dideusse 02/18/2011

Gibson CS-356 : dideusse's user review

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Char Guitareshop guitar bought in Bordeaux.
Bigsby vibrato is beautiful and the neck is fine and very nice (different from a Les Paul Classic)
The pickups are classics 57.
Other features are described above


The handle is very nice and very easy to play especially for small hands.
The petty cash is ergonomic


Music style:
Jazz: 10
Rock blues: 10
Funk: 3
Hard Rock: 8 (ACDC going very well)
All this on a AC30. My greatest pleasure is to plug the guitar directly into the amp without effects and played with fingers, it crunch as you want. I never tire of the sound.
As for Rock Setzer style is a wonder especially with the Bigsby.
However, for the Ray Vaughan, because of the pickups, it spends less than a strat


I wanted a Gretsch (too big, not easy to play), and I'm left with the gibson. The sound of this guitar I was immediately bewitched and for two years, I only play with it almost.
Compared to my Stratocaster Clapton (it sounds all over the neck parail and do not go out of tune), the SC 356 is more sensitive to the level of tuning (certainly the Bigsby) and do not sound anywhere consistently.
on the other hand, on the part of the handle that sounds, the sound is simply amazing (I am able to play again for 10 minutes the same notes so the sound is bewitching). This is a guitar with a very strong personality (which is not the case for my Start on the other hand is that it happens everywhere at once).
The price is about 3200 euros in the image of the guitar top.
I do not regret it. I forgot to say she is beautiful flamed red (it's important to have an instrument that is beautiful because we still want to play more). And when you get out of the box, people do not remain unmoved. (See me play on the TDCA, the son of a friend took a snap and started playing guitar in saying I want to do this. Seen as I play, it vraimant SOUND of the Gibson that it gave him the urge !!!). What more could you want