Scott Sommerfeldt A 255 S

A 255 S, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Scott Sommerfeldt.

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lunatic666999 12/12/2011

Scott Sommerfeldt A 255 S : lunatic666999's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
j scott uses for some years now

j I test its preamp and amp separable part of a lot of different hardware
for marriage with the prettiest but scott s17 and my jbl 4312a

for my part I use the right now the amp separable part of my scott 436 restored and I use the preamp part due 255s which n is not restored yet keeps me in good building is one that gives it its smooth jazz on
because jai already had two 436 preamp and the part of original breath jai able to address them with other
au666 scott preamp like sansui quad 436 or 33

special about this amp! patches j listening Melody Gardot voice as if it was next to me I find it friendly enough or you elvis not bad I think several of tt same is done for the small jazz!

c the least serious is really too crowded, and n is not the cleanest
I but his on account of old age

the present is less acute than the tt device that I've been tested or

and radio and tsf fip if we believe a akai at k33l

jai test many amp and preamp model see my previous articles

correct value for money on me if I would have given me the purchase of a 70th OCCAZ price is kind of classic vintage amp I would buy the 8 but I would point to as n is no longer the name amp as clear market it of a bump can be anywhere in the frequency that gives an undeniable charm

Stay tuned for new review