expression. It's amazing how technology but it is accurate and efficient, especially as it avoids the mechanical wear and spitting racks.
Finishing and manufacturing outdoor nickel, for fixing against the screw is bad, there is no screw, the screw is only through the hole in the aluminum frame, result: I screwed up the " mini "thread, I think it's deplorable for a pedal of this range, hence my note a bit harsh.
Another point to note: This is a handmade pedal United States, it changes from TC Electronic or Eventide who certainly exelentes pedals but at a huge price when it's made in China ...


The pedal is very ergonomic, already, because there is no activation switch, just set foot and activated automatically, so impeccable comfort level, and is a parameter under to manage on stage.
The expression pedal returns to its initial position by itself with (or because?) Of a large resort. It's a shame because we can not let blocked on a frequency, like Money For Nothing Dire Straits, and finally at the same time is a Morley is not made for this style.
The base of the pedal is very large very stable, it's more complicated by against the return to a pedal board when you're used to the format Cry Baby.


So this is like anything specific enough: either love or hate it. Personally I loved a few years but I've evolved into a register softer so I turned to something less aggressive and more versatile (Custom Electronic Audio M404). This pedal is a nickel if you want the original, modern, and temperamental light years of Cry Baby. The knobs are fairly effective, but the outline is not deep enough for my taste (it does not put enough value in the low and there are still too many mediums), but I guess it's more of a frequency filter rather than a true contour (it is supposed to cut the mids) in view of the sound.
I find the sound very compressed, very cold saturated and ideal for heavy metal and lead, lots of harmonics and sharp enough. on the other hand do not even intend to play in crunch or clean, even in a good all-tube, it spits and it saturates very early in the race.


For three years I have, and even if I have other wah, I keep it for "complete" my record sound, you never know if one day I want to replay the large metal ...
I honestly would not have bought today because my musical tastes have evolved. But a few years ago I can assure you that I was in heaven.
So to summarize: No, but versatile character and personality, pop / blues / funk to be avoided, good enough quality / price ratio, a bit expensive but it's because US hands, a try before you buy because the sounds are very specific.

planetslide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good for saturation"

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
Wah Wah Pedal with optical controller and automatic release.

Solid case all metal, electronic board and solid hack.

An input and an output jack 6.35.

A housing for a 9V battery (battery consumption = significant disconnect jacks after use).

A standard 9V adapter jack (beware crappy adapters that purr .. 50 Hz).

Ability to control the frequency curve with a second controllable fashion foot (main difference with Vai I).


Using simple: automatic activation when pressed. The optical switch ensures that there will never be spitting.

Back in position by a large spring robust (which started making noise after a few months but you quickly with a drop of oil).

The second mode provides different sounds, which expands the range of possibilities offered by the machine. But it takes time learning to draw something compelling (a little "gadget" in fact!).


Distortion in the sound is really excellent. Morley found the grain, and we immediately think of Steve VAI. In my opinion, she buries the Cry Baby for large distos. Only default: return to bypass is done by issuing a small "schdong" which can sometimes be a bit annoying (the time of return to bypass can be controlled by an adjustable resistor located inside the beast). 9 / 10

In his clear, high output level of the pedal (not adjusted for mode 1, injury) is easily saturate the amplifier. If his goal is a highly crystalline, it does not ... But little crunch and saturation, it can give interesting results. It can lower knobs of the guitar or microphone for correct change. Moral: it's not a done Wha 'the clean and you really learn to use it in the register. 5 / 10 because she is smoking a Cry Baby on the ground there ...

The average is therefore 7 / 10


Excellent wah pedal, easy to use and with the characters but mostly aimed at big sound. This equipment is more difficult to exploit its clear. With practice, it is doing, but not as often play funk with it!

I have not seen a big interest in the second mode: Vai I would have surely suffice.


elcotone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
Wahwah Morley pedals from home with two knobs and Contour Level
PDAL trs robust, which is good! And she is too good: p


Use trs simple! Just press forward and hop solos!
The outline is not bad at all! The switch is well located I think!


Then, to send! For solo tapping, sweep, for the round trip is perfect! With a standard trs distortion is really good! APRS with a crunch sound, but less good for me this is for PDAL Lead large, so I did not drang not. APRS for the crunch there is still possibility to use the contour wah. And the possibilities are greater, simply turn the knobs and listen to see if is fact! : P
In a clean saturated, which is a shame but hey, like I said it is not for got!


I have the pedals for over a year and it still works as well! Fortunately for the price! With a transformer Morley walk impeccable!
The price is a bit lev I find, but good when you love it does not count
I do it again this choice without hsiter!

Charles974's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah
PDAL Wahwah upscale in morley. It is identical the Vai-1 but with 2 more knobs: level and contour. The pedals work by 9 volt power supply not included which is a shame.
The pedals and switches are extremely solid! It's pretty amazing!
I put 10/10 for the latter point is crucial for me on pedals.


The pedals work as an ordinary wahwah. Ds, but we touch buttons, it's a catastrophe! In dpart we are not too used it a little anything, but After a few days (1 week) are obtained rglage trs trs own.
Be careful when live by pressing the switch: it is a little too prs buttons, and buttons are sensitive enough!
8 / 10 because of a.


While the I t really surprised. The sound is beautiful. Although it is not appropriate recess every style. You should know that this has t PDAL Designed the basis for Steve Vai. You can also see that the pedals called "Bad Horsie" is a song with a wah-wah pretty crazy. Basically: do not rely on the pedals to play Hendrix and that kind of thing.
A big problem: it is hardly used in the clear unless you make a rglage has done with two buttons but I never tried (I rarely play clean sounds) .
On songs as I walk when I need a wah a classic I use it as is without rglage. Ds I spend on a passage a little more complicated with the fast sweep, legato etc. ... I use the switch with "Contour" to 3 / 4 level and 1 / 2. It's still a net but did play the guitar alone.
I put 10/10 as I have not yet found the default wahwah.


I use the pedals for almost 6 months. I have tried many other pedals before buying it (the crybaby and all) but it is the only one that is Russian satisfy me. I really enjoy the Systm switch which, in a kick, pass between two sounds wahwah totally Different.
The pedals are rugged trs what I find essential in a wah. I find the report that a good quality prices for about 150 (I buy a new 110) was a high-end pedals trs. For me the best of Fast Fashion Morley!
I would do without this choice hsiter!