HH V-S Musician
HH V-S Musician
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pukhammet 12/15/2006

HH V-S Musician : pukhammet's user review


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Transistor amplifiers,
200 w Stereo

The connectors: a front, an input jack on channel 1, 2 jacks on channel 2, and effects footswitch imput
At the rear, return echo, echo send, mixer output, while slave ouput jack and outputs to 2 hp.

The rglages: Master Vol, Reverb Master
Channel 1: equ 4 band, Valve sound on / off (simulates amp lamps), and gain, of course!
Channel 2: 2-band eq and volume

This voilou caractq for now I think:
Channel 1 is for guitar, but the two, you can plug almost anything, Ormis song! I tried to connect a keyboard, the sound is good! a guitar, it's going! ect ...
The simple st rglages prcis


The config is very simple, but it fo a finger to get the sound you want because the eq is pretty rglage prcis and capricious.
The sound is crystal clear, brilliant, but c an amp to use with effect pedals, if you want a big sound saturated. Indeed, the saturation amplifier is downright mean if we do not grow more than 3-4, if not, it blows too much and the grain is no longer prcis. So it only allows the clear up a "big" crunch
Otherwise, if a lightweight breath branch reverb a little too hard, but it must be the default of the age, probably a component changezr.
Mine has dmanuel pa, but hey, do not laugh ...


It is suitable for all styles of music, seen the use that I did, with a pdalier, but I jou's heavy, the trash, rock, ect ... and I am satisfied. Otherwise, without prampli, it is suitable for rock, ballad, blues (the sound is warm enough crunch malgrbr /> transistors)
Here, therefore, clear, easily obtained a pure, crystalline, sat in was a good overdrive boost, max, and the definition of the sound is good and prcise, even without pramp, provided dig a little mdiums.
When has the power, c 2 x 100 Watts, even when! Me apart, never jdpasse level 2, yet I have no neighbors above or below! Since I ais I rgale!
BMOL lightweight pr reverb (I RPET) blowing a bit, but fortunately there is a bypass on / off on each channel.


I use it for just a year + and I am satisfied, trs a good sound for an old transistor, and I faity RPET and a few gigs with a cross between a drummer lumberjack and haltrophile and there was not lmalin!
Srieusement, power is monstrous!
I had to play all in all a dozen small amp, and I can say that in the transistors of this price range it was my prfr in lamps, j ' I tried that small combos, so not comparable c ...
The report quality price JEnter not, since I have no info the dssus, tt cque I know is that I bought 350 euros ais occasion with a baffle "house" containing 4 hp celestion 50W each.