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HH user reviews

  • HH B100

    HH B100 - " The AMP IS NOT A MOSFET"


    Hi all To correct many mistakes that have been called the b100 bass amp and the BASSAMP, they do not use MOSFET transistors but the simple 2N3055 to 2N3773 B100 and the other for bipolar transistors so I have proof an already disassembled the B100 …

  • HH Combo 212

    HH Combo 212 - " Beautiful (and heavy) as a truck"


    This is a combo transistors 100 watts, with 2 hp to 12 inches. Two channels with separate entrances: one clean channel simplissime (volume, bass, treble) for sound to a guitar, keyboard, or whatever you want. A guitar channel with lots of tasteful …

  • HH B100

    HH B100 - " Amp pretty amazing"


    Simple to adjust, sounds at all times except for the slap. Egalo 6 bands. While Jack (80) 100Watts, but real 100 Watts UTILIZATION Basic usage. One branch, the rule two knobs and it sounds SOUNDS Versatile enough although oriented rock.…

  • HH Bassamp 100

    HH Bassamp 100 - edenstef's reviewhas images


    Transistor, 100 watt ... UTILIZATION yes SOUNDS super deep .... Very vintage ... OVERALL OPINION 20 years ... …

  • HH Power Baby

    HH Power Baby - " 2017 meeting of the 3rd type MOSFET"


    So this amp is really special already weighs 29kilos He has a look of interstellar cruiser came from the imagination of scientists from the 70 'only here xD. It's a transistor amp Mosfet type field effect transistor (mainly used in HI-FI) known to …

  • HH 100W Mos-Fet Keyboard Amplifier

    HH 100W Mos-Fet Keyboard Amplifier - blaez_minkoff's review


    Amplified Stereo Speakers Keyboard, 100-watt open back. Amp Mos-Fet. The 2 HP are electronic HH 65 watts and 8 ohms (Ref.: DC65LW) Settings: Only volume. Connectors: 6 mono inputs and 3 stereo (3 entries by HP) UTILIZATION Ultra easy to us…

  • HH V-800

    HH V-800 - sdvd's review


    For how long have you been using it? Over 10 years What thing do you like most/least about it? Reliable, powerful, dynamic, not heating, very good for bass but not to drive full-range speakers as we see immediately that the lack of presence i…

  • HH Studio 50

    HH Studio 50 - Echo tango's review


    Full Transistor 50 good watts. The connection I remember too, it seems to me that there was enough to connect a switch for the reverb, and an output line. Otherwise, settings-simple (Gain, B / M / T, reverb, Volume) Used it from 1983 to 1990 (its p…

  • HH B100

    HH B100 - Anonyme's review


    - Combo 100W, MOS-FET trnasistor (warmer than a conventional transistor but less than a lamp) - HP 15 " - Complete connectivity: effects loop, footswitch, headphones, 2 outputs for HP additional output to sound, input high / low) - 4 knobs (gai…

  • HH Studio 60 Power Baby

    HH Studio 60 Power Baby - alak's review


    60 W single-channel amplifier (1 in + 1 in passive force) MOSFET transistor, those approaching the + sound lamps comprehensive connectivity = effects loop in / out, HP supplémentaite, line-out, etc ... bass and treble settings = medium + pa…