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Sony Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Sony SL-HF100 EC

    Sony SL-HF100 EC - roesenkt's review


    A Sony Betamax SL-HF100 EC player / recorder with 30 new bands and 30 bands using a time. It is in very good state. A Sony Betamax SL-HF100 EC player / recorder in good condition for a used detachable parts. This is the apparails connesseur for…

  • Sony NW- HD5

    Sony NW- HD5 - Lone, Stah's review


    I use it for 6 months now. This device is great, good battery life trs, trs good quality audio, etc ... The only BMOL size is the software that came with a real crap that does not even gre classification folders (only ID3 Tag), but made with ... …

  • Sony MHC-RG60

    Sony MHC-RG60 - Bogey Jammer's review


    I use it for 3 years and I can not do without I have especially chosen for its good finish, the Sony brand and "power", allowing me to pter serious. I prcdemment trs a good mini-string of the 80 Sony, which allowed me to apprcier things. The…

  • Sony MZ-NH700

    Sony MZ-NH700 - audiozen's review


    Hello, I have this md me for almost a year and I am delighted. I use it personally and it suits me perfectly. For cons, I have a problem for some time because I can not record music on it. In fact I changed my PC and I can not remember if there w…

  • Sony NW-HD3

    Sony NW-HD3 - linkcommander's review


    I have this MP3 player for the past four months. It is quite easy to use directories with the rankings, the storage space 20 GB saves a lot of songs with a good level of recording, sound quality is trs correct. .. 2 The problem of this MP3 is the…

  • Sony MZ-N520

    Sony MZ-N520 - Old_bear's review


    I need the MD for 1 year. -The price makes it affordable and has good features while being robust enough. For cons, the supplied remote died a few months and it appears that the jack is altered in just under a year ... think about the warranty! A…

  • Sony CDP-M39

    Sony CDP-M39 - trialben's review


    This cd should flat superbly a hi-fi. With hundreds of cds that are returned, and t read by this machine, we can say that the CDP-M39 is a highly reliable tools. …

  • Sony DVP-NS430

    Sony DVP-NS430 - lth's review


    No software to be able to burn DVD movie or on netpour able to read dvd sony APRS. …

  • Sony CMT - GP 7

    Sony CMT - GP 7 - theclansmen's review


    Great product I use for over a year and a half. it is really very good, can read MP3 CD-R or RW, MD called an output corresponding to TO for a most beautiful sound while watching tv. I would do this choice without hesitation, it's really a beauti…

  • Sony STR-DE135

    Sony STR-DE135 - kevlarwest's review


    Perfect for use in home-studion, hi-fi. Heated slightly. Trs effective protection. …