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Digidesign Mixing Consoles user reviews

  • Digidesign 003 Factory

    Digidesign 003 Factory - "Very good console at a reasonable price."


    RCA, Jack, firewire, XLR, optical...All types of connections are available. You obviously have to connect it to a Mac or PC with a firewire cable. Direct-to-disc syning is possible (setting the clock to ADAT) and with other Digi cards, in which cas…

  • Digidesign 003 Factory

    Digidesign 003 Factory - Tolomai's review


    See specs No DSP. Just a MIDI control surface and soundcard for Pro Tools. UTILIZATION Very easy setup: install the driver > connect. And you're done. I have never opened the manual, I learned by doing The interface was conceived with Pro Too…

Translated user reviews
  • Digidesign Venue SC48

    Digidesign Venue SC48 - " Quality / Polyvalance"


    48 in 16 out original Xlr, 2 in & 2 out jack, Firwre, RJ45, 4 USB Rxtensible out to 32 or 8 + 4 jack insert sym aes in and 4 out 48 kHz UTILIZATION Conf simple if one has the habit of digital, and if we had the habit of Yamahas, it is found v…

  • Digidesign Venue SC48

    Digidesign Venue SC48 - " Versatility"


    Model purchased SC48 REMOTE: "New" version of the SC48 with preamps deported (32IN/16OUT on stage + 16 IN the console), ethernet, card inserts (4 AES, 8 analog). Provided with Protools 10 to 32 IN / OUT simultaneously. Pack of standard plug-ins (…

  • Digidesign Venue SC48

    Digidesign Venue SC48 - " I love"


    Maximum height (front) Maximum height (rear) 100 mm 186 mm Maximum width 989 mm sides Maximum depth 715 mm Weight 56.7 kg 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 200 W USB ports (5) USB 2.0 IEEE-1394 FireWire (for Pro Tools only) GPI Port DB9 female …

  • Digidesign Venue SC48

    Digidesign Venue SC48 - Bruitrose's review


    NO Rackable 48 xlr in an August 16 XLR AES EBU IN OUT SOME JACKS PLUGS INS INTEGRATED 8 BUS 16 TO 8 VCA EQ PRAMETRIQUE 48 KHZ AUTOMATION? Apparently not therefore 8 because of the connections but in fact there is no place to do b…

  • Digidesign 002 Nomad Edition

    Digidesign 002 Nomad Edition - alfred1's review


    The problem of the chipset is not in fact signal by the manufacturer on the box and the seller (home studio in this case) do not prvient the 915 p, among others, (Error 6086) No 'is absolutely not compatible, so beware, the future buyer, renseignez_v…