Digidesign Venue SC48
Digidesign Venue SC48

Venue SC48, Digital Mixer from Digidesign.

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zebulon.ulon 11/18/2012

Digidesign Venue SC48 : zebulon.ulon's user review

«  Versatility »

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Model purchased SC48 REMOTE: "New" version of the SC48 with preamps deported (32IN/16OUT on stage + 16 IN the console), ethernet, card inserts (4 AES, 8 analog).
Provided with Protools 10 to 32 IN / OUT simultaneously.
Pack of standard plug-ins (EQ, Comp, Reverb)


We use this console in an auditorium: current music, theater, creative ... Its use is simple, grip functions "basic" EQ, dynamics, bus effects is very simple, and well suited to the reception, both in face returns. The identification of the function of the buttons through a common code color on the screen and the surface is more.
Side config is a little more difficult. Indeed, it takes a bit of practice and reflection for the preparation of the machine. One of the pitfalls is the creation of stereo pairs, causing a break in the audio at the time of activation, therefore impossible to create a "to hard" for a show ... But besides this kind of glitches, it is easy and simple for those who do not necessarily need to use all the resources of the machine.
Note the "Flex-channel" and "Vac-Spill" ... Although designed to compensate for the low number of cursors.


Side preamps, nothing to say, or we could reproach him for his neutrality. It is clearly not in the "typing" Midas or soundcraft ... In our case, this is significant. The correcting entries are efficient and know how to stay transparent. chain dynamics (comp & gate) is very convenient, and at worst can be replaced by the plug-in (internal) or device "old-school" ...


For a price less than € 30K, this product is ideal for a structure for performing arts. Without hesitation, we'd definitely choice.
With the arrival of version 3 software and Protools 10 (included), we pass to 32 channels possible inputs and outputs to your computer. It's comfortable and it works wonderfully. We save many Lives, and the result is worthy of much more expensive solutions.
And to justify the rating, it is still unfortunate not to have a solution of remote control via tablet, for example return management remotely ... It seems that it is in the pipes. The current solution based on VNC, is frankly not very practical with a tablet, but still has the merit to exist! Little regret as the inability to use the surface to control the protools!