HH Bass Machine
HH Bass Machine

Bass Machine, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from HH.

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LoHerry 09/08/2005

HH Bass Machine : LoHerry's user review


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Transistor amplifier MOS-FET.
Power 250 Watts on a loudspeaker 38 cm.
Mounting inside élecgtrique fully analog and very neat.
2 channels, one with a gain a little more responsible and compressor (only one parameter: the compression ratio)
Applicable 5-band EQ on 2 channels simultaneously.
Phaser with two parameters individually assignable for each channel (control switch or pedal switch).
Each channel can grow to a gain saturation and a correction of type "kill" into three bands (cut his total if the three bands are at 0 ...)
Pedal to switch from one channel to another and / or activate or phaser effect.
Also note a "th input jack that allows you to combine two channels directly.


In use, there is no simple ...
Just 5 minutes to understand everything!

on the other hand, to make the right adjustments all depends on you

Rather major disadvantage: its size and thus its weight! It is bulky and can not be moved one which is not great ... Unless you do a lot of muscle and you are player: p


The fact that it is mounted on a single 38 cm gives a round, very good for jazz, blues, heavy rock, funk without the slaps, etc..

Do not try to push the treble, it gives very poor (the medium too)

For the slap he gives as good but lacks clarity ... we seek still further the tweeter to take over the sound a bit today ...

That said, it must be put in his time, I do not know if the bass amp had tweeters!

The equalizer is a significant addition to all that is very effective.

Minor drawback: it generates a bit of breath (for my taste) on the overall volume, so we must adjust the channel gain for the limit, but it is a rule applies to any system with gain. However, this breath is dwarfed by the volume of the product if properly adjusted.

Sure, it's true 250W, no doubt about it!


I got this amp 15 years ago for a very modest when he already had 10 ...

It's really a racing indestructible, constructed to match the time with a very neat installation and robust.

It is true that the resulting sound lacks a bit of brightness to make everything from slap or it must use clear sound of the strings "new", but otherwise, it will support all the curves for both the jazz blues, rock ... (And hands down!)

Note that regardless of the rooms where I could play with, I never needed to push the volume above half of its (small or large rooms) to believe that it releases just what we always need!

Frankly, even after trying other models later, and despite these small drawbacks, I consider it unique in its kind and would not change it.

I know to find clean sounds I should change but for classic rock or blues styles remain the top for my taste with its very typical of the time.