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  • Your Ears, Your Music, Your Hearing

    Your Ears, Your Music, Your Hearing - The Loudness War - Part 12


    In this final installment of the series, we present a Q&A with Dr Thierry Briche, ENT specialist, and the former chief of the prestigious Val-de-Grâce Hospital in Paris, France. He was kind enough to talk to us about the ear, its architecture, risks, and potential injuries.

  • Compression Has Consequences

    Compression Has Consequences - The Loudness War ─ Part 6


    In this new installment we'll continue discussing the consequences of volume on music, sound and human ears, and we'll see how digital technology has enabled the reduction of dynamic range in recorded music.

  • Subway + Radio = Ouch

    Subway + Radio = Ouch - The Loudness War ─ Part 5


    In this new installment in our race for volume, we'll see how changes in music listening have fueled the loudness war, and we'll look at radio's role in the escalation.

  • Understanding your Ears

    Understanding your Ears - The Loudness War - Part 4


    After discussing volume in the previous article, this time we'll focus on your ears.

  • Remedies for Vocal Problems

    Remedies for Vocal Problems - Healing Laryngitis, Dysphonia and Aphonia


    You're leaving tomorrow for a world tour or you’re beginning your studio session for the double album, “The Return of Abbey Road” , and of course, you wake up with a sore throat and a voice sounding more like a rhino scraping his horn on a garage door, than the flamboyant refrain of "We Are The Champions" which you were counting on… Don’t panic…….