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Scott Sommerfeldt Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Scott Sommerfeldt a 426

    Scott Sommerfeldt a 426 - " curves and spikes of yesteryear"


    how long ... two hours ago .. no comment on several types of music: pop funk, live etc. other models before full: onkyo home theater in (dsp) pioneer home theater (dsp) pioneer stereo, vintage sansui jvc nad OCCAZ ... equivalent dynamic ... n…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt A 436

    Scott Sommerfeldt A 436 - " Very good amp (in his time)"


    This amp is out there more than 35 years. It is a bit dated anyway. Mine is still at his post, although the knobs spit a little past ten years. I do not use the amp part (because it can be accessed directly without going through the preamp and to…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt A 255 S

    Scott Sommerfeldt A 255 S - lunatic666999's review


    hello j scott uses for some years now j I test its preamp and amp separable part of a lot of different hardware for marriage with the prettiest but scott s17 and my jbl 4312a for my part I use the right now the amp separable part of my scot…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt 420A

    Scott Sommerfeldt 420A - noelnoel's review


    I bought this amp 30 years ago, after listening with a friend. After years of handing in a shed (humidity, dust) as it has restarted on the first day without spitting potentiometers! Excellent quality, good musicianship, a little softer than a De…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt Integrated amplifier 440A

    Scott Sommerfeldt Integrated amplifier 440A - " Adorable!"


    I use it for over 20 years! And when I bought it, it was already quite old ... Before, I tried a Kenwood, and hi-fi supermarket (sony, etc..). What I love most, power and sound quality. What I like least: uh? After 30-40 years of service, knobs…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt 235S

    Scott Sommerfeldt 235S - " marvel" has images


    I am using this amp for 2 years already, but then it was al not restore his n was really able to appointments, rapid saturation was 4 / 10 the volume and less melodious So I inquired and jai decided to restore it myself! Bought 50th in his days …

  • Scott Sommerfeldt 420A

    Scott Sommerfeldt 420A - " Very good product"


    For how long have you been using it? For the past 6 months Did you try many other models before getting this one? I have owned a lot of models but rather "modern" ... I was looking for sound color that I knew little about my paternal amps at once …

  • Scott Sommerfeldt 420A

    Scott Sommerfeldt 420A - " good amp"


    I use this amp since 1979 &, except for some spitting quickly disappeared with a bang bomb Penetrating is happiness. Admittedly limited power (2 x 40W) but offset by a clarity, good tonal balance, although the bass need to be put forward in relation…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt 420A

    Scott Sommerfeldt 420A - " Excellent ...!!!!"


    I have this unit recently but I wished for a long time since Scott. I connected instead of a Yamaha AX series and it was the shock immédiat.Clarté stamps, big presence despite its limited capacity, much more pleasant than listening to all the amps I…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt stereomaster 299d

    Scott Sommerfeldt stereomaster 299d - gabsnack's review


    Here is the latest lamps produced by HH SCOTT SCOTT between 1964 and 1966, the one I get to possder in 1965, more than 40 years and still the DSIR to pay tribute to the musicians. - How long have you use it? Several months ago I came across an a…