L19, Hi-Fi Speaker from JBL.

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All user reviews for the JBL L19

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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gbrogan's review"A JBL "Sleeper" Classic"

I recently acquired a pair of these and refurbished them. Both tweeters were dead and the woofers required new surrounds and dust caps. The LE26 tweeters are now discontinued, and rebuild kits are also obsolete. There is an aftermarket vendor who supplies a faithful reproduction. The woofers found in these are either 116A with alnico magnets (early models) or 116H with ceramics. Dust caps and surrounds are easy enough to find. I opted not to do a crossover recap just yet, but cleaned the L-pads with deoxit. I paired these with a NAD 7020, and these little boxes blew me away. They are nearly identical to the 4301 studio monitors with the differences being the high frequency attenuation knob location and the low end capacitor on the crossover. These can still be found relatively on the cheap, as they are not as famous as some of their cousins, but are getting harder to find. If you come across a pair at a reasonable price, pick them up!

archimède22's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)


Quality monitor

moreover, are available in pro monitor: 4301B

roughly the same components as the Decade L16 / 4301

(Who had an LE25 tweeter-woofer and the same two 8 '116A)

the L19:

- The same excellent bass 8 inches (20cm) 116A (sometimes 116H on the latest versions ... L19A variant of the small magnet)

- A new tweeter: the LE26 ... very close to its predecessors in the series LE25 ...

beautiful design ... more than "foam rings" around the membrane - the perfect ... it's the same tweeter as found on the C50 (and the 4301B)

- New funds, beautiful dark walnut ... .. they are taller and wider than the L16, but less deep ...

the L19, L40 and L50 come together with the same design in walnut ... all very beautiful and great ...

this series will replace the Decade series ... Fortunately enough the whole ... the L19 has a surprisingly delicate ... they are well above the L16 ... the filter must be for something ... replace the L40 L26 correctly but did also not ... L50 by the cons will be significantly higher than the A36 (it's not hard!)

This series comes at a turning point in JBL Harman has just bought the company ... this is the beginning of nonsense (80) with the release of junk, so-called cheap, as
Radiance Series ... I have a pair I know what I mean! a 12-inch and a medium that is not worth a nail!

The L19 will be a great success, produced many years ... it is the little JBL vintage American favorite, with its twin 4301B ... and after the legendary L26 Decade, which breaks all records of popularity (because very close punch and the sound of the L100 / 4311)

mattera91's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Beautiful little bte! lgre evolution and development of the L16 days, same components as the pro version 4301, will be pleased by mouth before the got to the famous attraction of the brand .....

idalie of small multi-purpose facility affordable price.