gibs 12/25/2004

Gibson CS-356 : gibs's user review


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Guitar us directly controls the 3100 (including shipping + taxes, low dollar), as available in France + an excessive rate 5300.

Model 1 / 4 body style 335, but the size of a stratum.
Table + corp in mass (the body is hollow) and back table as a bomb archtop.
Custom shop finish (gold, Flamm block mother of pearl, lacquer red and translucent vibrato Bigby)
Top quality.


Cot comfort the handle is one of the best, except in the CASC acute because of the shape of the guitar.
It sounds right away. Balance, enjoyable, easy handling, comfortable. Gibson is the radius of the button is trs flat, a little time to adapt is often neccessaire.
High quality finish.


Sound level c is a marvel, clean sounds are worthy of the fourth soft boxes soft warm varied, a good vacuum close to the projection of an acoustic sensations.
The crunch sublime and very good saturation (on Mesa Boogie DC30).
Weakness large saturation, the metal, in equalizer v ect.

Finally pots tone and volume used.
Sound jazzy tone down, tone down the volume + fine.

-Clear sound 10/10
-Saturated 7 / 10


C is the guitar style that is possder rve in one day, here is the c rve RALIS.
I use the for almost a year.
Must one day try a guitar of this quality to feel the motion that it DGIG.
Except in the area of ​​saturation, a lot of guitar are far behind in its
It MRIT its tariff us but not practiced in France!
Maximum quality especially when using the direct in a good amp, r'n'b style jazz blues pop rock.