Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I

Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I

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G7593 White Falcon I, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Gretsch in the White Falcon series.

3 user reviews

Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Gretsch
  • Model: G7593 White Falcon I
  • Series: White Falcon
  • Category: Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 10/31/2003

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Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %

Sonik12's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I
I think not filtertron jones on tv!
for mine is a master volume, a volume knob and 1 mic for all serious acute and selector with a central position


The handle is very comfortable and fast rhythm
not consistent body width not obvious but hey it is not for a.
well balanced and not too heavy
You branch is the sound it is good to live it's not complicated


I come from the hard core with Jackson and Gibson SG vibe for this kind of forget
Mind that I work in a more pop rock is perfect, having said that it goes well with large saturations, however, one detail we have to settle the head amp or box generates half of the feedback quickly, although for me ger it becomes interesting.
JCM 800 / 130 PEAVEY special
sounds awfully good clear arpeggios are stunning in rhythmic sound is unadorned trs rock sounds with distortion are also very well attack it is not like the soft belly but good for a green core drools in short it is not for a


7 months
I love everything
I bought an Ibanez afs75t to test the game a half box and then I try a lot of good but gretsch white so I wanted to limit the choice of model.
it's a bit expensive but good when buying an instrument is rarely the reason! that said I have my money It was a balance after a paint blemishes so 1900 euro
I would do the same choice not sold

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Divine"

Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I
A friend once told me that the Gretsch White Falcon Whereas silent as one of the best guitars in the world. My curiosities was therefore no limit when I met her in a store. I could not rsister test (2 hours with the girl), allowing a DJ to be ide.

I know almost nothing about this guitar. The wood that make up the microphones and quipent who are unknown to me. It seems that there are two countries where his guitars are made. I think we are dealing a beautiful Japanese (yum). I can not make judgments on the finish which is a rare perfection. The acastillage is Intgr and varnishes are appossras Note that the MODEL I had on hand up to his evil rgls microphones so well, that string 5 and 6, when I went to del the 12th box, I touched the strings the pickups. I bet that this was a rglage by the head of the store and not rglage off the Gretsch factory.


Edit: I now know a little more guitar in question. I know his microphones are called filtertron and are, like the gibson p90, microphones quite specific. Between a single and a double for the Tone. The totality of the instrument is carved out of the Rabl.


The guitar is large trs. However, I do not notice discomfort. On the contrary!

The handle is an example of ergonomics. Not too big, not too thin, not too pais, not too late. Alchemy has just given. It can play comfortably and quickly trs. The guitar is well on her knees.

The mcaniques are (very) prcises rgler and allow rapid and lasting instrument.

I note a rather unusual electronic. First, a slecteur 3 positions, which select the microphone on (until the we know). A slecteur 3 positions, which select the Tone (ie 3 modes: low, normal and AIG. Potentiomtres two volumes (one that controls the neck pickup, another bridge), then a third I potentiomtre rotary volume located the cart and controlling the overall volume. CONTRL These are just placed away from the control station, which is arranging for live use. I prcise knobs that turn round and have a rgulire action throughout the field rglage.

Note again the prsence a vibrato that falls well to hand and do not dsaccorde all.

(9) If we Whereas this guitar is a granny, it's well plutt jou. The handle is particulirement MRIT Russi and of being more rput. The location of the CONTRL, even if it helps the original of the instrument, prevents the maximum here.


(7) Huh?! I note down the user? Yes, because I have to change my strings for the first time, and compared a guitar "normal" gender fender, prs or Gibs, well, the White Falcon is still much more boring, even for a. The rope is attached to the rack using the eye fixation, but is rebarre all the time, the strings will not wrap around mcaniques (which can still be normal) and suddenly you find yourself like an idiot having to hold your rope the rear while the front grant! Socket head warranty. If in addition you have little of lights, the few that Lumire-rflchissent is that in your white table, the stress of having to keep your piece and 10,000 people who you dvisagent IS FUCKING!


When empty, the guitar is fun trs. Possdant a dj his own powerful and Dfine. The sound has punch without being nasal. It has a nice sweetness in the treble, particulirement captivating game in the agreement.

But now it's time to plug the amp into a lady. For the test, I plugged in a guitar amp lamps which does not care about the brand (at least me).

And I must say that I n'tais prpar not what would come to me in the teeth. I cried ladies and gentlemen. Yes, you read and there's no EXAGRES. Customers of the store also did not care much for my pear (Parra it because I could see over). The clean sound just incredible silent. Both hot and bright, with the size and softness that invite suave infinite game. A pure moment of Bonnheure.

My spirits rcuprs. I just tried everything in this fashion, it must be said, the pickups do a good job and keep a personality says.

In distortion has become gnial, even if the sound does not like about my sleeve Dean United States (we do not ask him), he has a potato a good balance. One can venture into any style to vintage hard rock thrust. I think even I could sound out mtal the trick, but it is not the time or the stuff with which I could do such a thing.

But in any case, the sound is the ultimate

(10) Indeed. This lady sounds like a great lady.


Edit: Actually, now that I Trenn this instrument a few months. I am able to notice more Retailer on that.

First, the instrument has a vacuum DGIG well with a full "rrrrrang" trs typical when it activates the ropes. The sound is meaty mdium the bottom, I would say even hot. The instrument blank dveloppe dj a wide range of sounds. In fact, the instrument behaves as it always feels like it. If you attack a little more acute, it will ring drier, if mdiator caresses strings, guitar hums. Every cell is trsractif to the touch. Contents in sound power, there could be more. But it's enough to play at either without the plug. We get on well and you can hear everything. If you want more power, the market for Folk guitar is waiting for you.

We do not s'tonne once branch, the Gretsch White Falcon sounds Manir completely atypical. The sound is pais, yet each note is Dfine a whole, much like its comprising Les Paul, except that the most senior is Gretsch mdiums and treble forward. Yet we do not peroit cell as "dsquilibre" plutt as singulire features.

In terms of what can be achieved with it, the boundaries disappear. Plugs into a Budda superdrive it dveloppe a clean sound that gnreux dveloppe sheet. The instrument is completely forward in the mix will often lower the volume to align with the r-group.

In all uses crunches, guitar shows supriorit Drout. She has a little growl trend, ds it ignites. Otherwise, one CHARACTERISTICS unique is that Manir to give a clean piece of clean sugar. crunch has not yet but a little something of honey tickles the ears, IS A UNIQUE TO THIS INSTRUMENT. It's good seal trs. The CONTRL more accrotre can use almost indefinitely. I want a modern rock's new wave or I'll rgler a Manir, if I want to rock the old one, a small round knob on the same head and it served its purpose . Couraging when the guitar is trs old, I have no doubt that guitarists have to hallucinate when they a. Discoveries

I would add that one can juggle with the micro lgrement is used. Since both have abilities to clean and crunch Different. They are cohrents them, but damn effective jous alone.

The distortion problem does not either. The problem some feedback t have noticed and signal to other models of white falcon. It is also the case here. But it is only of the fact that returns are rsonance table in action. Make a good investment returns, see HP and the problem is rgl. I even tried to plug the amp head on some transistors. L also your exact trs is good because the guitar catches up with the natural default of such amplification and rounded frquences often odd-sounding stiff on this hardware.

The pickups are well behaved, even at an end, not blast or roar. No ground loop. Not a note imprcise.

Are still talking about the use High gain. It can get some sounds ready-made mtal Drout, provided that falls on the right amp.

Overall, I would advise a british amp. Was beautiful on your exact fender, but the marshall and vox are magnified by this instrument, which rounds the hardness of their attack.


The Gretsch White Falcon MRIT actually dnomination of its "Ultimate Guitar"! Never has there moment sweeter than the time we spend with her. She manages to turn the meaning, musically speaking, and finish make it worth sre. Too bad that price comes a little irraliste gcher the rjouissances (more than 6,000 bullets, even when).

(8) Excellent guitar but his legendary "too CHRE, even for me my son"


EDIT: Yes, I never thought the era power to buy. Yet I found a guy who would spare for 1300 euros. The RVE can be allowed! Halleluiah!

Re-Edit: in March 2011. I wish I still bring the rope handle. I then not possible that this silent, I had a dsagrable zinc plating. This is a problem of curvature of sleeve. Indeed, it is not hollow in the right place as a result, there should be a new key and refretter. Opration CHRE and dlicate. Similarly, support for easel bne silent a bit too small. I had to resize a new media bridge. On this occasion, I noticed that the screws supporting the bridge silent push too profondment pice in the above-mentioned which damage the body. Some problem which will then request a correction by the long term. Despite cel I do not change the rating of the instrument. I'm probably fall on a guitar problem, but the sound and touch are l. Never change a winning team. That the gods keep the Japanese people.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I
This is the white falcon GRETSCH MODEL G 7593 I, manufactured in Japan in 2005. There are 22 frets and the pickups are filtertrons, the famous vibrato Bigsby, a selector switch for microphones, a volume gnral (very practical), a volume knob and another serious acute and a Tone knob. The handle has a button in bne quite broad.


The handle is a real DLIC and trs enjoyable play for me Access in acute enough key planks in bne is enjoyable and allows trs according attack, velvety sound carrment or "dry", it is not a race "Le Mans 24 Hours." As for ergonomics, the good, we like it or hate it! it is a guitar 3 / 4 body, cutaway simple, fairly lgre, balance and well my taste ........


I play for many years, dpart (when j'tais 'sniff' young) I was playing mainly hard, now I play DIFFERENT styles of rock music, funk, rock, blues etc.. .. I bought this guitar because I began to m'intresser jazz, swing (M'sieu SETZER style), and I must say that plugs directly into my Hot Rod 7ender Deluxe is fantastic. I get to have a range of incredible sounds, the knobs are very active and can get the sound smooth and jazzy DSIR trs with micro serious, or even with playing the two microphones on the knob of Rock Tone in a central position both pickups still playing with the volume and tone and incisive trs micro acute, never be screaming and prcis trs. The Bigsby trs is flexible and does not dsaccorde guitar. This instrument is my opinion IDAL to play all styles of music except mtal ..........


I use this guitar for about a year and I never tire of it, not even part it sounds ......... I really like this guitar 100%. Before buying it, given the price, I first started with an Ibanez AFS 75T which is a good instrument (violin) I find, but that has nothing do with Gretsch, then always due to tariff p. ... n I bought a Epiphone Joe Pass I Customs (TV JONES US microphones, vibrato Bigsby, bridge BIGSBY) but it sounded pretty good, but see nothing. ........ So I broke my piggy bank and I bought this instrument of OCCAZ rve for 1700 euros. The price is certainly lv but the instrument is worth. Now that I've had a year and I could apprcier the quality of this guitar, I would do the same choice if I had to buy new over 3000 euros.

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  • Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I
  • Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I
  • Gretsch G7593 White Falcon I

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