Hagstrom Viking
Hagstrom Viking
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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 12 reviews )
 8 reviews67 %
 4 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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tjon901's review"Update of a Swedish classic"

Hagstrom Viking
Hagstrom has been around for nearly 100 years. At first they made accordinons and in the 50s they switched to guitars. They had some of the most original designs of the time. They took features from more well known guitars and changed them up and added their own style to them. The original company closed down in the mid 80s but it is back now. The guitars are not made in Sweden anymore they are made in China. All the parts are still built by Hagstrom. The Viking is a Semi-Hollow design that comes in many different colors. It is similar to a Gibson 335. It has the Gibson 24.75 scale length so your fingers still take to it instantly. It has Hagstrom made pickups and two tone and two volume controls. It has a floating tail piece that adds some style and a unique sound to the design. It has a maple body with a maple neck. Even the tuners are made by Hagstrom. It has a cool composite fretboard that is as smooth as ebony. They call it their resonator fretboard.


The composite fretboard is a dream to play on. Ebony is my favorite wood for fretboards because of its smoothness and this composite resonator fretboard is just as smooth. It has Hagstroms proprietary truss rod design which allows the neck to be very thin. This makes the guitar very easy to play but the neck remains stable. The neck is thin and flat. You will forget you are playing a big 335 style semi-hollow guitar. It feels like an 80s shredder when you are playing. The flat fretboard allows you to get the action as low as you dare and you can bend notes forever.


The unique floating bridge helps the sound a lot. Since all the wood on the guitar is maple you would expect it to sound very bright. The floating tail piece helps level out the brightness and get you a nice darker jazzy sound from the guitar. The medium output pickups help get a vintage vibe from the sound also. You can still get some twang from the guitar but it is cool and muted. With high gain it can sound a little thin due to it being a semi-hollow. It will kinda make you sound like Ted Nudgent.


If you are on a budget and are looking for a Gibson style semi-hollow guitar this may be for you. The sound is muted and jazzy so it wont bite your head off. Hagstroms are not played by everyone either so you will stand out in the crowd. Plus it plays way better than a 335. It has a very modern feeling neck and a smooth fretboard. The Gibson players may get jealous.
Audiofanzine FR03/14/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Hagstrom Viking
(Originally written by cheyenne1958/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
The Hagstrom Viking is made in China.


Very pleasant neck even if I needed time to get used to it.

Very good access to the upper frets. Slight fret noise on powerful rhythm parts. Very nice neck pickup: it sounds warm, round and very clear. The bridge pickup doesn't sound so good but it's ok considering the price.


It's the jazz and blues hollowbody guitar I was looking for considering the music style I play. It provides a very nice clean sound considering its price. I play with a Vox AD 120vth plus an AC212 speaker cabinet equipped with two Celestion Vintage 30. Since I upgraded the pickups with two Seymour Duncan (bridge = JB SH4 bridge, neck = Jazz model), the guitar has a very good sound. Annoyingly enough, Hagstrom mounted the potentiometers on the lefty model like on a right-handed one. But I got used to it!


This product is a good deal considering the price and even better if you upgrade the pickups. If you do, the guitar can really scream and it's a real delight both in clean and distortion mode. Good value for money .... You don't need to spend two or three month salaries to get a high-class instrument.

trevellin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good guitar resonates in its own way ..."

Hagstrom Viking
this is a copy of the guild starfire and it is also a little cousin of the ES335 gibson home.
for the remainder; maple body, maple neck canada, mechanical Rotomatic styles in gretsch, key in Resinator; ébonol a species; wood is a syntetic!
microphones are double hagstrom, the bridge is a style tune-o-matic and the rest, I do not care! ah! ah!


the handle is a treat; it is fine, although comfortable, the bends are easy, nothing to say!
I like the guitars quarter cash; I already had an ES335 gibson in the past so I know what type of guitar; This is particularly, but I'm doing ...
access to acute is fairly good; nothing to say either! it is not a washburn N4 either!
the sound is mostly blues and rock; greasy to handle and much more precise medium and micro pickup!


it is well suited to rock and blues, moreover, I made a video on youtube;

I plugged in my fender hot rod deluxe and it was really not bad at all!


I had the chance to compare the level and finish with the Epiphone ES335 natural and bystanders told me they preferred the hagstrom viking because it is more beautiful, and the sound is more accurate. ..
I think the neck is thinner than a ES335 I owned elsewhere!
to summarize; a beautiful guitar adornment of a gleaming red, his present good, perfect for rock and blues, the handle end is a treat and mechanical, I love them!
negatives; maybe microphones are more typical than this, but hey, I think for the price, there's not much to say!

Tybostrat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good shovel"

Hagstrom Viking
Channel rather late
Key in "composite"
Two Humbuckers
Guitar type Es-335


The handle is "special" in the first use, relatively late for this type of guitar, I think it has the defect of being too polished. The composite material acting as a button can be prohibitive at first, but honestly it can be done very quickly. The key is flat

The downside to this guitar, it is the knobs. I rarely see as little sensitive knobs, especially the control of tonality, and it is slightly annoying. There are no variations between 2 and 10, it is extremely unfortunate, but I think it can be set at a luthier.

The guitar is light, easy to use, access to acute is quite simple.

Another bad point, but not of fundamental importance: the appearance of knock the shield (but when I say fake, it's really fake!) And also of mechanical anchors. This is unfortunate, because the overall finish is very good for this price, special mention to the gills and binding very well finished.


Sounds: his strong point.

It is very good jazz, old school rock and more modern Péchu or laid-back, in the blues of course.

Easily obtained a typical sound-boxes of halves of reference, ie a sound that is soft and slamming, an output level strong enough, a clean velvety crunch biting one. In overdrive on the bridge is falling. It's worth it to be connected to a tube amp.
Personally, I plugged into a Blues Junior Ltd Tweed, and it does its job very well.


Overall it's a guitar worthy of interest. It does not easily tamed, but it's worth the effort. The sounds are very very good, and that is why I find it extremely damaging to the fact that the knobs are rotten. If they were not, this guitar is simply a pure jewelry.

On occasion, it's cheap, then skip it!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Viking
It is a half box of Chinese origin.

Personally I hesitated between several brands (Ibanez, Epiphone and Hagstrom) and it made me decide the look, the guitar is really beautiful (with a few minor drawbacks which I will).


The neck is extremely thin, even more than a stratocaster, and allows for combos very fluid, the overall grip is really excellent instrument with a light, well balanced and headaches.

I do not particularly like the material used for the button, very synthetic, the surface is too smooth for my taste and lacks life.

Some parts are sloppy on the instrument, especially the pickguard is ridiculously thin and cut in a hurry, the mechanics of the head also have unpleasant side "plastic" and seem fragile.

My model had some problems with electronics (loose connection at the jack and at all of his) that I could fix myself (not easy to access the entrails of half a box).


The sound is very warm on the neck pickup, the bridge is more than criada, I do not use it.

When empty, the instrument produces a very large but very metal (not an acoustic guitar).


I use it for 2 years for the price it is an instrument entirely honorable, it's just a shame some details are sloppy. With some small corrections (mechanical, electronic and pickguard) could aspire to an additional level of quality.

However the guitar is really nice to play and she throws is undeniable.
The solos come out on their own.

goka's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" love"

Hagstrom Viking
Chinese-made but for once no problem! superb finish the good work! the guitar was out of the mouth


Excellent gameplay; mics sound great (it was there or I had a doubt ..)
AC might just sound a bit too "made of metal" taste of some as I have also heard on the online tests .. but frankly when we rock with (and can!) is not that kind details that repels ..


I think this guitar really has a potential versatile as well as pop rock, punk, fusion etc. .. and maybe even see the metal with the proper gear!


I've had two years and I'm still a fan, I think it's impossible to get better value for money and every half-boxes that I tried this range she explodes all!
the look is really class: even if I would stop the zic I keep it in decorating!

Oliboy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Viking
Everything has been said.
Asian manufacturing.
2 humbuckers.
22 frets.
Nice finish.


Super set.
Great look.
Good ergonomics.


It suits my style is rock / new wave / hard rock (all that!)
It sounds very well in the clear, bright but not particularly keen on gender fender, but very large low round.
It sounds very properly saturated, and contrary to other opinions, the microphone is very low and maintains proper distos strong enough.


Tested several times a vox AD30VT, I really liked. It is worth its price even more. I compared to an ES335 and frankly, I was not fooled ES = draw almost. It seems to me very eclectic, maybe in fact it suffers from more carractère in full, but even then she defends well, and we can not have it either.
I would buy it gladly.

Negens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Viking
As aa t said, made in China.
It made me a little scared at beginners, but be aware that Hagstrm are sudoises origin is that the manufacturing exports to China but does with the know-how and specifications Hagstrm loads, which is reassuring. The test store m 'adfinitivement rassurbr />
It has the classic CONTRL an ES 335.
2 volumes
2 Tone
Slecteur 3 positions
2 humbucker

The neck is thin enough and the key is large enough, which makes the game include arpge. The radius is not pronounced but amazingly, has absolutely no drang, quite the contrary.

The violin is good trs.
One can only regret the appearance of plastic mcaniques

The tailpiece is magnigique.

The varnish is a little late and leaves appear even when the junction body heat (it appears as a round al.

The gills of dcoupe own.

Resonator is the key, a composite used by matriau Hagstrm whose objective is to better allow the vibrations move through the sleeve.
It has a grain aspect of trs tightened as bne but duller. It does not catch the ropes and suddenly, the game finds it bends over boards.

It includes a central beam, but by sliding the hand by the gills, I can not Determines its consistency (Is it a quality wood or crate? Mystra)


The handle end and as the key grazed, the handle is trs enjoyable, the game arpge is easy and you can play with it anyway VLOC, trs good compromise.
Access in acute is not bad for this type of guitar.
The weight is not a problem. I do not find it burdensome

The balance is pretty plutt despite a low tendency of ct address of the head.

It sounds pretty empty and we feel the vibrations lgrement on his stomach through the body.


I play mainly on the cold-wave, but I let myself go sometimes blues, rock, post-rock, even some jazzy arrangements.

I tried it on several amps, Hughes & Kettner a tour reberb, a Vox AC30, and through a Line6 PODxt Live.

The clean sounds are a rgal, crystal in the bridge position, with a soft attack, trs balance in frquences, harmonics emerge particulirement well.

On the neck pickup, it has a trs his blues, round and warm, the nuances of the game stand out particulirement well.

In crunch, the heat is sublime, by adding a lgre reverb amp, it gives way arpges few notes and vibrato, and it ensures happiness half box really brings something more.

Lgre in overdrive, it has a rock sound almost IDAL but the microphones are on the edge of their limits, we feel that if we push further, something is missing. Fortunately, the violin brings more indniable to hide this little dtail.
The semi-hollow is that the feedback as soon as possible and these are particulirement enjoyment (some do not, but personally, I love color and have a solid-body does not possde) .

Distortion in strong, it was not a sound mtal characters and microphones show the weaknesses.
The sound is good but a lack of grain.
I do not play mtal but portends that this guitar would sound better with good microphones and rev it worth it to make this investment.


I use it for about four months, mainly on scne in my home studio from time to time for fun.

What I like most:
Violin making
The handle
The clean sounds, crunch and overdrive lgre

What I like least:
The lack of grain distortion in microphones.
The appearance of plastic mcaniques.
The varnish a little late on the junction body / neck

I tried a few half-boxes before trying a sheraton (I would have to buy before someone takes it before me), a source cort, ibanez few, and at the time of testing, is the Hagstrm me most sduit its sound with the sheraton.

The report qualitprix is ​​more than excellent, it's amazing!

With exprience, I would do certainly trs choice without hsiter

pushmataha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Viking
This guitar is like ES 335 I took cherry finish. Made in China.
Very pretty undeniable.
The Luter is good (nice acoustic sound table in one piece ...)
The pickups are humbucker type with a tailpiece (which is a difference compared to the gibson es 335).


The handle is fine and is conducive to the skill, the key is composite, which is awkward at first but now it suits me. The ergonomics are very good with this guitar because the boxes are actually available acute.
It takes a little rule (action, compensation, microphones) to get what you want, normal ...
One complaint, the harmonics are a bit deaf.


Personally I sought the sound of Scofield, jazz fusion sound with the warmth of the cash crunch and subtle, in fact he almost returned it to the nuances of the game, go through his fingers clean to crunch plaintive.
Laney VC 50 on a clean sounds are good, the crunch on the bridge pickup is very expressive, i like.

With distortion is difficult to know who is missing, the amp or the pickups?
In fact the guitar loses some its personality when you push the gain.

Overall, the neck pickup is expressed less, the sound is too low in momentum ...
I just change it with a Dimarzio PAF 194 and it's killing! Without comment, the guitar is a good point of view, therefore, with good acoustics is the microphones happiness!!

The sustain is very good, but in the case of most type ES 335!

With DiMarzio PAF Classic I put 10!


I bought it three days ago and I love it. I rediscovered the pleasure of playing on a guitar sound good and easy, nice. Dimarzio PAF pickups with this happiness!

I stored half cash ...

Excellent value for money for fans of jazz fusion, guitar is faithful to the nuances of the game

Without hesitation I bought it, I who have tried the real Gibson ES 335 on my last trip to the States, I think that the economy was worth it!

A beautiful guitar that sounds good ...
No need to spend a fortune to have a real jazz guitar rock!

johnbarry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Viking
Chinese-made, 2 hambuckers.


Handle very nice, beautiful guitar finish soigne.Le sound is good, precise but he did not seem to be the height of lutherie.POur jazz and blues I think with a good amp a lamp it should go well.


Amp peavey bandit on 112.En crunch, blues, little saturated, a fact I think the fait.En change microphones bientot.Je better complements this view.


A semaine.C is a charismatic guitar lacks a bit on the ides.MAis at this price should not be too demandc'est beacoup already.