HH 100W Mos-Fet Keyboard Amplifier
HH 100W Mos-Fet Keyboard Amplifier

100W Mos-Fet Keyboard Amplifier, Keyboard Amplifier from HH.

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blaez_minkoff 09/14/2010

HH 100W Mos-Fet Keyboard Amplifier : blaez_minkoff's user review


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Amplified Stereo Speakers Keyboard, 100-watt open back.
Amp Mos-Fet.

The 2 HP are electronic HH 65 watts and 8 ohms (Ref.: DC65LW)

Settings: Only volume.

Connectors: 6 mono inputs and 3 stereo (3 entries by HP)


Ultra easy to use.
I have no manual.


It's been almost 10 years it is used as a machine to do anything, first as a bass amp, then as a voice sound. Obviously, this is not why he is destined and rendering was deaf and flat.
Today it is used on a Farfisa VIP-61. The sound is drawing but still a little deaf. It lacks brilliance and dynamics.

It was hanging in the attic of a friend, I do not know what is its value.

It's old stuff bulky and not fantastic but helps out well.