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Digidesign Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Digidesign 003 Factory

    Digidesign 003 Factory - "Very good console at a reasonable price."


    RCA, Jack, firewire, XLR, optical...All types of connections are available. You obviously have to connect it to a Mac or PC with a firewire cable. Direct-to-disc syning is possible (setting the clock to ADAT) and with other Digi cards, in which cas…

  • Digidesign 003 Factory

    Digidesign 003 Factory - Tolomai's review


    See specs No DSP. Just a MIDI control surface and soundcard for Pro Tools. UTILIZATION Very easy setup: install the driver > connect. And you're done. I have never opened the manual, I learned by doing The interface was conceived with Pro Too…

  • Digidesign MBox2

    Digidesign MBox2 - "a little tricky in fl"


    I received my Mbox 2 from Digidesign in a bundle package that I purchased from musicians friend website back in the summer of 2009. It came with a mic, pro tools and two studio monitors. The studio monitors and mic were pretty cheap though but the Mb…

  • Digidesign studio bundle HD2 C/24

    Digidesign studio bundle HD2 C/24 - yoTrakkz's review


    the Digidesign HD/c/24 pro tools studio bundle is one of the most powerful bundles on the market. My first experience with this was when I was doing an internship when I first go out of college. The studio had this in the set up and actually they had…

  • Digidesign MBox2

    Digidesign MBox2 - "for home studio.."


    The Mbox 2 is a portable audio interface that you can use in your home studio and sync it your monitors, mic, and almost any outboard gear that you use. The Mbox 2 allows you to have a pro tools setup in the privacy of your own home. The MBox2 can …

  • Digidesign MBox2

    Digidesign MBox2 - "Small, Easy, USB, Pro Tools!"


    Besides the effects the sought after Pro Tools has to offer the best part about this interface is it's simplicity and quality. It is ideal for classrooms with creative students looking to get familiar with the recording and editing process. It se…

  • Digidesign MBox2

    Digidesign MBox2 - "Great interface to get started with Pro Tools. "


    This was the first audio interface that I bought for my Pro Tools setup. It's relatively small and only has two analog inputs, but this is enough for some people to do small recording projects at home, so this isn't really a bad thing, especially con…

  • Digidesign Sync I/O

    Digidesign Sync I/O - moosers's review


    Digidesign Sync I/O is a unit to help you synchronize everything up in your Pro Tools HD system. It has options and connections of all types, including for video, word clock, LTC, AES/EBU, and more. It supports sample rates up to 192 kHz, and will …

  • Digidesign RM1

    Digidesign RM1 - moosers's review


    The Digidesign RM1s are a pair of high quality studio monitors. They are active monitors, so an external power amplifier is not necessary. They are pretty big in size but aren't too big where you couldn't transport them if you want to. They are just …

  • Digidesign 888|24

    Digidesign 888|24 - moosers's review


    The Digidesign 888/24 is an analog to digital converter box as well as an audio interface for Pro Tools systems. It has eight channels of analog inputs and outputs as well as four others for AES-EBU. It also has S/PDIF connections and word clock as w…